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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Here's my first layout..i mean, my second. I did the first one last Father's day as my son's present to H ( a page entitled "Daddy's boy"). I should take a picture of that soon!
I wanted to do scrapbook for so long that I have compiled all of our pictures in my storage box. After this layout, I don't know what to do next. Maybe, my wedding picture? Oh, let me think. Maybe, I should do that birthing picture. It was
Pia (when we had a chat a year ago) who encouraged me that that picture deserves a scrapbook page. I think I should do that..
Meantime, I would like to call myself as as scrapbooker on a budget. I only buy items on sale. So far, here is what I have done.

Friday, June 29, 2007

I finished a book

It's summer and believe it or not, I found the time to read and actually finish this book in three days! Mommies will hopefully agree with me that raising their kid is the toughest job in this world so reading a book is such a treat for me. I cannot even take a shower for more than 15 minutes. Or take my shower without my son watching me thru the glass window. Tsk.. No privacy. (At least now, I have an audience when I sing in the shower and he claps his hands whenever I'm done.)
Last Monday, I borrowed "Shopaholic and Baby" at the library when I brought my son so he can have his playtime with the books. The library had building blocks, legos, mini tables and chairs where M could scribble and draw using his crayons and his imagination. Also, I borrowed some children's books since M is so into his books lately. I need to return these books after two weeks and get a new supply.
It turned out that this book that I borrowed is really hilarious!! I never got to read any of
S. Kinsella's book
and yet I was able to relate to this one. Apparently, it is a series of books I think but still I enjoyed reading this. It is about Becky, a pregnant mom, who got her husband's ex as her ob-gyn! All those hormones all bottled up made her into an almost crazy mom to be and yet, her instincts were still right after all. That character is really funny. I do not know if I could still read Kinsella's other books. But this one drove me nuts! It is soooo funny!!!
Now, I have to read M his fave "Guess how much I love you" book. Now, this one is really my favorite. Good night!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We prayed and saved! Finally, we had our closing today for the townhouse. It was supposed to be rented by a colleague at $850 a month for two years. Then we surveyed the market and it could go to $1300 a month. So we tried our luck and advertised it. We posted an ad for $1100 Monday morning. Until now, we haven't received an inquiry yet.
We hope we could get a renter the soonest time. It is close to the mall and unit is at 1600sqft, 3 br , hardwood floors with one car garage. It is a real nice place. You can see the link here. Browse the progress photos and you'll be amazed. I liked it very much.
We're keeping our fingers crossed that God will give us the right person the soonest time! Otherwise, no shopping galore for me!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007


My son loves to swim! That's why we're dreaming of having our own pool. But as I add up all the expenses that will go with the pool, I scrape off the idea.
It is a good thing that the community pool is just a block away. It is also a good place to meet our neighbors. Last year, we go there almost everyday. This year, we go there on weekends..
After a day's work, H and I together with M went to the pool. M now wants to swim on his own and does not want to be held. Kala mo kaya na nya. I might enroll him in swimming class. I dont know yet. Bahala na si Batman!
I was trying to get him in the video but M is so fascinated seeing himself on the video. He would say "Swimming.." but he prefers to look in the camera na lang.
Here's a clip. It was almost 7pm when we went there so kami na lang ang tao sa pool! We thought it was better, para me privacy. Maybe, masarap nga may sariling pool!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I finally got an email from my sister. I still do not agree with her plans but what can I do? I suddenly realize I am ultra conservative. I pray that God will lead us to the right path especially my sister! I am still hurt by what is happening which explains why I havent talked to her. I tried to call her tonight but I cannot find in my heart the courage to tell her how I feel as I might offend her more.
I dreamt of my dad last night! He was asking me "Bakit ngayon ka lang?" He was seated comfortably wearing white shirt and white shorts. Summer kasi eh heheh....Gosh, I miss him terribly! If only...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shopping time

H asked me where I want to go and I said Let's go to Destin . I brought our swim clothes since we might be tempted to go in the beach too. Destin has a real nice beach with powdery sand. And the weather was perfect.
We drove for an hour. When we arrived at Destin, my son fell asleep and he was still sleeping when we put him in his stroller. He slept in the stroller for 2 straight hours. H and I enjoyed shopping and dressing up so we forego our plan of going to the beach and went straight to the outlet. He bought new pants and new shirts. I just cannot resist that tempting dress at my fave store Ann Taylor. They always carry my right size. H saw how I loved that dress and how I stopped myself from buying it because it was not on sale. I returned it on the rack but he got it and paid for it himself. I said he did not have to because I rarely wear dresses. He still bought it for me! I was really touched by that gesture. He has always been generous and kind and sweet and loving. He said "Im buying you that dress just because..." Later, I was tempted to get a new purse at Coach but I just got a new one recently so hanggang tingin na lang ako. H was telling me to buy one but I said no. Ngayon, nagsisisi ako. hehehhehe..
Then we had dinner at New Dragon restaurant, a buffet chinese restaurant who also served sushi and crab legs. On the way to the resto, I said "Love, delecho". H laughed. Naging intsik daw kasi ako dahil delecho instead of derecho. Still, M was so behaved that he just sat on the booster seat and ate his own meal. Is he over the terrible two's stage? H and I enjoyed our dinner to the fullest. How can I shed off those extra pounds?
We got home at 8pm. I tucked M at around 10pm. I called my brother who is now celerating his 30th birthday. We talked about my sister's plan which is still not good. Well, I am still praying that she makes the right decision. Then H and I slept late as we watched "Deadliest Catch." So many crabs and it was so risky. Well, one has to do what he has to do..
I just love Saturdays. It was really a fun date with my boys! Praise God!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Tagged by Apple

HI! I've been tagged by Apple .


Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. I blog to vent out my emotions. But only 3 people who knows me personally knows that I have a blog. My sister, my husband and my best friend I.
2. I wanted to start scrapbooking for the last three years and last Father's day I got to do my first layout. It was a gift for my husband from my son. Now, I don't know what to do next. I want to start with our love story as my anniversary present for November. But I do not know how to go about it. (Thanks Mickee for helping me :))
3. I went back to school (because my husband forced me to) last year to get a nursing degree. I prayed hard about it and I know God answered my prayer when I passed the CPT. Nursing school never came into my mind. In fact, my friends who knows me in my banking days and college days and high school days and grade school days know that I will never dream of becoming a nurse. But people change and dreams change. And I really want to buy that LV bag. (di ba Meeya? )heheheh..
4. I nursed for 16 months. M never got use of the feeding bottle in the first place. (Kaya bago pa rin ang avent bottles ko at balak kong ipadala sa sister ko) My plan was for 6 months lang but since I got used to it plus its beneficial for my son and mas matipid, I lasted that long!
5. My whole family in Pinas thinks I can not be a housewife. They do not think I can cook, iron clothes, do the laundry, clean the house, etc. Even my cousin M thought that I'd only last for 2 years as a stay at home mom. My dad who passed away last September has not tried any dish that I have cooked. H swears I can cook. His weight will tell you how he loves my cooking. (I cannot divulge his weight though.) And it has been 3 years and 7 months since I became a housewife. Pinakamahirap na career. But I love it to bits.
6. I love to shop especially if it is on sale/clearance. When I was earning my own money I did not care about the price of any bag or shoe or clothes for that matter. Now, I find it really hard to buy something if it is not on sale. I am talking about shoes only and clothes..;)
7. I love Saturday and Sunday mornings with my boys. We are lazy to get out in bed so we kid around and play and jump in bed and just hang out. I always think and ask GOD if I did something realy good to deserve a life like this. Praise God for all His blessings! Esp. a healthy and happy family!

I think everyone has been tagged so I cannot post any names anymore. So if you're reading this, you're tagged!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Honor's list

I got a letter from my school that I am included in the honor's list for last semester's Spring 07. I am so happy because all my efforts paid off. Well, during the Fall 06 class I was also included in the honor's list ( Yaiks, asan na ba yung letter na iyon? . I do not remember if I blogged about it) I pray I will be able to maintain my grades and be accepted in the nursing program! I felt MIL being proud of me as H showed him the letter! Thanks be to God!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's day cookout

Yesterday was a fabulous father's day! Whew! We all had our tummies and hearts filled with delight! Hubs thought of having a cook out at St. Andrews . I called our friends Thursday night and all 8 pinoy families confirmed that they will all come! (R invited another Korean family and so did V) No one declined our invitation! Everyone wanted to celebrate dad's day together this time! So we all had lunch at the park potluck style. H and I came in early as we had to make sure we would be able to get a good spot for grilling the ribs (which H did and it was really good- no leftovers) and at the same time close to the playground so our kids could enjoy the swing and the slide (which they did while us parents watched) The others could not stop themselves from going into the waters (at 12 noon..tsk - H included) At 2 pm, the D's called and asked if they could bring ice cream so it was just perfect. Better late than never! We had cantaloupes and watermelons but nothing beats Nestle Drumstick! My son M enjoyed it to the max!

At 3pm, we then went to the beach. It was just a minute drive since the state park had the picnic grounds, camping grounds, a gator land, etc. all belonging in one area. At this point, M cried so hard he doesn't want to leave the state park. We kept on telling him that we will just park our car near the beach and he could still go swimming. Hala, he cried and after just one minute in his car seat where we buckled him up, he dozed off to sleep. He was really tired so that's why he became cranky. While he was sleeping, the daddies set up our beach umbrellas, boats, and other stuff. H cannot help but wake my son up as he thinks he should not miss the fun in the beach. (Sus, almost every week kaya kami nasa beach ) So after an hour, he woke him up and off they ran to the beach! It was really fun watching my 2 boys.
Nobody wanted to leave that time! It was almost sunset when the gang started packing up!
Again, M does not want to leave! He cried and we had to trick him just to get him out of the waters. Ang hirap huh!
It was a fun day!! I'm sure we will do this again! It's nice that we are just minutes away from the beach. I just pray no hurricanes will hit this year!
Here's our Pics!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy dad's day

Someone Who
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This was taken at his mother's day present for me--my sitting area with a fountain and flower pots to boot! So relaxing we would spent our quiet nights here at the backyard! Love you love!
As a proof of my love, I bought him this. It was hard earned money on my part as I worked part time babysitting this summer. I heard him talking to SIL. He said that he was touched by my generous gift as I bought him something he will definitely not buy for himself. Actually, style ko lang ito para ibili nya na ako ng matagal ko ng pangarap. Bwahahahahha..

Monday, June 11, 2007


I am feeling a little sad because my good friend/classmate R is leaving this end of the month. She will move to South Carolina together with her 3 kids. Well, there'll be emails and phone calls but it will feel different. She asked me to move in with her so we get to study in the same school. Nice thought. It is hard to be friends with people who are in the military. They just stay for a while and then move at another place. I will surely miss R.

Well, another thing that is on my mind which is nonsense really I don't know if it is worth blogging. There's this person whom we call X. I think she wants to see H terribly that she planned for their vacation at D. I got all this information from my BIL who came in with a set of nice clothes for my son. Ok, here it goes.

When BIL came home, we were at the dinner table eating. BIL said that X called H that afternoon but H was not picking up. T mobile does not have a signal at his office and X did not bother to leave a message. What X did was to go to H's former workplace since they used to work together in that facility. H had transferred to a new facility last March (which X does not know that's why she went to that old facility with the hope of finding H.) Then X brought the set of clothes to BIL's house and called BIL and told BIL the whole story. Hmmm..?

In my opinion, if X wanted to see my son and give him the clothes, she could have called my house or she should have drove straight to my house as she very well knows that I am a stay at home mom. If she did not want to see me or my son and wanted to see H instead, then she would call him on his cellphone, she would go to his office and she would leave the clothes to BIL's house which is a few blocks from my home.

Hmmmm...desperate moves! Tsk...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday night out

Tonight, H and I went out on a date. Actually, it was last Tuesday when he asked me what my plans are for Friday. I said, nothing. So he said, we should catch a movie and have dinner. Or vice versa for that matter. I winked at him and said yes, i would love that. I guess the last date we had was last month which I forgot to blog. Oh, it was a Thursday and he asked me to go out with him as he had a surprise for me. It turned out that we had concerts at the park and that night it was a band who played blues music. H brought a picnic basket, complete with Ben and Jerry's Pistachio ice cream. I remember I laughed so hard because we were the only young people in that concert. Almost everyone was 50 years old and up. And we didn't know their songs. There was one lola who danced with all her might. H said he will remember her and hopefully she doesnt get to be a patient for evaluation by H. Talk about out of place. But it was still fun because I was with H.:)
Back to our date, we had to plan our great escape. The little boy had spider senses that we were going to leave him behind so he started clinging to me. MIL was helpful as she tried to entertain M while we grabbed the car keys. It was an easy one.
We headed to Bonefish Grill . The food was great. For appetizers, we had calamari. Then I ordered Crab Cake while H ordered chops. The ambience was great too. The manager was kind enough to approach us. We were asked if that was our first time and we said yes. So he introduced himself and welcomed us. I think that was really nice. When we went out, a long line has formed and I heard the guests had to wait 30 minutes to get in. Our friend E was right in telling us that it was not really child friendly. They had bar stools on some tables. Luckily, we did not get that type. Our table had some type of paper as their tablecloth. It was pretty neat and easy to clean afterwards and yet it did not look cheap. I mean, they had candles on the tables plus the lighting still provided a romantic ambience.
Our dinner lasted for more than an hour so we were late for the movie "Mr. Brooks." We had to settle for the next one which I cannot remember the title. Seriously, it was a lousy movie. It had Ashley Judd and I cannot remember who. I really did not like it.
On the way home, I craved for some Krispy Kreme because of the "Hot Now" sign. I just cant resist that sign. Hayyy.. H bought half a dozen for me. Bait noh?
One good thing even though we have seen a lousy movie, being with H that night made that date a very good one. We both realized how we still love each other's company and how being away from M at least for four hours recharged me. Seeing that movie made us talk about how lousy the movie was and how we wasted $16.00 for that. Next time, we should see the ratings first. Lesson learned.
We got home at 10pm and baby M was still up and running. He took the first bite of my Krispy Kreme. I gave MIL the other one. And the rest, well, I have to do treadmill tomorrow.. Hehehe..

Monday, June 04, 2007

M's blog

What have I been busy with?
Aside from trying to finish my son's photo album, I have been trying to update his blog.
Here it is.. my son's blog
Oh, and Ive been trying to clean the attic, clean my closet, my son's closet, H's closet.
So many things to do, so little time!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy birthday Sis!

I texted her happy birthday. She replied back. She texted thanks.
That's it.
Have a happy birthday Sis! I want to tell you so many things but I guess I don't know where to start. You'll be a mom soon so I guess you'll know how it is to love unconditionally. You'll think of your baby first. Yourself, last.
I love you, as always!!!