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Monday, July 25, 2005

happily married

at 830pm, b is already asleep. i was surfing the channels on the tv while h is surfing the net.
he then looked at me and said..
h : i am happily married! ( with a big smile on his face)
m: are you? (tries to make a puzzled face look)
h : yes i am! how about you? (now he has the puzzled face look)
m: of course i am!
i stood up from the sofa and gave him a hug!
mushy, mushy!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

life is a beach

life is a beach

wherever we go, these three little ones are all together (born 2-3 months each apart with my little one as the last but not the least- thank you hand me downs)!! same goes for their moms too!!
at 95 degrees, the beach is the only place to be. a 5 minute drive from our place, this is where we had been spending most of our time lately. the shark attack does not stop the daddies from swimming which explains why they are not in the picture!!
its a good thing we are so close to the beach as just one phone call from the neighbor, a potluck meal and it is an instant get together (i.e. chismis, chika and kwento)! sad thing is when there is a hurricane coming, we are also the first ones to board up and evacuate too. but how can we leave the beach when just looking at the sunset makes you thank GOD for its beauty! the calm waters, the sand ala boracay (though for me nothing beats bora still- love it), the company of friends....hmmm....
another relaxing weekend!!life's simple pleasures!!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

destin-tax free

timing is everything!!!
nope, i did not have my usual breakfast in bed!!i was already up at 4am as the little boy thinks its playtime already! whatever happened to his bodyclock! i had no choice but to pick him up and leave our room to let h get some more zzz's..
b and i had been playing peek a boo when h came in and told me.."let's go to destin!!"h knows that ive been stucked in the house for soooo long (read-5 days monday to friday i.e.) that he wants to bring me to the outside world..yeheeeeyyy!!
music to my ears..teehehe..destin is an hour drive. we first went to
destin commons and then we went to the
outlet ..talk about luck..it is tax free day! i dont know where i have been as i totally forgot to mark this in my calendar. imagine getting such good deals. a shirt in banana rep costs about 5.99 (price has been marked down already) and then i get another 40%off..haay..so i paid roughly $3 and then it's tax free pa..
i shopped till i dropped but mostly its for the little boy ..i really tried to stop myself from buying clothes because b does grow too fast..! besides, he's got hand me downs from our neighbor j which explains why his closet is full..and i keep on checking his closet because for all i know, some does not fit him anymore..and he has only worn that once..sometimes, not at all..tsk!
coach was also on sale..too bad i cant find a bag for me! i know they are giving such good deals. infact, i have a go signal from h to buy one to match the new clothes and new shoes i bought but it is not my day for shopping a new bag! my hobo bag still looks and smells brand new (like i get to use it a lot?) but i was looking for a bigger say medium bag . i found some but when i try it on i just felt no connection, that feeling of gotta have it now or else (have i matured or what?)..a woman has to have a connection with her baggey ..h then gave me a "what did you just say?" look.. men cant understand that!
oh well, im really happy that i got to go out!i feel so recharged!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

all by myself

i dont know what to say..i havent post for a looong time.. i do open my blog, type a few words and press the "save as draft" with a big hope that i'll be able to finish it later..well, its been almost 2 months and i see no progress..yet..i think its becoming a habit..let's see the verdict for this one..
being a stay at home mom/wife makes me exposed to the four corners of my house..that's it ..my house!!24x7..house!!..i do surf in the net once in a while when mybaby permits me to ..
i do surf the commercials on the tv..i do take short walks around the village.. i do the grocery list and let h buy it for me (it gives less stress as have to pack my diaper bag and make sure b has been fed etc etc)..geez, i cant remember when was the last time i did go out all by myself? ..naahh..thats long forgotten..
i remember when i was single..i could just go anywhere my feet would like to take me to..i can go to the mall anytime i want, check out a new pair of shoes..i could hang out at the bookstore and browse at the magazines/bestsellers etc..i could eat at jollibee with peach mango pie and strawberry sundae all by myself..
i dont like to use the word bored....in fact, i have one single friend who is about to get married on sept who used this word so much it bored me to death..imagine receiving a text message from her at 12pm on a friday night saying "IM BORED" ..then, our txt message exchange would began as i try to reassure her that everything is ok , everything has its own time etc etc while i sip my drink in a bar with my friends...
maybe, i just need to go out!!all by myself!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

blueberry pancakes

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i have been pampered with another breakfast in bed for the nth time..i lost count already!
hayyy..he is still sweet! :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

i have packed our bags..hurricane dennis is coming! mandatory evacuation has been imposed, with a baby and all, we dont want to risk it..so off to JAX we go..
keep us in your prayers! thank you..

Sunday, July 03, 2005

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tapsilog in bed!!!

i guess he knows i wake up at wee hours of morning just to nurse b (and then 3 hours after its feeding time again). or maybe because i still get to do the laundry and cook him his meals..or maybe that he still comes home to a clean and orderly house..

or maybe, just maybe, he is still in love with me..:)