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Monday, January 31, 2005

baby memory book

i am restless!! thank god h understands how my hormones have been up & down & in a roller coaster mode..but today its my friend s who saved my day!!
ok ok..last week i was at babies r us where i registered stuff ill be needing for my baby shower (which s will host too.) i found a cutey baby memory book that has safari animals on the cover with matching photo album & a brag book and all the kaartehan for a soon to be mom like me! i immediately bought it.. then last friday as i surfed the net, i came across a better baby memory book which i really really like! i told myself i dont have to buy one as i have one already! i then reasoned that i could still get this new one which i really like and just give the ones i bought to a friend ( which i cant think of who ..at the moment) ..i recalled all my friends and just thought of i who will get married by sept 2005..well, maybe she can have the baby book but she has to be pregnant first..or better, i should just go to sleep and forget about it..if tomorrow, i still think of that baby book, well 'im going to buy it !!
the next day, mom in law asked me to join her in shopping for a digital camera..she thinks i have a better eye so i accompanied her as we browsed sears, best buy & the internet too.. we then went to sam's club to do my grocery list and the rest of the day was over just like that..still, i thought of the baby memory book and how i wanted it terribly! but the practical mom to be in me reasoned out that maybe maybe tomorrow i will be able to forget it!!kasi nga, i have a baby book na which is now in my room and is just waiting for me! kuleeet!!!
sunday was another busy day so i said tomorrow, if it is STILL on my mind, no one can stop me from buying the baby book!! this i promise!!!!
early today, i was ready to buy the book when lo & behold!
its gone!!
its not available online anymore....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? ohhh nooooo!!!!!
so i surfed and surfed and tried to find the book i want .. shipping would be another problem..it was that moment when s called and i pleaded her to go to babies r us and buy me the baby memory book i badly want! she laughed as i told her my story..to be tempted or not..to control or not..to buy or not!!
when her work was done at 5pm, s rushed to babies r us..! there she found the cutey memory book i fell in love with..she then recommended the matching photo book, brag book, calendar book etc etc..hala, the list went on and on..this time i did not resist the temptation!! she was on her cellfone while i was at home but it felt like i was the one shopping and craving for all those baby stuff.. if h finds out, i could be in trouble ( or maybe not)
as soon as i know that she has the book i wanted, my next plan was to go to jax ( a good 5 hours drive from my place ) but later on, i thought of c who will be spending the weekend with them..so all i have to do is wait as i know that when c comes back, he has my baby memory book ..!!
upto now h has no idea what has been on my mind..tsk!
am i going nuts?? ( well, at least i have the baby memory book..)

Sunday, January 30, 2005


at 9 am, we woke up with the scent of longganisa..i got this from jax last week so h & i are both excited..being away from phils makes you delight in anything that is pinoy..be it just tuyo, purefoods hotdog & danggit!! at the breakfast table, mom in law instead cooked tapa...she had to recycle my father in law's kaldereta which was last nights dinner..(the look in our face might have triggered this)..we gobbled up the tapsilog anyway and prepared ourselves to go to church..its my first time to attend h's church along with my inlaws..this was a result of their constant nagging that we do not go to mass as a couple..i go to st dominic's catholic church while h does not..hence, it was also h's first time to attend their church here - a baptist one although i know he's not a baptist--now im confused..( he mentioned before that you dont have to attend church --his excuse for not ever attending one here-- though he comes with me on special occassion like christmas and lenten season) in the phils, i joined them once or twice in a service for born again christians..i did not find any difference in the catholic charismatic i used to attend to..oh well, we only have one god !!what's important is our personal relationship with Him..
after church, h & i went to bed bath & beyond to buy cutlery tray, chopping board etc..we then went to home depot to buy bulbs, batteries and other stuff h needs..it was here that we bumped to c & r..they were buying a grill!!! we kidded that maybe we can visit them after they schedule their b-b-q party..teeehehehe...
on our way home, h had been extra sweet as he opened the car door for me!!! he had always been doing his best to make me happy!!! as he tucked me to sleep tonight, he mentioned how much he loves me..with a hug and a kiss and something i cant write..and that he's blessed to have me..& miguel..!!!
must be the tapsilog! ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

dora the explorer!

i love dora!! i used to watch her and even sing her songs!! then i got pregnant and started reading books instead and lots of sleeping too (hohumm)..but i still love her!
i had mixed feelings as we bought
the dora the magic hair fairytale princess doll
i dont know if im that old but it gives me the creeps as her hair grows longer as a magic wand is being pressed on her crown..the reviews says adults like me would find it weird but kids with so much imagination will not mind..at least i get to share the creeps with h..after all he was the one who insists on buying it as a christmas gift for his inaanak..talk about being late..
i thought id help him save time by ordering it online but it was not available..we rushed to toys r us and there it was, a creepy looking princess in a yellow satiny gown..well you just have to see the picture instead..nyay!!
again, i cant help but add some more items to our baby registry..the "r us" companies are affiliated so h & i did our fave.. "scan and gun away.."
miguel is the boss!! he has been the top in our shopping list lately!!! he gives us so much joy just anticipating what he's gonna be like...woohoooo!!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

babies r us!

being pregnant can be sometimes overwhelming..! im not complaining though..i have been reading tons of baby books, surfing the net, and hearing my mom in laws advice..not to mention my 2 girlfriends cum neighbors who just gave birth..golly..!!!
i remember when we were planning for our wedding. ..lots of choices to make (flowers, gown, bridal car, the cake )..i delight in reading wowies emails on their planning and i feel so glad im over it.. 14 months later, our focus is tada..
THE NURSERY...hey, i never thought looking for cribs, stroller, car seat, nursery theme to name a few can be that tedious....and fun too!!!
so today , together with my good friend s and loving h and the inlaws, we went to babies r us! it took us 3 hours to find the perfect crib as h and i had been debating on the color and style and comfort etc etc..finally, we settled for a cherry colored crib which will turn into a full size bed..loading it in the truck was h & fil's job later..
after that, we then had to start our baby registry..its a good thing s was with me as she gave me a checklist of what are must haves and have nots..s is truly heaven sent! the staff were also accomodating and their free baby shower invites as well as guide to babies, books, leaflets are all helpful.. just have to complete the guest list soon..
i had the impulse of scanning almost everything..hehhehe..luckily , the registry can still be accessed online so i will just have to edit some stuff or maybe add some more..im thinking of the latter..ahihihihihi...
miguel has not been born but if i sum up the items we've bought for him..he is surely one lucky child....but if we really look at it, h & i are truly the ones blessed to have him!!
no complaints..next thing to buy..the armoire!!haayyy..

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

joseph is 2 months old!!
and his nanny, ehem, my mom in law just cant help but celebrate..she cooked pancit bihon! his parents were so surprised when they picked him up after their work at our house..i told them their little boy is having a party!! pinoy style with a loaf of bread ( but not seen in the picture--) we even had a little birthday song as a background music..i insisted on wearing party hats but his mom says its way too much! besides, it was just r & e, hubs and me, and my inlaws! c even called and asked us to visit them as their baby isabelle is now at their house too..they dont have pancit & asked us to bring them some..hmmm...we'll see!!
its just a joy to have joseph at home on weekends! he is so sweet and adorable! he rarely cries! if babies are like this, i dont think i will have a hard time..soon!!!

pancit & coke !

mom in law & joseph!

Monday, January 17, 2005

i know ive been giving you pictures of babies! i cant help it! we are 3 pinoy couples here in the village..r & e had a baby boy (their 1st after 6 yrs) last nov! now, its c & a's turn! both their moms insist i carry them! the thing is, once i carry a baby in the hospital, it has always been my experience that i end up being a "NINANG".. hubs says its alright! after all, we seem to belong in one family, sharing almost everything and helping each other whenever one needs something!
babies everywhere! cant wait for the merry month of april!!!wooohooooo...!!!

the inlaws, h & i visiting isabelle!

me & isabelle!

its a girl!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

practice lang! ;)
me & joseph !!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

senior citizens

my fil wants to go fishing..but with expected rainshowers today it is impossible..!
however, tito v & tita c, also wants to go fishing as they have been craving for fish here in florida! all they have been eating during their stay here had been burgers, steaks, beef, shrimps and they miss THE FISH.. so what they did was to go on a fishing trip to destin florida to get all the fish heads--for FREE!!
tito v picked up my fil at 7am.. a little exchange of directions convinced me that i should come with them although they insist they can do it by themselves..i dont want to risk them getting lost or ill be in trouble with their sons...
an hour later, we left our coolers at the seafood market and we were instructed to get it back at 11am..with 3 hours to wait, we went to books a million to get some coffee (excluding the preggy lady) and relax and read a book.. still, the stories poured..i find it all so amusing, just listening to their talks..
of all the stories they exchanged, i had to eavesdrop on one where my fil was telling how h and i met..he shared his disgust on all h's ex gf particulary the last one before me where they almost, almost got married but thanks to their prayers they broke up..and how they approved of me..feeling proud, i had to delight myself in that story how they prayed for h's right partner..
h & i met last 10/19/2002.. a week after h called his parents to tell them he was getting married to MOI ( i had no idea that love at first sight exists, well.... a week passed and h went to the philippines where he introduced me to his family and courted me for real..a year after, we got married.. they immediately approved of our relationship right from the start..they even helped h looked for our reception venue .. so even before i said yes to h, his family has been planning all along..and they liked me!! (or so it seemed :)

i had a mischievous smile....it just feels good to recall our ligawan blues..and how both my inlaws are trying their best to let us know they care and love us.. although sometimes we end up arguing here at the house (its not easy to live together in one roof..they know its our house but they just have a way of telling you how to live your life even though we're all grown ups- or maybe all parents are like that..or i dont know) still i know that this set-up is just temporary and i know that once their vacation here is over i will truly miss them..a lot!!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

the new director!

h has resigned as the rehab manager! effective tomorrow, he shall be a physical therapist! we had to clean his desk and make sure that proper turnover shall be done!
it goes without saying that he will have no more bossy powers! (says who..hehe)
i am the one feeling lonely as we took his stuff in a box! i know he will still work in the same place but decision making, filing of reports and other tasks assigned as the team leader makes me feel different..but the thing is h is so relieved! after all, he has been the one treating the patients and doing the managerial skills at the same time for the last five years! this time, he shall be limited to treating patients alone which is really his passion (aside from ehem..me) and now that he is no longer the manager, overtime work will be paid..(good for me) and this would also mean less stress for h..no more blood pressure checking, pulse check etc..
h seems happy with this scenario..so i should feel the same!!!i know my man will be the best in whatever path he chooses to take!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

one year away from home

now i know where i got it from..being sentimental that is..i was trying to make it feel like it was just an ordinary day but i knew in my heart it has been one year since i left home, since i left my family at the airport..to be exact 1 yr, 5 hrs, 3o mins, secs.. just as i was trying to be brave, i got a txt message from my dear daddy
.." anak, its been a year since you left me, i miss you terribly. i remember this day jan 6, 2004. but dont worry im ok here as long as youre ok there. take care of my little apo ok! love you."
waaaaaaaaaaa...i just bawled..h just got out of the shower when he saw me crying.. he got the cellphone to read dad's message...he apologized as he knew how i felt..
i still want to feel ok but actually im not..if only i could be with them at this moment..im just hopeful that soon, we'll all be together...even just for a while! or longer..! that would be a lot better!
another best actress award nomination for me...tsk!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

check up

i had a hard time getting up at 8am appointment. i still want to get some more zzz's but h insists we have to get going!! he doesnt want to be late too..he's taking a half day off even though my inlaws offered to drive me to our obgyn this morning! still, he wants to make his presence felt..as always h has been the kind of man i would marry over and over again..im positive he'll be a great daddy!! my, he's got the perfect attendance award for daddies present in the obgyn's office monthly check up! ( he's qualified for the first 20 weeks but the last 20 weeks will determine if he gets the prize..but with his attitude, looks like he's going to get the title)
at the doc's clinic, just hearing miguel's heartbeat, that was enough to make me fall in love with my little boy! it still moves me..just like the first time i heard it..the feeling just amazes me.. the doc says everything looks good and my oh my..im just really excited!!
motherhood does changes you!! now, i delight in looking at babies around me! most of all, i am so amazed at my own little baby in my tummy!!!
life is a bliss!

Saturday, January 01, 2005


hmmm..what was the highlight of my year? let me see..
january - i left my family at the phils to join my hubs here in the us..tears poured out, long distance calls were made.. but then i'm in love..i told myself its good now that h & i are together..but being terribly homesick was inevitablet..h allowed me to have a week vacation with my good friend s in jacksonville but still i miss my dad and my siblings.. well, to make me feel better, i tried cooking..reading those recipe books and putting them into use made me the kitchen queen..and my dad cant believe it..i never cooked any dish but life now with h made me realize how i love cooking! the experiment goes on...
february - our first valentine date together.. i got him pj's and he gave me a bath & body works spa set..oh, and we used it at once in our jacuzzi..what followed next..hmm..let me think!!
march - britney spears rocks! h treated me to her concert in jacksonville! if i could just have that body!
april - had a close encounter with her as she came uninvited in my house..i can just feel her jealousy..i really should stop being with her..maybe once a year..it would be better if i dont see her..
may - we had our wedding reception for our friends here..it was our first party and the planning details have all been put into practice..not to mention my designing skills..i realized that h will never settle for anything less..he always wants something bonggacious..hehehe..
june - seaworld with i & b & hubs of course..now i know she's really jealous..who can blame her? i have the best hubs in the world..
july - ohmygod! we're pregnant!!just when you least expected it..what a great blessing from god! my knees were shaking as we took the pregnancy test together..h jumped for joy..as soon as i saw how happy he looked, i felt ok..i guess it was really god's time..
august - am i really pregnant? i dont feel anything..i think i am in the denial stage..or it has not really sunk in yet? am i fit to be a mother? i dont have morning sickness or cravings or whatsoever..
september - yeah, the sonogram confirmed it..8 weeks have passed and the pea in the pod is really here! i just saw his picture..the beat of his heart made me cry..
also, it's my bday away fromhome..met hurricane ivan here in florida..nyay.!!
october - in laws are here, just in time for h's bday bash. we had a small gathering for friends h felt the crisis of getting old..heheh..
we went to tennessee and north carolina ..autumn at its best! my first time to experience this seasonl!!it was sooo beautiful!!!
november- our 1st year anniv..still very much in love..i just pray this feeling lasts forever..we went to washington dc & new york (with my inlaws)..2 weeks of travel, fun and exciting places to see...
december - remembered my plan of totally forgetting christmas..i was in no mood to celebrate as i was a thousand miles away from home..h had to remind me that this is my home now..still terribly homesick..

it was a good year!! a very good one!! GOD has been tremendously blessing us! ALLELUIA!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!