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Sunday, April 17, 2005

here's the link to see some photos !
im still in the adjustment period and so is the baby but i just cant help but brag about him!
i just love whenever he smiles, cries, winks or does anything! i love it too whenever he sleeps, poops or weewees...been a victim already!!
i am so crazy in love with him! and so is his dad!! though we are still sleep deprived, it doesnt matter! as long as we could gaze at his beautiful eyes, we do not mind at all..
having a baby is a big change! but a great change!! i know its too early to tell but we just know he has enriched our lives!! and i really thank god for all his blessings!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


i havent slept for the loooongest time!!! with all these contractions, all i think about is that it'll soon be over! that after 5 minutes of unthinkable pain, i could rest..but they are so intense..a kind of pain i can never explain nor imagine!! i remember praying, holding hubs hands, breathing...haayyy..hubs was reminding me of the breathing exercises we had during our childbirth classes but it never worked for me..ahh-hee-ahh-hee-ahh-hoo!! whatever!!!
but seeing my baby, my angel amidst all the pushing and breathing ..ahhhh..its all worth it!!making me a part of this miracle of life is really beyond words! im sure any mother can relate!!
god is soooo good!!! he has blessed me with so much!! this baby is so precious i cried and cried while holding him, caressing him..! his hands and feet are so tiny! and i think he looks a lot like me!!!!
I'M A MOM NOW!! WHOAAAA..!! This journey to motherhood officially begins now!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

the journey begins!

it was a typical saturday! i was doing my last minute cleanup and so is hubs! he was putting "pledge" on all our kitchen cabinets..at 6pm, i had to do my usual visit to the bathroom when i saw blood stain in my undies !! uh oh..!!i was maintaining my composure but had to shout in a way to call hubs attention! i cannot feel any contraction so i thought this could be a false alarm..besides my due date is on the 19th..still early although im now on my 38th week..
as soon as hubs saw the blood, he was in a rush to go to the hospital.. i was taking my time, had to do my shower and eat dinner and perhaps take a nap..heheh..then he checked the bathroom and saw my mucuos plug..uh oh!! he then took our packed bags in the car and begged me to hurry!!he is a picture of an excited dad to be!!!
by 8pm we were both in the hospital!! i still feel normal! no contractions whatsoever! i was so positive we will go home in an hour! this is false alarm!!
they told me to change into their hospital gown at 9pm..i did that! but when the nurse checked me, hala, my water broke!! uh oh uh oh uh oohhh..!! that means i can no longer go home! and i have to deliver my baby!!!
everything looks and feels wonderful!!hmm..we'll see!!!

Friday, April 08, 2005

saki house

thank god its friday!
my hubs invited me for a dinner! we were craving for japanese food and so we tried "saki house" the place was really small..it will look like a typical carinderia...but when we tried the food..oh wow!!!it was soooo good!!!
their onion soup rocks! i really dont like onions but this soup made me gobble my entire bowl!!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

some more pics

here's some pics of the baby's room. pls click this to see the link!
looking at the making of this room, i cant believe how we have transformed this room from a computer/office room to a nursery!
i just hope our little boy will love this room..lately, we have been hanging out at his room imagining how it would be like if he is now here!! yippppeeee!!! it gives us such a high!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i finally had the guts to post this because of clarice. h took this last sunday and i have to admit he's got an eye and i have the tummy to show!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the pope

i never got to see him personally but up to now i do wave at him on tv and i know he waves back at me!
He is a great man! one that i will look up to at all times! He has touched my life in so many ways!
A asked me if i cried after hearing about him being gone! I told A why should I when i know He is in heaven now!

the hospital tour

i was talking to my dad an hour ago and he asked how far the hospital was from our place.. i told him it was about 5-10 minutes drive..i felt he got relieved after hearing that..i then told him our hospital tour which happened last month ( yaikss, i forgot to blog about it) for me that tour relaxed my nerves!! or so i thought!!
after our weekly check up sometime march, we were asked to preregister at the hospital. we filled out all the required forms and submitted our insurance card. we even had a passcode as no one can just get access to our personal info. i remember signing a note that i dont have a living well..(should i have one? )
then we were instructed to go to 2nd floor! we were constantly reminded never to go to the e.r. and instead go straight to 2nd floor where lo & behold all preggy woman are there about to deliver their babies. the nurse in the receiving room was so helpful that she offered to tour us around. we went to the nursery where babies will be placed once they have a problem. ( i sure do pray mine wont stay in their nursery)otherwise, they will be rooming in with the mom. then we saw the big room where they have a big tub as well and all the other stuff needed for the delivery. the room was so comfy i felt i was doing a tour at the hotel during my wedding preps..lastly, we went to the delivery room for c-section..of course i dont want to be there but they just let us take a peek to familiarize ourselves..oh & she also showed the vendo..got to bring lots of coins for that..
my dad was happy knowing about the hospital tour..he reiterated how he wanted to be with me at this moment but i guess thats not possible yet..sometime soon..i hope!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

walking in sunshine

im too tired to walk..my feet are swollen as well as my hands..but my neighbor e & a called me and insisted i walk with them..e had her baby j, a had her baby i, while i have my baby in my tummy! see the picture???
it was a good walk which ended up in my house as i offered them a strawberry banana smoothie! here's what i did!
1. wash 4 oz of fresh strawberries and put them in a blender
2. add 1 cup of yoplait yogurt (strawberry flavor)
3. add 1 banana
4. add ice
5. blend, whip, crush in a blender
6. serve in a tall glass!
it was so yummy and healthy too!!i gulped the entire glass and so did my friends! delicioso!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


e called me early morning to remind us of the daylight savings time! she picked me up to hear mass too! her baby joe cried with all his might in the church..nyay, what will happen if my baby does the same thing?
as soon as i got home, i saw h busy with our lawn! it's spring and h had been quite excited to do his gardening tasks! i ended up staying inside the house!! the weather is fine but i need my sunblock to make me stay under the sun! vanity!!
later in the afternoon, i reminded him of our pictorial kuno! he had been longing to take pictures of me in my sexiest body!! his shots were real good but my body --particularly my tummy....hmmmm!!!teehehehe.....reminds me of alpha's blog!!
(how are you alpha?- im praying for you)

Saturday, April 02, 2005

h had to work on a saturday morning! i thought it would be best if he dropped me off the mall to do my last minute shopping for the baby! he dropped me at 10am and he said he'd pick me up at lunchtime!! reeds jewelers was on sale and i saw this 1/2 ct white gold princess cut diamond earrings! i tried it on and it looks sooo good!! the store manager was doing her best to make me get those earrings but i know i can wait!!tsaka na lang siguro..
i ended up buying baby clothes, the breastpump ( i got one as a shower gift isis but had to exchange it for medela which according to my friends is the best--even the instructor yesterday was suggesting medela) and some feeding bottles to match my breastpump! i also bought a formula , a small can just in case i dont have milk!! ooopps, dont give up! breast is best!!
at home, we started fixing the nursery again!! finally, we were able to set up the diaper changing station..we just used an old dresser, removed the 3 way mirror, bought a contoured dressing pad and voila! it matches the crib so all is well!!yipppeee..!

Friday, April 01, 2005

breastfeeding class

i am so forgetful!!! must be the hormones or what but i swear i havent been like this before!
i glanced at my calendar and remembered i have a breastfeeding class today! i called the hospital and asked if it was scheduled at 630pm just like my childbirth class which i missed last tuesday! it was scheduled at 430pm-630pm .. btw, i called them at 4pm..good thing the class is just about 5 minutes away..ohmygulay!
luck was on my side as my bro in law just parked his car in the garage..i asked him to drive me to the hospital..he immediately panicked and asked me if its time..ahihiihih...i cant help but laugh as i had to explain how i almost missed my breastfeeding class..i had to call h and ask him to pick me up at 630pm..
all had been taken cared of!
breast is best!! i agree! the class showed a video on how to's and what to's..the basics!! i just wish ill really have milk..well, let nature take its course..we'll see!
sad thing is, the class only lasted until 530..i tried calling my bil but he was not picking up nor h..so i had to wait for 1 looong hour..
the thing about not having your own car is that you have to depend on so many people..i miss driving in manila!! traffic is fine with me!!
to keep me busy, i just walked in the parking lot! if someone was watching im sure he'll wonder what was i doing ..anyways, that was a good exercise for me and my baby!!