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Saturday, January 28, 2006


i had to call my colleagues s, c & e in pinas..i was surprised that tsismis has it that someone saw me last christmas , a branch manager, and they were all talking about why i did not bother to call or see them..i wish i was in manila that time..
kung ako yun bakit di naman ako magpaparamdam....sarap nun..
andaming kaso pala ngayon sa bank..makes me happy that i am spared from all those hold-ups, frauds committed, etc etc..thank you lord!..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


my friend d stayed with us from 11am-8pm, she is also a stay at home mom like me..instead of staying at her house, she decided to bring her son and stay with us the entire day...she bought siomai though i helped her wrapped and steamed it. also, i cooked adobo..after a short while, e called and wanted to stay with us..we all had lunch here at my house.. good thing their sons j & s played with b..they all babbled and pretended they too have their own conversations..cute..
we then watched tfc! they've been here for more than 6 years so they do miss pinas..!
at 7pm, d quipped.." seeing you here at the house the whole day made me realize i am not alone..can you imagine saying goodbye to our banking careers and being a stay at home mom?"
it's a very hard job!"
i totally agree with her..who would have thought that i'm running the house and taking care of b 24x7..i know i do miss working and somehow i envy other moms with careers but i cannot just entrust my son to a daycare..not yet..!
my career can wait..career din ang motherhood di ba?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i have my own phone!

this marks the end of an era..
i finally have my own cellphone ..
after 2 years of being a stay at home mom and endless arguments and battles, h insisted that i get one today..and only today! otherwise, i will never ever have the chance of owning a cellphone ever..(oh really?)
he had long been wanting to give me my own cellphone but i always always say no..i really do not need a phone as all my friends can reach me here in my house..plus the times i have to be out, he's with me..(obviously i dont have my own car also) so gastos lang yun di ba?
but tonight, he insisted i get one..he even had his colleagues call me to convince me to get the phone..m's words were "have we not taught you anything? when your man wants to give you something, just say yes and never question his motive"
and so now..i have my own cellphone..though i still have 14 days to return it..
see, im contemplating on returning it..what is wrong with me?

Monday, January 23, 2006

trip to atlanta again

we're back in atlanta this weekend though it has been only 2 weeks since we've been here..the 6 hour drive made h soooo sleepy but he has no choice..we've said yes to our bro-in-law to help him in his unit..and later did we realize that we were trapped..read on and you'll find out why..
initially, our bil asked our help to move some of his furnitures from panama city to his townhouse in atlanta..which is actually in lenox road, just 2 miles away from lenox square..we arrived at his house lunchtime only to find out that he will meet a friend and they will go to georgia aquarium..we've seen it already so we said no to his offer..plus, we came here to help him move right..?
so now that we are left alone, we decided to go malling after eating dimsum at buford hway..and i was amazed to see Lenox Square
boy oh boy, it reminded me of our malls in the philippines and how excited we are to see our country!
and the swiping of the card began..what with cute outfits for b, we just cant resist it. h even bought cap, swimming trunks, shades, a real cute shirt all for b..actually, pang birthday outfit na yun since we plan to have a swimming party for the little one..excuses....
well, di rin naman ako nagpahuli..i shopped till i drop! but i was controlling myself . it was actually h who was on the loose..i & b benefitted as mostly para sa amin ang binili ni h..i avoided the bag store....delikado si h..if he only knew..
but i did get a nice pair of shades which i sooooo love..h cant find one that suits him so he bought nothing..too bad..
late at night, we got to watch "memoirs of a geisha" i thought bil will babysit but naah, he wants to see the movie too so he's coming with us..and so is b..the movie started at 1030 pm so b was so comfy sleeping in his car seat..we took him inside the theater..thank god, he slept throughout the movie..how did he do that?..this is our first movie date if you may call it..and we did have fun.. with b in his zzzzss
at 12midnight..all h & i can think about was...guess what..manny pacquiao..my bil doesnt have tv so we had no way to watch his fight..all our friends are watching it right now..we decided to call my dad in pinas..he was in the middle of the fight..and he already got conflicting text messages..his friend said pacquiao lost while the other one said he won..all text messages were from the states..sabi ko na lang ke tatay itext ako pagkatapos ng game..
at 3am, he did text us the good news..obviously di kami makatulog ni h sa airbed..even b doesnt want to sleep in his playard..ang likot pa namang katabi nitong batang ito..
finally at 4 am, naibalik ko rin sya sa crib..nakatulog din..
we woke up at 10am ready to go back to chineses restaurant/ dimsum..
then, we shopped at their asia market..we were envious that they all got the different meats..we had to resist buying pork belly pero di success..we even bought pata..delikading..
we got back home at 8pm...
the first we did was to tune in to tfc..certified addict talaga!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

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my 2 front lower teeth..& my messy room..hehhehe..

Monday, January 09, 2006

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hello everyone..im now 9 months old!..mom is busy planning mys 1st birthday party in the philippines..she's so thrilled! im gonna see my lolos and lola and aunts and uncles and cousins as well..and almost all of their friends..dad's excited as well..they have planned for so many places to see and so many food to eat..i heard them say sisig, inihaw na liempo, lechon, and seaside restaurant..

im gonna flash them my smile! how about this? should i make my smile wider, my giggles louder? hmmmm....

ill just smile!!ill try to melt everone's heart!!


Sunday, January 08, 2006

what do i do?

i've done my reservations for our vacation this end of march. now , im having seconds thoughts to extend my stay as h has to go back here after 6 weeks..he's got work while all i have is household work and b.. ive heard horror stories on travelling alone with an infant..(but according to meeya, having a toddler is worst.. ) how on earth can i go back here with b on my lap, a diaper bag to carry and a handcarry and a stroller....how do i get my bags too?..what if nature calls me on the plane , who do i give b for that wee wee time? .. hmmm.. if ill come back soon, i might regret it as h has already said yes for my extended vacation. plus i want to spend time with my family and friends..what shall i do?
maybe i should ask my dad to come with me or maybe ask my inlaws? or shorten my stay just like h..but 6 weeks is too short..tsk..i wish i could stay longer..

Saturday, January 07, 2006

tfc channel

finally, after 2 weeks, they got it installed..directtv is now at our home..and we've been glued to the tube for hours already..we've even moved the futon right in front of the tv..
h has been begging me to have a tv in our room but i, still refuse to say yes..although i already allowed him to have a cable ready in case i agree to his request (which is never..of course..)
i'd rather read than watch tv, or surf perhaps..but no, not a tv in our bedroom..
i dont usually watch tv except for nip tuck and dora the explorer..nor have i been a fan of abs-cbn or gma ..but now, hala..i dont know who the new singers in asap are..though i can recognize a few..and the news..syempre, feeling namin nasa quiapo rin kami while watching the coverage of poong nazareno..
we've started recording our fave shows too..of course, puro pinoy channels pa rin!
feel ko na talaga ang pinas..lapit na!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

my loving husband

god hears prayers..and answers them as well!
this morning, after talking to my sis--who was really hurt after the denial issue--asked me to go out on a trip with her..i told her, sure, once we're home, let's go fly somewhere other than the states..to make her feel better, i told her , "soon, we'll fly to singapore or somewhere" ..that way, she'll get a stamp in her passport other than the "denied" one..the plane fare...errr..i will have to think about that someday, somewhere..when i have my own work, which is, not now..not yet..hmmm..i prayed to god..
as soon as h came home and i told him the news..he said, "dont worry, we'll bring your sis to singapore..she'll travel with us..tell her not to be sad anymore.."
i was touched by h's gesture and by god's love as well!!!
now i really have to book our trip! me sideline pa..
bait talaga si Lord!!

you are not qualified

my dad and sis applied for a tourist visa..they had their interview today and it made me real nervous..i was praying the whole time and i just cant sleep.. oh well, good news for my dad but bad news for my sis..the consul told them my sister was not qualified...and my sister was really hurt because the guy just asked my dad one question and did not bother to check their documents..
i was trying to console my sister that she can try again..its just that she felt degraded..what we filipinos has to go through to get that visa..and it made her ponder what in the world made her not qualified when they did not even check her application/documents..
my dad is not happy as well..he was hoping that both of them will be approved..he relates that he can never travel alone..in fact he has never really done that, fly alone i mean..
looking at the brighter side, at least my dad has the chance to visit his apo soon...let's see what happens next!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

removing the tree

do i really have to remove this?

just last month, we were so excited putting up the ornaments after seeing s's beautiful christmas tree, we were so challenged to have a brighter tree as well..we got b's first ornament from a, a tiny "my little prince" christmas ball..we then had to find other ornaments that are meaningful, like our first christmas as a married couple ( i found a small blue frame so i placed our kissing wedding picture ). then our first christmas here with the beach as the background and now, with b in our lives, we found another ornament. we have b's pic in the letter O of the ornament JOY. we tried to be creative and found some trumpets as well..and little stars made of capiz..

and the stockings, we had one for b's first christmas and bought 3 more to hang for the NOEL sign ..green is for h 's mind, red is for me- the ever feeling sexy and yellow for my bil..i did not have the time to decorate them though..
well, i better start removing them and putting them in the attic..h will remove the christmas lights outside the house this coming weekend..as well as the wreath in the front door..our neighbors had taken their decors as well..
i'm in charged of the inside and h is assigned outside..
besides, b has been removing all the ornaments he can reach..and tries to eat them..
gotta clean up!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

planning b's party

i spent the entire day planning for b's party...i have called my cousins to book the resort and have asked/chatted with friends for some more ideas..i plan to have the invites printed here..i have a budget and i am sticking to it ..unfortunately, h is coming up with EXPENSIVE IDEAS..he would always comment, "ill work harder..so we can afford it.." he wants to have a videographer/photographer/lechon baka..etc etc..
dito na lang kaya ako magparty!!
but still, if we'll have it in pinas, it'll be special since we can brag our unico hijo and show him off to our whole families..
plus h is open to the idea that i can stay longer in pinas..of course he has to go back and work while he sends me the money..bwahhahaha..he agreed 2 weeks extra ..i was hoping for 2 months instead..baka malambing ko pa..he'll stay 6 weeks, i'll stay 8 weeks..how about 8 months? abuso na daw..heheheh..
excited na ako..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the blinds

h had to call in sick as he was not able to sleep last night..he had a terrible cough..since he was home all day, he installed the new blinds we bought from ikea..the one where i had a bad feeling..
true enough, he spend the whole day drilling, measuring, sawing..hmmm..the works..i tried to help him measure and cut the panel..when it was done,..naaahh..it was not good! it did not blend with our living room..worst, it took him the whole day to set it all up and now all he wants is to take it off again..putting the old blinds is reserved for saturday ..its 9pm now..its something to look forward too..hehehehhe..
i have been biting my lip for the entire day so as not to let him down. i just have to control myself..he does not feel good and letting me blah about it will make it worst..i just know..
he kissed me goodnight. then he said, "i should have listen to you..you're always right!"
buti na lang, magaling ako mag control!!
when you're married, sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut..except for some situations where you can't hold it any longer.. there is always a time for everything..
at least i got a kiss and i've made my point, without me telling him about it..

Monday, January 02, 2006

the atlanta trip

we just came back from our atlanta trip. we checked in at holiday inn express from friday till monday..it was so relaxing..i just love the room service as i do not have to clean up my bed ..
we arrived friday night after having a free dinner at cracker barrel..it was free because a fly landed in my mashed potatoes and swam in the gravy..their manager apologized, replaced it and did not charge me for it..had we shared bill my friends would had theirs free as well..their loss..hahahha..
back in atlanta , it was 40's..luckily, i had b bundled up as i checked the weather before i packed..he slept in his car seat the whole night and i did not bother to wake him up..
saturday morning , we went to centennial olympic park,i cant stop myself from trying the ice skates so i plunged in as h & b watched me..i am proud to say that i did not trip nor fall on the skating rink..i was too slow according to h and the video he took..it was fun..then we had lunch at cnn, then shopped at ikea..h and i argued over a window treatment..i am happy with my blinds in the living room but h insists on replacing it with ala japanese panel..i just know it wont blend with my furnitures but he insists..after all, he will be the one to drill the wall and install it..i dont like it but i gave in anyway..i asked him 10 times if he really likes it and he said yes.. our ikea bill is the highest among the 4 families.. we had 10 shopping bags kaya..haaayyy..
how can i forget to mention dimsum? we just love the dimsum in doraville. we had dinner saturday night and we came back the next day, right after the sunday mass at st thomas the apostle catholic church. their servers were surprised to see 8 hungry tummies (oh make that 12 plus babies) and they provided us with excellent service. it was just delicios and price is so cheap..really cheap..h cant stop munching their roasted pig and chicken feet..i am happy with my siomai and buchi..oh and the soup, spinach w tofu is baby's fave...plus congee..
after dimsum, we went to georgia aquarium. they claim to be the biggest aquarium in the whole world. this is a real treat..we stayed in their humongous aquarium and it was so relaxing to look at those sharks, whales.., we touched the stingrays, explored all the places and our favorite is the one sponsored by home depot, the ocean voyager!!b loves that so much that he fell asleep..the music being played inside the small dome lulled him to sleep..good for us!
we left the hotel monday morning and i cant believe our vacation is over..hanging our with our friends was special. hopefully our next vacation will be longer and more meaningful as we shall be with our families and friends..pilipinas, here we come!!woohoooo!!!