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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two's tagged by Joy

Hi Joy ! Sorry it took me forever to answer this tag! Pero eto na! Thank you for tagging!
2 things you always bring in your bag (aside from wallet)
- car keys and lipgloss
2 tv shows/telenovelas you love to watch
- A.S.A.P 07 and Divine Design and Barefoot Contessa (nyek 3 pala)
2 softdrinks you enjoyed drinking
- Sprite and Mountain Dew
2 magazines/books you love reading
- Parenting and Reader's Digest
2 places/countries you love visiting or would love to visit
- Philippines and Europe
2 hobbies you enjoyed
- Blogging and Scrapbooking
2 actors you would love to have a date
- Piolo Pascual and Piolo Pascual
2 websites you never failed to open everyday aside from email and your own blogs/site)
- Philstar.com and n@wie
2 fondest childhood memories
- Christmas gift giving at Batangas with the whole clan
- Long drive to province on special holidays and Sunday biking at Cultural. Sarap!
2 scary incident/accident/instance that you will never forget
- when i lost my mom on my graduation day
- when i lost my dad 2 weeks after my birthday (last year :(
If you haven't done this, please feel free to do it!
Thanks Joy. I had a reason to update!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Cruise

This is a delayed post!
I had my birthday celebration two days earlier than my actual birthday! My husband had been planning for a special date (meaning no M, IL's- just us)as he said he will take me somewhere special on a Friday night! A day earlier, I got my birthday present, an LV bag which I have been eyeing sometime. I love it (but for the next 24 hours--I wanted to exchange it for another one- tsk.) Anyway, H said that I have to be home on Friday at 530 pm as he will pick me up around that time! I went to school early morning and at 4pm, I got a call from him begging me to iron his pants and his shirt! I am not good in ironing and the only time that I did iron his clothes was on the morning after our wedding --read "Honeymoon is over- Welcome to married life!" When we woke up that morning, his pants were wrinkled and he asked me to iron it. Then it hit me, so this is what being married means. Hehehe....After doing his wish that day, I gave him his still wrinkled pants with two or three pleated lines and with one look, he knew I did not know how to do it. Still, he wore the pants that day but he never ever asked me to iron his clothes again.. until today! He said he was running late.
He got home at 545pm instead! He said we got to hurry as his reservation might be cancelled if we do not get to be there on time! I was wondering where in the world are we going! I was thinking of a new restaurant in town but they could not be that strict right? Cancelling our reservation, on my birthday! Nope, I dont think so!
We left our son M with lola, kissed him goodbye and drove to Panama City beach. We parked our car right in front of the restaurant Capt. Anderson's. I told him, "So this is where we are having dinner tonight!" And he said "Nope, Take a look and see what's behind you." There was a big ship named
Lady Anderson!
Huh, are we taking a cruise??! Wow..!! What a cool idea!! I saw a line filled with couples, a family with 2 kids, some elderly. There was one who was wearing a tuxedo, one was a wearing a cocktail dress, the other one was in shorts!! I thought was I dressed appropriately? Hmmm...What could be inside? I had so many thoughts but I was really happy and excited! This is something new. As always H was succesful in giving this surprise dinner date! (Chuckles, giggles, grins)
We lined up and when it was turn he said our names at the lady by the door of the ship and asked for a table by the window! The view was fantastic as we were able to watch a little sunset before the cruise started. It turns out this dining yacht had a band inside. A live band who can play the songs you've requested so you could dance the night away! Wow! The food they served was delectable too! It was a buffet type with vegetable lasagna, jumbo shrimps, prime rib steak, baked potatoes, etc etc..! Buffet!!!
Here's me before boarding!

Here's hubs and my fave bag neverfull(at the moment)!

A kind man offered to take our picture together! Bless his heart!

Me in our dinner table, it's almost sunset!

Hubs inside the ship!

After dinner, we went around the ship and decided to stay in the deck and watch the stars, feel the air in our skin and watch the waves! It got a little cold so H hugged me tight! (yihiii..) We were afraid to take pictures outside kasi mahangin sa labas! Plus the other couples were busy with each other as well! No hanky panky huh..Just plain romantic! We got to see the captain of the ship! H and I were wondering how can he calculate his maneuvering skills as it was dark and yet he was able to drive the ship (is that the right term?) Over all, it was really a sweet and giggly date and as always, my man delivered! I felt young and very much in love. We talked about us. Well, we talked about M of course! It was really sweet, refreshing! (Me commercial bang ganito? pahiram huh)It allowed me to forget my school, my exams and all the hustles and bustle of life!
Hmm...I am really happy to be married to the man of my dreams!! Thanks to all who left a greeting/message in my blog! I pray that God will bless you with His love always!! May we all be happy and contented!! Gusto ko na tuloy mag 35th birthday next year...hehehhehe..!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I got this from Hubs as his birthday present! Hubs cannot wait anymore. It turns out he is so excited to give his present so he decided to give it to me even before my actual birthday! He asked me to go to my closet and there, I found this note!!!
Yeheyyy.. I jumped for joy! Bait talaga ni Lord! Bait talaga ng mister ko!!!
Pwede na akong di mag-aral!!! (Joke lang ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My lil boy

I can sense that M misses me and I am touched by it. Whenever I try to say goodbye in the morning, he would do his best child actor award winning cry.."waaaahhh, dont go to school mommy"..(i think it turns out to be a whine after a minute....)I would tell him Mom needs to go to school but I will be back this afternoon. I would try to plan my great escape but he would still cry whenever he realizes I am gone. Whenever I came home from school, he would give me this super sweet hugs and kisses as if he had not seen me for the longest time. Whenever I try to study, he would still sit on my lap and write on my notes. I would tell him, "Mom is reading her book." Then he would say out loudly the letters in my book..S P L E E N! I think he is a bright kid though! Who knows, maybe someday, he could become a doctor and fulfill his dad's biggest dream! :) Cool thought ey..!

Monday, September 10, 2007


It's going to be an exam week for me as schedules for my 1st quizzes will be this Tuesday and Thursday! H has been helping me out label my lab manual. He has also been helping me with M as they sleep together while I get to sleep in the guest room! He has stopped working with his project so I can study on weekends. H is really supportive on my studies! I am so blessed to have him!
S had her christening yesterday and birthday party as well. I was one of the godparents. My son M was so cute as he tried to blow the candle off S's cake. They had a crazy sprinkler but M was not so keen on the idea of getting wet yesterday. All he wanted was to blow the candle on the cake and eat it afterwards. They had a lechon and they got a good deal ($150). Now, H is contemplating that we should have lechon on my birthday (next week) though I am not in a mood to throw a party. He said he'll be the one to cook and plan. But then, I'll be having a lab exam on that day so I am really in no mood to party! :)
My sis and I had been texting and talking. She was asking me everything from breastfeeding to colic to what have you. She had her baby, my only niece at the moment, last August 22. My baby sister having a baby was just too much for me to handle but then..well..Baby J is pretty in her pictures! I am thinking of going home to the Philippines but..I got school, which is one of the reasons why I should stop typing..err..
Have a good week everyone!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

1st day of September

We all woke up rejuvenized after a busy week. I am happy because my camera is back! Thanks to all who left a message (Weng, Ela, Meeya and Nice.) Salamat talaga ke Lord! Last Thursday, my neighbor/friend A called me and informed me that her son R found the camera at the back of their car! I cannot remember when I rode their car. (Matanda na talaga ako eh heheh) When I got my digicam the next day, I checked it and the last picture taken was dated Aug. 12. What matters most is I have it with me, with my favorite precious pictures. Yipeeee.. :)
After eating our breakfast and to liven up our morning, we went to visit lola's garden in the backyard! To keep her busy aside from babysitting M, Hubs designated a part of the backyard as her vegetable garden. Lately, we have been harvesting sitaw and it feels great to eat fresh vegetables freshly picked from the backyard. Today was a lucky day as we got to harvest green bell peppers! Please click this photos to see the in-law and the hubs harvesting from the farm este garden!
As expected, for dinner we had stuffed green bell peppers and they were really yummy! Naubos agad namin! Even M loved it!
I don't know if the mango tree will bear fruit knowing winter is coming soon! Who knows, we never expected we'll have the green bell peppers but here we are enjoying the fruits of lola's labor!