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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2 weeks

What? Finals will be in 2 weeks, how time flies. I havent even started reading Chapter1 yet. (joke)
I did not imagine going back to school would be that hard and challenging yet it is fun. Seriously, Im enjoying it. At first, I lovingly joked my hubs that I have plans of changing my career (from being a bank officer to a RN) I asked him his ideas on what if I go back to school and earn a degree in the medical field..err..nursing. Never mind if I have hematophobia but I know I just want to try and see for myself. (Besides, that's a very good excuse of letting me out of the house for 3 hours a day) Surprisingly, hubs thought it was a very brilliant idea and so I did my thing last May. I had to pass the entrance exams, have my grades evaluated ( our grading system has to match their sytem here like 90 is to A etc. ) I guess that left me with no choice but to go back to school.
Quizzes, presentations, hmmm..it scares me at first but Im getting used to it.
I guess being a student is not that bad. After all, we are students of this thing called life.
Meantime, I better start reading Chapter1.

Thanks to all those who left me a note regarding my dad. I still have crying moments, when I'm driving, when Im in the parking lot, when Im home, when Im in the grocery store etc. I know this is all a part of it. Knowing you're praying for me really helps. I truly appreciate it.