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Thursday, September 30, 2004

enjoying the moment

it was our last week together, alone....im being so ma drama as i reminisce our times together..tonight is our last night of having the house all by ourselves..tomorrow, the in-laws will be here..dont get me wrong..i truly am excited to have them for the next 5 months as i will not be alone in the house anymore but i just feel different..maybe ive gotten used to that feeling of being alone..of taking care of hubby all by myself or doing anything or nothing as this is my place, my territory, my home! now i will have to share this with someone else..it gives me the creeps..hmmm..fear of the unknown???ive heard horror stories of in-laws and i do pray i wont get to share in the limelight..
oh well,, things will be surely ok..as for tonight, we just hugged and kissed and counted the hours as they came..will his mom like my cooking? errr..i havent even cooked for my dad which i do regret...
next time, i pray, dad ko naman ang magbabakasyon dito and my sis and my bro..i hope god will grant my prayer!!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

baby shower

today is ate l's baby shower..she is 42 yrs old and in her 1st pregnancy (can you believe?) kuya b & ate l , both doctors , decided to focus on their careers first, build a house, save, etc etc before plunging into having kids....they had so many attempts after having lost a few (tsk) and finally the baby is due 2 mos from now and all is well this time , (we all pray so) ..it was a looooong wait for this couple who have been married for 20 yrs or so..god does answers prayers!
it was a 2 hr drive from our place which is the reason why hubs was in no mood to go..! but i insisted and he gave in anyway..it was also an excuse for me to shop a little with my college buddy s...she gave me a very sweet bday card hand delivered, yeah a week delayed but i dont mind coz she called me anyway (ooopppss..daily calls..)..hubs was starting to get sleepy though i was talking and singing and dancing inside the car???(can you imagine that?) driving for long hours is really not for hubs..ive accepted that long time ago but we just have to go..i just have to go!!!
when you think about it, having a baby is just another god's great blessing! who would have thought i would be given that chance too? hubs and i would contemplate about the baby as it will change our lives soon..but the right word would be, having a baby would enrich our lives..not just change but enrich! geeeezzz...im really excited!!!

it's a boy!

it's a boy!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

baby's 1st pic!

baby's 1st picture..best bday gift ever!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

busted wedding

cramming cramming cramming!
today is hub's good friend's wedding to be held at destin, an hour drive from our place..i specifically reminded hubs to confirm the wedding as hurricane ivan have been to destin too..we have talked to the couple and told them we were coming a month ago and hubs said if it was cancelled today,by any chance, it was their duty to call the guests so we will not call them! the groom is surely busy so no time for phone calls..he recalls his own wedding.. okie dokie..he's driving anyway...so let it be..
i had the dress in mind so i took it from my closet but sadly i dont have the purse to match it..tsk! hubs wanted to have a new polo & tie to match his suit..so off to the mall we went!
i dont know if it was because we were shopping under pressure but the good thing is i found what we were looking for..hubs liked the color i chose for him and the tie that comes with it..i also got the tiny purse..its not what i really wanted but itll be fine at the moment..they have limited choices here..
on the way home i asked him to try calling his friend again but still he said no..so we
took a shower, put on my make up , got our gift and off to destin we drove! we were smiling as we looked at each other..he looked handsome in his suit (syempre asawa ko na sya) and he said i was pretty as always..(hmm..kahit di ko pa sya asawa alam ko na..hehe..) another date huh..
we got to the church on time..5pm sharp..and the church..was closed!!!..no people around..no announcement..no nothing..silence filled the car! and then we started laughing..bwaahahahahah..
i got off the car to take a closer look at the church when an old man came and asked me..
Manong : Hi mam. Can i help you?
m : Yes sir, we were supposed to attend a wedding!
Manong : Oh mam , i think it has been moved..You see we have a big hole in our roof and we still dont have power here..Have you called the couple yet?
M : Oh no sir..we havent...thank you anyway!
I rushed back to the car and told hubs about it..He shook his head..Then he said "I should have listened to you.."
Moral of the story..makinig sa asawa!
The drive was fun though..a round trip 2 hour drive..! Being with him still makes me happy!

Friday, September 17, 2004

my 31st bday

its my day today & i thank god for giving me 31 yrs of life here on earth! i started my day with a prayer offering God my whole life and thanking him for the wonderful husband beside me and the tiny baby in my tummy and for protecting us and loving us at all time and keeping our families safe and healthy! i got the phone call from my fave dad, bro & sis and good friends too..God is just amazing!
i had my favorite breakfast at mcdonalds..babaw ko daw sabi ni hubs when he asked me where i want to eat this morning..i just cant resist their hash browns & sausage mc griddle..hubs & i then had lunch at chef imondi, where their baked grouper was so yummy i ate everything including the green beans splashed with pepper and olive oil..their bread was so delicious too..i shouldnt even wonder about that as their cakes & other pastries are just fabulous! dinner was supposed to be at olive garden but my favorite calamari is not being served for the day..limited menu due to hurricane..tsk! we went to uncle ernie's to have my calamari but it was near the beach so it was closed for business..tsk..we then went to angelinas but still it was closed..i told hubby to just eat dinner at home since i have something thawed already..but he insisted we eat out so we finally went to roadhouse grill , one of the few restaurants to be opened that time..i had cheesadillas, salad, some steak and lots of bread..how can i eat that much?
when we went home, i went straight to our room & i saw 2 gifts neatly packed in our bed..i asked hubs if he has another surprise for me..he was more shocked as he knows he gave my gift already earlier than usual..so i checked the gift and it was from my sweet and kind brother in law..he knew what i wanted..a gorgeous watch which matched my ring and a basket of goodies from bed bath & beyond which has shower gels, lotion, scrubs, kakikayan etc etc and a very sweet birthday card!..i called him on the cellfone but he did not pick so i left a message anyway..when bro in law came home i thanked him again ..he insisted we get some dessert as he bought some in the ref..my stomach was full and there is no more place for the dessert so i declined..he was insisting..! i said thanks anyway..
i went to the den and there was another package for me sent by my best friend i from ny..super sweet at bait talaga itong friend ko na ito..!grabeee..
before dozing off, i got my usual glass of water so i opened the ref..inside the ref was a cake with cookies and cream ice cream and it said " happy birthday dang!" from charlie & joseph..
i asked hubs if he knows about the cake as his name is included and he said " no..but lets eat the cake now!"yum yum!
i had a blast! thanks be to GOD!

Thursday, September 16, 2004


it was dark & gloomy at 6am! the winds were still strong outside..one plyboard from the window just flew..and the slippers i left at the backyard..were gone! my fault!
there was no power the whole day but with my cd player with batteries attached to the computer speakers we were able to listen to the news..curfew has been in effect so everyone was asked to stay at home until it was lifted at 4pm..there were debris everywhere so it was unsafe for people to go out and to expedite those people trying to clean up the streets and fix everything that needs to be fixed..especially the electric lines!
by noontime it was bright outside..we removed the plyboard and opened the windows because its really hot & humid inside the house..hubs was telling me we should buy generator..i told him to be patient..thanks to my grill with side burner we were able to cook too..although last night hubs cooked lugaw already..we just had to heat it up! saraappp!
at 8 pm...me kuryente na! yippppppeeee!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


i dont want to watch the tv anymore..its all filled with hurricane ivan..mobil alabama & pensacola are the direct hit now but we in panhandle cannot escape the tornado..my goodness..me tornado! and lots and lots of them..
the weather channel can monitor the direction of the tornado..kapraning lang kasi it will tell you its at this place at this time so my tendency was to look at the clock closely & wait for what's gonna happen next..hubs went to work pa rin but he got home at 4pm..now, he's sound asleep..snoring..i cant even sleep..!i could hear the strong winds outside..!
i remember twister the movie..i prayed!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

in action

hubs getting ready

early to bed, early to rise

hubs was up at 530 am..he was lucky to get the plyboard we needed from lowes..there was a long line when he got there but thank heavens there was an early delivery too.. i woke up at 630 am to prepare our breakfast..i had to prepare something heavy , fried rice, eggs & daing..this will be a whole day work for him..i took some pictures while he was sawing, drilling holes & he hated me for that..i want to catch his moments eh..
me hurricane na daw nag pipicture pa ako..hehehe..

Monday, September 13, 2004

out of stock

hubs came home early.. we rushed to home depot to buy plywood so we can start boarding our windows..lo & behold! the line was really long..& they will give each customer 10 pcs only..we headed to lowe's but it was out of stock & delivery will be early tomorrow at 6 am..had no choice but to go home..just bought plylox for a whooping $200..ouch! these are just the pins to post the plyboard..i can just imagine the total cost!
we also met r & c..all busy cutting their plyboards..good for them! hubs lent his table saw and his expertise in cutting and measuring ..kapagod huh..
i have packed our bags, taking note of the essentials..i plan to bring the wedding album in case we need to leave the house..i have bank records, insurance policies and pictures of our house, the appliances and whatever i can think of..on the other hand, maybe i could start setting up my home page or webshots account so i can post these pictures....i owe my dear friend monet this one!

hurricane ivan

First there was Bonnie in early August, a tropical storm that paved the way for Hurricane Charley.
Charley struck southwestern Florida on Aug. 13 with 145 mph wind, causing an estimated $6.8 billion in damage and 27 deaths.
Then came Frances on September 5th, a little over two weeks later, making landfall on Florida's eastern coast with 105 mph winds, leaving between $2 and $4 billion in insured damage and at least 15 deaths.
Now here comes Ivan (the Terrible?) and Florida residents are, once again, being urged to evacuate some areas that may be threatened.
This time, Panhandle, where I reside, is a direct hit! Its expected to hit us on wed night or thur morning. I just pray it wont! Nevertheless, we had our gas tank full, candles, rechargeable lamp, batteries working, water supply, and we are closely monitoring the news..
I need your prayers please!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

back to work

funny i did not sleep the whole day! how can i when i have to finish my laundry, iron clothes, clean the house , cook, and the list goes on! hmmm..im taking it slowly though..but still have to finish all my chores..
my friend s starts to work today after 6 yrs of being a homemaker...i wish her good luck! i wish i wont have to wait that long..hmmm..hey, give yourself a break! you worked for a decade..consider this a long vacation leave! nyay...

Monday, September 06, 2004

labor day

it's a holiday & hubs is with me the whole day! he had been wanting to go to his office to get a report daw which he says needs to be finished right away..! i told him i could come & he could just leave me in the car! he says he needs to be alone..hmmm..i smell something fishy..told him to be honest with me! then he said, " you always spoil my surprise! im suppose to get you your birthday gift but you wont me let me..! now, come with me & ill show you my surprise..! kainis!!"
my birthday is less than 2 weeks away so this was a real surprise for me..hubs can never keep a secret from me..bwaahahahha..he tells me i always get a crack for spoiling his plans! as he spilled his heart out, he has invited my friends also as he plans to take a vacation from his work and cook for my bday..haaaay...kilig!
now, for the real surprise..he has been looking at this for the last 2 weeks knowing that im the ma-gadget at ma hitech kuno person so..here it is!
my new toy!
i was jumping for joy as he handed me my new digital camera! cant wait to use this!
isnt he the bestest?

Sunday, September 05, 2004

terribly homesick

ive got the greatest hubs in the world..but im telling you i terribly miss my dad! with that urge, i grabbed a phone and dialed his number!
dad: o anak, kamusta ka na? me hurricane daw jan? oks ba kayo?
m : ok naman po..medyo mahangin..im watching the news at sa ibang parts grabe po talaga! awa ng dyos dito po ok lang po..musta na kayo?
dad: hay naku anak, miss na miss na kita..ganun pala talaga..ang hirap! pero ok lang, basta happy ka jan! feeling ko mag isa ako sa mundo..ang mga kapatid mo laging wala so mag isa lang ako dito sa bahay..andito naman yung katulong pero..iba eh..
m : pasensya ka na dad..sana kasi asikasuhin mo passport mo..then apply visa..para magkita tayo! dalawin mo naman ako dito! para makita mo rin ang buhay ko!
dad: hmm..pinag iisipan ko nga yan eh..malamang ..pero tamad kasi ako, tapos matanda na..buti kung makasakay pa ako ng eroplano..
m : bata ka pa..parents nga ni s mga 75 yrs old na pabalik balik lang dito..sige na, dalawin mo naman ako!
dad: hayaan mo, pag sinipag ako..basta ingat ka jan! mag bait ka sa asawa mo hah..
m : opo..
i changed topic na, told him stories of our neighbors, the hurricane and whatever comes in my mind because i dont want him to know that im crying....maybe he felt it in a way but id like to believe that he doesnt know....
i just miss him terribly!! i cant show hubs im crying..i know he understands what im going through kasi ive done this so many times!! so i locked myself in the bathroom!!
hmmm...someday, ill get to see my dad here! god is good naman & i know he will grant my prayer!
i should stop this..! its bad for the baby!

Saturday, September 04, 2004

indian restaurant

our neighbors invited us for dinner at 7pm...there was a newly opened indian restaurant nearby still no sign of the hurricane at our place yet.. so we , the 3 couples, decided to go to "the taj palace"..
they served real spicy food..i had some lamb, and awww.. i forgot what they call their bread ..it was yummy! the owners frequented our table to make sure that we are enjoying their food.! it was ok! might come back again! hubs loved it!
after dinner, c invited us to watch taking lives with angelina jolie! the other couple declined as the preggy wife is already sleepy.
at their house, 30 minutes has passed & hubs fell asleep..! that movie kept me awake but i just cant bear seeing hubs in their sofa..! we went home na lang while i had this mind boggling questions bout the movie..ill make sure ill see that movie tomorrow or else ill be really grumpy!
ayyy bitin!!

hurricane frances

prayers does wonders! i feel sad watching all those people affected by the hurricane..i just pray that they feel god's presence at this time..with special mention for my dear friends in tampa & jax..
thank you for all your prayers!

Friday, September 03, 2004

wedding video

as much as i dont want to sound so corny and this blog too mushy.. i just cant help it..forgive me pls but circumstances happen..hubs was in a hurry to go home that he forgot to rent dvd's for the 3 day weekend! so after a day's work, he hugged me tight, kissed me , and said " can we watch our wedding video? miss ko na eh..pls?"
im telling you hubs is more excited in watching our video..he brings it to his friends house for weekend getaways..guests coming over at our house cannot escape watching this video too as hubs would proudly say.."uy, you have to see our video" then plays it even before they can say no..he brought it to work one time & made them watch it during lunch break..he's the boss anyway!
so after that 30 minute video, we would recall the feelings , the emotions on that unforgettable day! then he would hum the songs from the video, we would dance....ahh, the list goes on..we're crazy in love! we're still newlyweds anyway so we could use this excuse!
"on this day, i promise forever..on this day, i surrender my heart..

Thursday, September 02, 2004

no personality???

i took this from toni's blog....

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

ahihihihi..better eat some breakfast..

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

the little black box

ok ok..enough about those mushy posts..i have been contemplating if ill blog about this or not..after all, my blog has lots of drafts waiting to be posted as soon as i feel like it..some get posted, others deleted..depends on my mood..thats the thing about blog, sometimes you reveal yourself, sometimes you dont..
i have this box which contains hubs emails, cards and the like..i left at home other boxes which contains letters from the ex-men too..i cant bring those here..or else, away!
i specifically reminded hubs to keep in a safe place, one that i can never see, whatever past love notes he has..i know he told me everything..loving a person and getting married is a package deal..you have to deal with the past, present and the future! hmm..yeah, that's the line he used to propose and the name of my ring!!
& so, this weekend, i saw his box and was able to read a portion of his past..a love note from his ex..luckily he told me everything about it and what was written has been discussed even before we got married..but still, i felt different..or else, i will not just retrieve his old messages/emails for me. .darn, why do i care? i know it happened..its just that seeing it did happen seems a different thing..i dont even think of confronting him as it will bring no good! what is there to discuss anyway? it happened five years ago..i wasnt a part of his life yet..
and the moment we met, he chose me.. no ifs not buts, lets get married! ive never met a guy so sure and so confident that i said yes! (after i asked for "the sign" of course) my goodness! god willed that we be partners in life! and hubs has been very honest from the start..he wanted to come clean so he told me everything..he even said that he knew i was his true love because he can be vulnerable and not fear...that he has opened himself up to me in no way he has done to any other person..not even his parents or this ex.. which is why he chose to marry me, the soonest time..not a day pass that he doesnt show his love as he has been sweet, and affectionate, dedicated, romantic, helpful..!i really couldnt ask for more.. hmm..so why am i feeling this?
maybe im just going nuts....i even blamed myself for reading that note.. it was too tempting to resist! .. i was alone & it was there! or maybe.. hormones?
basta , i know one thing..he loves me!!and he's seriously taking his vows..so i have to do the same.... after all, i truly love him!
"..i will support you in the ups and downs of life..i will keep the good memories alive and let the bad ones die.."