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Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer is here!

I never meant to have a quarterly update but from the looks of it, I have forgotten that I have a blog! Susmaryosep! Katagal ko ng walang update!
Most of you have seen me hanging out at Facebook. Facebook is too hard to resist. I heart FB. The only thing is I had to reveal my real name to a friend/blogger whom I have met online. I am sure lot of you wondered who in the world is she when I invited you to add me as your friend. "Sino sya?" Yan ang malaking tanong pagkakita nyo ng pangalan ko. Hahahahaah. I guess I have to thank my parents for that! Isinunod yan sa kalendaryo at ang sabi ng kalendaryo ay Teodora! My Lola said that my mom and my dad should follow the calendar but my mom disagreed. They compromised and mom convinced my lola that my name sounds close to the calendar name. And the rest is history! And I have so many names. Nuff said!
But if you see me, don't forget to accept my invite! I really love FB! It's a good way to keep in touch!
It's summer here in the sunshine state! Our weekends are busy with trips to the beach and what have you! Things are great, praise God!
I hope to be back soon! I still visit your blogs! And if you see me at facebook, ako talaga yun! Malayo lang talaga ang pangalan ko! Dang!
Life is good!