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Thursday, December 29, 2005

got to be ready

i wanted to pack but for some reason h insists he will choose his outfit for our atlanta trip! i then asked him to pack for all our stuff but he reasoned out that he will just pick his clothes and he relies on me to do the packing..well, its been that way for 2 years..and he's grateful that since we got married , he never had to pack or unpack his stuff ever..buti pa sya..
oh, and i got a surprise from pinas..my dad has scheduled an interview for a tourist visa on january 6..i sure do hope he be granted one so he can see his unico apo..i know we are planning for our trip to pinas soon but itll be better if he comes here and have a vacation as well..its been 2 yrs too that i have been telling him to apply for one and now he has done it..
may god's will be done! i just pray he'll be granted a visa..

Monday, December 26, 2005

b's 1st christmas

taken right after the christmas mass!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

christmas 2005

what a blast..it was an awesome christmas party..my friend s surprised us as they all drove from jacksonville..all the while we were inviting them but the 4 hour drive from jax stops them..still, they made it on time for the 8pm dinner..when the doorbell rang, h was surprised to see s's family as they shouted "merry christmas" while holding their overnight bags ..i always keep the linens clean for the 2 guest rooms so it was all ready for them..i thank god theyre spending christmas with us..
the buffet table was filled with ham, pancit, korean beef, fried chicken, queso de bola, etc..we had to set up the dessert at the island ..there was ginatan, cookies, cheesecake, etc..
what followed was gift giving..too bad, b was asleep the whole time..so we cannot open his gifts at 12 midnight..everyone was awake though..
the next morning, we cooked breakfast for everybody so it was like another christmas party..we now opened the gifts for b. he got the leapfrog i wanted from ninang s, books from ninang i, playmat from ninong r, cellphone from ninong l, and lots of clothes again..im telling you this baby has sooo much clothes than i do..japorms na naman!
oh, we gave him a workbench which he loves..alam mo na, feeling karpintero si h so he wants his son to have all his tools and carpentry skills as well..ayun, nagpupukpok na si b..
we had mass at 10am..then s packed their bags and went to tall to be with their inlaws..
compared last year, it was meaningful this time because we have b in our lives..me konting lungkot because i miss my dad and brother and sister but ok ng konti..soon, basta soon!!
happy birthday jesus!!thank you for coming here on our earth just for us!
merry christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

shoppings over..for now!

i'm done shopping..yippeeee!!
i've shopped for everyone in my list ..i have also used the $5 printable coupon at toys r us..good thing they allowed it to be used for nnn times..now all i got to do is wrap all the gifts and mail some and the rest , put it under the tree..we have received most of the gifts and that is what we placed under the tree...puno na rin sya..
nay, i havent bought a gift for b yet..a simple toy maybe..ill ask h to help me on this..
oh my gosh, i dont have a gift for h either..usapan kasi wala ng regaluhan pero knowing him..hmmm..i have to rush to the mall tomorrow..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

outside the kulambo!

yes, we are now separated..last night, hubs and i decided to sleep on separate bedrooms..its been a week since b has been waking up at 2am onwards..and refuses to go back to sleep..teething season it is..
my christmas wish--an 8 hour sleep!!i wish it'll be granted..
im also getting ready for our christmas eve party..i will bake a ham!e will bring fried chicken, a will bring pansit..s will bring korean beef..gosh, kainan na naman!

Monday, December 19, 2005

food for the gods

i got the recipe from my friend e with a promise that i will never ever share this recipe to anyone..
and so i was able to bake it and gave it to h's officemates.. it is our christmas present to his colleagues ..h baked a leche flan for his other close friends..
and now, they are begging for the recipe..they all love it that they have been calling me here at the house asking for some more..and to include the recipe..
i am now preparing the next batch..the oven is now preheated..

Sunday, December 18, 2005

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l's housewarming

now that we have b in our lives, we are always invited to attend birthday parties, christening, housewarming, and other family events..we drove for 2 hours to tallahassee just to attend a's party..ate l's family has moved for the fourth time in this beautiful house in a span of eight years..yup, they move every two years that all their relatives are tired from packing and unpacking, from lifting the heavy furnitures, from housewarming parties and housewarming gifts..but ate l says that when they move, they gain a profit of at least $60k from selling their house..hmm..that gave h & i an idea..what if we move and get a new house also..?we've been here for 3yrs and with that profit, i can feel our trip to pinas next year..