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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

new york

Saturday, November 27, 2004

great falls


Saturday, November 20, 2004

the capitol..washington dc!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


"i have packed our bags and ready to go, im standing here outside the door"
..this is such an exciting trip!!!hubs had been to dc 2 years ago so he'll tour me around..i have been to ny 2 years ago so ill be his guide too!! oh, and one important thing, our inlaws & bro in law, they're coming too....its a family honeymooney then..:)
i guess ill be signing out for the next two weeks, unless i get the chance to sneak into my blog..
take care everyone! oh, and happy thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

tale of two cakes

i know we had an early anniversary celebration last saturday!! but i just cant help but celebrate for the nth time today..after all, this is the exact day we got married....that was a year ago!! yet the memories are still fresh!!
i baked a chocolate fudge cake..(instant of course hehehe) when mil saw this, she said she would also bake a pineapple upside cake..so as to save daw the energy..as you know, the oven will generate heat, make the electricity high so better bake two cakes at one time..ok, ok..i finished my fudge mixture in 5 mins ( the box said beat the mixture for 2 minutes but opening the package consumed 3 mins, hehe) mil's preps lasted for an hour or so..as she did the traditional way, measure the flour, the salt, sugar, ..i was lending her the electric mixer but she preferred mixing it manually..ohmygod, she even had to prepare the pineapple and make some syrup..tedious!!! oh well..
the cakes were a success!!!i shared this story to hubs before we sleep! he gave me a kiss and thanked me for baking his fave cake (choco fudge)..and having tons of patience!!!

under the sea!!!


Monday, November 15, 2004

the road trip!

well, we do adore and love our parents so to get them ready for our 2 weeks trip to washington dc, new york and boston, we had to gear up them up..! that is, buy them jackets, gloves, bonnets, thermal wear and all other stuff which would heat them up..they would always complain that our ac at home is set at 71 degrees and its too cold for them!!but higher than that would make me and hubs complain..but on our trip with a forecast of 40-50 degrees, we had to be prepared!! yup, it's the in-laws time to shine..
they were so cute flashing their new gear! this was of course after all the hesitations and all the "no we dont need you to buy this and that , just save your money" and all the sermons that follow how we dont spend our money wisely, the faucet is running, turn the lights off ..the list goes on!!
seriously, i felt happy doing this..when i was shopping last saturday as an anniv gift from hubs, it was so fun trying out stuff for them and what they would like...as you know, our age difference would mean different taste in clothing but they dont have a choice because we bought them already!
so here they are, the in-laws..i have to admit theyre cute..and i had so much fun just looking at them!
it is really in giving that you receive..!!

geared up!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

still on high, until..

It's a beautiful morning..It was a very sweet anniversary moment of course! i gave him my anniv card and a kiss and a hug (being a stay at home wife gives you excuses not to buy extravagant gifts..hehe) i cooked him breakfast ..we experimented on the ketchup rice using ufc tamis anghang banana catchup..the house was silent as my inlaws were gone! he gave his 2nd surprise gift! tadaa..a shopping spree day! i can shop and shop till i drop! i can buy anything i want..as in anything!!!wowie!! i was really in high spirits and so is he..i just know he loves it when he makes me so damn happy..and he is so good at it!!
so an hour later, we were about to leave the house when the il came..they have planned of helping j move out today..j had rented his entire house ( a few blocks from ours) and he has to move all his furnitures today....hubs told them its our anniversary today and we'll be having a date the entire day (his other gift is a 2 week trip to dc & ny..hmm..we're not alone though)..i looked at hubs and told him its ok if we'll cancel so we can help them..but hubs insisted we still go out, just the two of us..inside the car, i felt a slight guilt..hubs assured me there is no need for that feeling as we cannot guess if they need help or what their plans are..they should have told us a day or so and not during the last minute..if they need help, they should ask for it..he stands firm that our date is his priority..we should go out and enjoy our day..! i said yes to him as a boyfriend last nov 13 2002, but he assumed i said yes to him as a future husband so we got married a year after nov 16 2003.. bilis noh??

a love poem

it was at 12 midnight when hubs greeted me " happy anniversary! he surprised me with a beautiful poem..this is his first poem since we got married and it took him a year to write me one..! no complaints though..he would write me poem after poem during our bf-gf year cum engagement year..ahh, whirlwind romance, but thats another topic!
anytime, he would just utter a short poem, a free verse or compliment me.. my favorite was one poem entitled "i dont have to". this he recited one saturday morning, right in bed...

i dont have to be far from you to know that i miss you..
i dont have to lose you to know how you mean to me..

(ahhhh..blame it on my age. these were ten lines but this two are the only ones i can remember, kainez..)
basta, it was a beautiful piece ..he promised to write it the moment he gets up but obviously he did not the have the time or the inspiration to finish it..i regret that i was not able to remember all the lines he said..sobrang emote kasi ako as he said that..
so today, i was so surprised to receive this poem..i kept on asking how, when , why he did it..it was printed on a piece of paper, tied on a green ribbon, and handed to me at 12am, eve of our anniv when i said yes as a bf which he interpreted as a yes as a husband..gosh ..i was really touched..its different from the "i dont have to"..!!but it does not matter, i truly love this guy!!

how much do you mean to me?
You alone can bring a smile when things are rough..
..bring comfort with each touch..
..reassurance with soft whispers at night..
You alone can bring me courage..
..when my strength seem to fail..
..a gentle word here and there..
..a hug that says you care..
You alone can kiss..
..a thousand cares away..
..a glimmer of hope in the night..
..a ray of light when clouds are dark..
You alone can bring contentment..
..you've taught me how to find a blessing..
..even in the simplest of things..
..You have this certain glow about you..
..that draws me constantly..
..beckoning me to get closer..
..You have such a characteristic laugh..
..an open window to your soul..
..a source of perpetual joy..

Love, it's our first year together. Time flies when you're having fun. I can never tell you how much you mean to me because there arent words enough. Each day I wake up beside you lets me realize that love does move in mysterious ways and I would gladly spend a lifetime discovering more of you. ILOVEYOU.

KILIIIG!!! as baduy as it may sound, KILLIGGG!!!!!

I just thank GOD!!!God is amazing! I normally ask HIM what have I done to deserve hubs..I still am at awe!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

the concert

hubs sang this as i was reading my "what to expect when you're expecting" book..right there in bed, i just know, as always, i have the most romantic guy! he also tried to reach the high notes of kailangan kita ala gary v style, forevermore by side a & ikaw..but this song by basil valdez just made me teary eyed..
emotional? naaah..just blame it on the hormones

Basil Valdez
(G. Canseco)

Ngayon at kailanman
Sumpa ko'y iibigin ka
Ngayon at kailanman
Hindi ka na mag-iisa
Ngayon at kailanman
Sa hirap ko ginhawa ka
Asahan may kasama ka sinta
Naroroon ako t'wina
Maaasahan mo t'wina
Ngayon at kailanman

Dahil kaya sa 'yo ng maitadhanang
Ako'y isilang sa mundo
Upang sa araw-araw ay siyang makapiling mo
Upang ngayon at kailanman
Ikaw ay mapalingkuran hirang
Bakit labis kitang mahal
Pangalawa sa Maykapal
Higit sa 'king buhay

Sa bawat araw ang pag-ibig ko sa 'yo liyag
Lalong tumatamis, tumitingkad
Bawat kahapon ay daig nitong bawat ngayon
Na daig ng bawat bukas

Malilimot ka lang
Kapag ang araw at bituin ay di na matanaw
Kapag tumigil ang daigdig at di 'na gumalaw
Subalit isang araw pa matapos ang mundo'y nagunaw na
Hanggang doon magwawakas pag-ibig kong sadyang wagas
Ngayon at kailanman

Sa bawat araw ang pag-ibig ko sa 'yo liyag
Lalong tumatamis, tumitingkad
Bawat kahapon ay daig nitong bawat ngayon
Na daig ng bawat bukas

Labis kitang mahal (ngayon at kailanman)
Langit may kasama ka (ngayon at kailanman)
Ngayon at kailanman

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Friday, November 05, 2004

dvd night!

friday would mean dvd night as hubs and i can stay all night to watch dvds! so we went to blockbuster to borrow some..his choice were action movies to entertain him and his parents...i chose sex and the city ( i missed the last season due to remote control access- when i was single i had the control all by myself..its different now..but i like it) though i cant watch it with the in-laws! maeeskandalo sila at baka maitakwil ako bigla!
it's just a nice thought that still, it is our home so we could cuddle and we could lie down in the sofa the way we like it..pero iba lang feeling..
one month and counting!! am i bad?

Thursday, November 04, 2004


hubs will never miss a doctor's appointment esp when its our obgyn! his goal is to be with me during check-ups..halfway to go and he has not miss a single one..sweet noh?
today,i gained 4 lbs..alleluia!! i started at 100lbs , gained only 1 lb in the first trimester and now 4 lbs after a month..doc says i have to gain some more though! so i gotta eat eat and eat..hubs is doing his own eating part which made him gain #@$% lbs..i cant tell..i just need to buy him new pants again! all his pants has shrunk..he has to trim down or else!!
we also heard the baby's heartbeat which is doing well at 150 ..
i just praise and thank god that all is smooth and well with our pregnancy! my cousin kidded me that i will have a hard delivery because i never experienced morning sickness, nausea, cravings, etc unlike her..i told her to stop telling that!
i trust god i everything esp this pregnancy thats why hubs and i pray every night for this baby! after all, this baby is his blessing! its just amazing that everything is falling into place..god's plan is really magnificent!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the encoder

i want hubs to know that im here for him! so every month end, i will help encode all the logs in his office to come up with a summary report due the day after, that is today! this is a volunteer work so i dont get paid!
his colleagues will always joke that i should be included in their payroll as they get my services free!! concern naman kahit konti..
the thing is ..i love doing this, the encoding part, as it makes me sane for a moment..it makes me think i still have a job, a deadline to meet, allows me to interact with other people (never mind if they ask a million times how far am i from our pregnancy) and makes me out of the house for a weekday which is very rare!!
and it lets me show hubs how much i support him! i get paid with a massage and a kiss after!!

Monday, November 01, 2004

i miss mom!

15 years has passed, yet i still miss her! im envious as my whole family gets to visit her while here i am, a thousand miles away! i just remind myself that now that she's in heaven, i know without a doubt that she is very happy! maybe she still sees us as she glances planet earth ..maybe she wonders if we think of her..maybe she knows that she'll be a grandma soon!
i just miss mom!! its really hard! a lump in my throat still rans everytime i think of her!
but god has plans for her! and for us here!
eternal rest grant unto her soul oh lord
and let perpetual light shine upon her
may she rest in peace amen.