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Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's up???

I went home early from school and decided to give ourselves a break from the microwave meals! I cooked apritada! H was so thankful that I did just that as he truly, terribly misses home cooked meals! He requested that yun din ang baon nya bukas sa work!
Sadly, M, still, has the sipon! Clear naman ang discharge but it's been so long na! He would always tell, "Mom, sipon." He wants me to give him the kleenex and wipe it from his nose! Sosyal noh! H and I had our share of sipon last week but we're now sipon-free! I wonder if it is because of the weather! Like this morning, it was raining that I had to turn off the sprinklers, real hard and by noon, wow..we're really the Sunshine state. I had to remove my jacket and my blouse (partly opened lang naman) as I was on a three layer outfit! I was tempted to go sleeveless but my gosh, I gained so much this past months! Ako ang nahihiya kahit alam ko naman na walang pumapansin sa akin dito. When I ordered my scrubs from the uniform shop, my size had to be reordered as I was extra small- short pa! Still, I am thinking when will I go back to size 2?? Maybe never..hehehehe..
Our good neighbors R and E invited us this weekend for Superbowl! Potluck style and I was thinking of bringing calamares! H volunteered to cook something else as party starts at 4pm! He's bringing Cocktail Sausage with BBQ sauce! He'll put it in the crockpot! Easy meal ey!! The other neighbors would bring pizza, fries, fried chicken and onion rings! Nagiging americanized na ata kami! Tsk..Gone are the kare-kare, crispy pata, liempo etc! Well, I guess everyone has been so busy these days! Infact, during I's birthday about two-three weeks ago, our friends suggested that we all go to Disneyworld on M's birthday and we'll just have our party at Mc Donalds. For a while we were thinking about it until my friend S told me that the place is crowded and it is not well lighted! Plus, it will only be a party of 4 families if we decide to go there on Spring break! So, I guess, we'll just have the party here at home just like last year!
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The very kind BIL offered to babysit M today as he is off from work! I wonder how his boss feels about this as he just got back to work last Monday and now, he's off again. He reasons that he needs to go to the dentist and do all his chores! It would save me some money as I do not have to pay my friend D who babysits M, well at least for a day! Since I saved kuno, I got the reason to go shopping all by myself! (after school syempre. I had my first nursing test today and boy oh boy, I had to practice all my critical thinking abilities..yeah right)
So to relieve me from the stress of my first exam, I went to the mall! Guess who I saw? It was my friend D! She was also shopping at GAP by the clearance rack! D was with her son S, who is M's fave buddy at the moment (S is 6 months older than M) and S asked me where M was. S saw me with some shirts for M and he said "Tita, that's nice!" I asked S if he wanted the same shirt so he and M can wear the same thing and he replied that he wanted another shirt (buti na lang nasa clearance rack pa rin) Then he said, "Oh tita, I want that shark trunks too." Hmm....bibo itong batang ito. I said tell that to your dad. Tita is not working." Then, I paid for the shirt and gave it to S and he said "Thank you, Tita." Afterwards, he said, "Tita, I'm hungry" I said "Go tell your mom, get some food from your backpack."
Anyways, I scored a pair of pants, shirts for M and H and for me! I also went to buy some stuff at V. Secret as their sale ends tomorrow! How can you resist that 75%off!
Shopping made my day! If only I could get the same deal on my 1st test, I would be really happy!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

BIL and Piolo

The BIL is back. I picked him up from the airport at 1pm. He stayed in Pinas for two months. (kainggit) He's back home together with all my bilins! Tuyo, tinapa, daing and boy bawang!!I appreciate that my SILS have something for me as well! Of course M had the most pasalubong! He loves the baseball bat, the spiderman chair and the little animals in the jungle! Thank you guys!! We're very touched with your thoughtfulness! Thanks sis! I love the Piolo DVD and cd!
Now, I do not know if I have said that I am an avid fan of Piolo! H allows me to dream on him as he also has a huge crush on B! Now, three months ago, my friend S from Jacksonville told me that Piolo will have a concert on March 29. And by all means, we bought front row tickets a week after we heard this news as tickets have been selling like hotcakes. Now, the weird thing is, H wants to come too as he wants to watch Pokwang. (joke) So it'll be my girlfriends A and S and me and tada..the H! watching this concert!!I wonder if I could scream out loud!
We watched ASAP last Sunday and there we heard Piolo promoting that concert! My gosh, I got really excited!! H quipped that he wanted to sell his ticket this time! He realized it'll be awkward for him as mostly girls will watch that concert! Well, it's too late because we've already paid for the tickets! I have already marked this on my calendar and kasehodang me test ako (buti na lang wala), I just have to see him in person! Haaaaay....!
If only I could be Princess Sapphire!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


After school, I brought M to the doctor and all I got was the prescription for Little Noses. No congestion on M's part, doctor said he's doing well!
Too bad ako naman ang me sipon!
H experimented on TV dinners. He went to Walmart and bought Tyson instant meals! It's his way of helping me not cook dinner anymore so I can focus on my school stuff! The meatloaf we had tonight was alright! I don't know if this will work! H also reprimanded me because I did the laundry. He said that he'll do that on weekends! I just can't resist it! I know I have to let go of my chores!!!He is now the one in charge of putting M to sleep! The routine has been set up so I think everything's working well...( achoooooo...)
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today we woke up with M having a really bad cold and a slight fever. H decided that he would stay at home in the morning while I went to school. I only had 2 subjects for today so when I went home from school at around 12pm, it's H's turn to go to work! Praise God that M is now feeling ok, no fever! H called his doctor but since M does not have any fever, he'll see him tomorrow at 2 pm! He's been in amoxicillin for the last 10 days and on the 2nd day that I gave him his antibiotic, the colds were gone! ( He has had that cold for around 8 days before I brought him to his doctor) We were surprised that he got another cold. Must be the season!
At 4pm, H arrived from work! No patients to treat! Zero income for the day. Must be the season!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mig's room

Here's a clip to show how kalikot my boy is! Sobra!
Oh, and it will also showcase H's talent in singing the Papaya song..hehehe..
Taken last December, I will be posting a new one soon kasi I have already made some renovations on his room! Apparently, the plan was to bribe him to sleep here but I dont think M likes the idea that he'll sleep here away from us. He is perfecly fine sleeping in our room, right in the middle (parang bantay) of H and me. So, baby number 2 is not in the plan yet! Unless, M starts to sleep here..! Anyway, enjoy naman kaming katabi sya! Wag ka lang matatadyakan in the middle of your sleep! ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

i's bday party

Today was a busy day for us! H and M went to church while I tried to study for my exams this week! Lunch time was I's 3rd party held at their house which is about 10 houses away from our house. What's nice is that I's parents planned it to be a simple party, american style daw! We had pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken, french fries, onion rings, dumplings ( kala ko ba american ) and ice cream! It was a no stress party as we all had fun! We had no games, not even goody bag (teka Ms. A, asan na nga itong goody bag) but we were all satisfied with the party. We were at their house at 12pm and went home at 7pm after eating dinner. We watched a very nice movie - omg, i can't remember the title but it was with Hillary Swank about a cult and all! We also watched Shrek 3 for the kids! How I wish we have seen the entire moview but it was impossible as M would call me at times, the kids will have a little fight, someone fell from the chair- thank god no fracture, one kid was locked inside the room etc. Riot for us parents and kids but still, we enjoyed the party!
Here's I about to blow her cake! Watch M as he tries to blow it as well. M was able to blow it a little later but too bad I ran out of memory stick..heheh..
Our pinoy neighbors/friends are all excited for the next party this April. It is M's turn to be three. Everyone had contributed their ideas as to how and when our party will be! We'll see.. We'll see..So far, I love this super simple concept, no stress whatsoever but still, we'll see, we'll see.
Happy Birthday I!

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Fear Factor

Whew..Our nursing coordinator congratulated us students for taking the first step towards our nursing career, and for actually surviving the first week. I would say I survived the first week because of this quote tucked in my notebook! (oh and for getting an A in my Pharmacology quiz and assignment! yipeee..) Thanks to everyone who left a message in my last post! I truly appreciate it! Medyo ok na ako, laban na kung laban. Ambisyosa kasi ako at gustong magka LV (the whole collection..hahahahhaha..)
I am sharing with you this post. It came from my friend B. I dont know who the source was. I wish I could thank him/her for writing this...
The Fear Factor
Fear only sees the mountain. Faith sees the mountain mover.
Fear always sees the problem. Faith only sees the promise.
Fear says, “Your dreams will never come true. “ Faith says, “My God is the Dream Maker, and my dreams will come true.”
Fear always says, “No.” Faith says, “Yes.”
Fear always sees God’s fist clenched tightly. Faith always sees God’s hand open.
Fear always sees God’s hand withdrawn. Faith always sees God’s hand extended.
Fear always says, “Give up.” Faith says, “Never give up.”
Fear says, “Quit.” Faith says, “Don’t quit.”
Fear says, “You can’t make it. “ Faith says, “You’re going to make it!”
Fear says, “You’re sick, your dream of being healed will never come to pass.” Faith says, “By His stripes I am healed.”FEAR CANNOT EXIST IN THE PRESENCE OF FAITH. THE GREATEST ANTAGONIST THAT FEAR HAS IS FAITH."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm going insane!

School started formally last Tuesday. So I'm back to school--this means I would be not blogging that much again which makes me sad!! Less time with M and H...and myself! :(
The RN program that I am a part of seems really tough! Getting into it was already hard and comprehensive as a selection committee had to choose the top students. I am into a small community college which covers a large area - (I have classmates who drives 1 hour one way just to be in school so I am so blessed that it takes me less than 10 minutes to be here). Now that I am here, I am seriously having second thoughts. I told my husband about it and he said that if I really do not want to do this, all I have to is say "I quit" and he is fine with that. Then I thought, why would I quit when I have worked hard doing my pre requisites in order for me to be accepted in the program? I don't want to give up on my dream of becoming a nurse someday! Then, do I really want to be a nurse? These feelings came after we had our nursing orientation last Tuesday. After that, I started dreaming of my old banking days! Seriously, every night I would dream of me in my blazer attire, shoes with about 2 inch heels, a flattering skirt, with a fab bag! You may call it the corporate attire! I love what I did before! Now, I have to wear scrubs and rubber shoes to be on the go! I have worked for a decade in a wonderful bank and it was something I'd do again if ever I come back home to the Philippines. Now that I am trying to get a different career, a health career move like nursing thought to be a good one for me (with the husband making pilit- he doesnt like the idea that he pushed me to this) ! This one I am in is an entire new career and I have to admit that a part of me makes me sad! Again, I told my husband about it! He concluded that maybe I am a bit overwhelmed with all the information I had to take this first week! And all the assignments that I had to do and all the quizzes that I need to take! Plus my son's potty training, our meals, etc. Bilib nga ako sa mga doktor talaga! How can they handle that amount of knowledge and apply it to their patients? And the pharmacists, ang hirap intindihin ng mga gamot noh..
The very kind hubs offered to do my chores like cooking and laundry but I just could not let go of my chores at this time! I had my Friday off from school and I ended up cleaning and making our house in order! When H got home, he was shocked to find that the house is clean and asked me why can't I let go and trust him to do all our chores? I even cooked 2 meals so I will not have to do some cooking this weekend! He then told me to just stop from whatever I was doing and for the three of us to have dinner some place else. I told him I've already cooked! He said no and insisted that we need to get out of the house!
So H, M and I went out on a Friday night. He wanted to eat in a vietnamese restaurant but it was not kid friendly so we ended up eating at a chinese restaurant - the Panda ! (How i love their sesame seed balls) and my cooked meal ended up in the ref! Afterwards, we went to Home Depot and Office Depot as he wanted to make a great study place for me! An office chair costs around $100 and I said there is no way that I will buy that chair! I am fine studying in my kitchen nook! He insisted that we buy that and that he cannot wait to start his next project! I said, I need to go to school tomorrow to study for pharmacology! So how can you do your woodworks? He said he'll find a way to babysit M and still do his project! So we bought the pieces of wood and some more stuff for the study area project! I have studied for the last year and a half without that study area thingy..i do not know why H thinks we should have one now!
Still, I'm here and wondering why in the world would I want to become a nurse? I know that I wanted to become one before I started but now that I am slowly getting into my dream, I find myself asking that question..Why? I need to find the answer real quick!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

2 DVD's in a row

Since I was on my christmas vacation from school for the last 3 weeks, Miguel can stay up late at night and wake up sooo late in the morning! I know we had to go back to our routine so I started last Monday as I had to train him up again to wake up early and sleep early(aside from the potty training, which is still going on at this time- we were successful today as he made his number 2 on the potty..whoaaa! I was really happy that's why I gave him his award- a candy cane- (leftover pa nung christmas..hehhe..wala kasi talagang candy dito sa bahay) My classes will resume next week and I have 8am classes this time! That would mean we have to wake up early as I need to drop him to my babysitter/friend D's house at 7am. Which also means I need to wake him up before 7am. At least, konting adjustment na lang di ba?..
So tonight, Hubs came with the dvd movie "Kingdom" lent by his officemate! The goal was to let Miguel sleep at 8pm. I served dinner at 6pm, gave M his bath at 7pm. H played with him a few minutes after, read his book afterward and tucked him to bed at 8pm. Voila! He slept at once and it was a happy moment for H and I as we can now watch the said dvd! It was a violent movie for me though I still liked it. It made me really angry at one scene that I was screaming and mad as hell! It was about americans going to Saudi Arabia and the usual bomb making scenes etc. Nabugbog ko braso ni H. heheheh..
The next movie we watched was "Just Like Heaven" with Reese W and a nice guy. I forgot his name. It was a feel good movie! We had the dvd for a long time and it was just now that we got the chance to watch it. I love the fact that the guy was a landscape architect as we have been wanting a real nice garden at the backyard. What we have right now is just plain grass and an oak tree, a little vegetable garden and a weed garden too.. I wanted to plant some tulips and other flowers to make our lawn really pretty! I don't know if i could find the time though!
School is coming really soon! How I wish I could still stay up late for movies or blog or whatever! This is a great treat for me! Just to have M sleep in our bed, while H and I cuddle up in a chick flick..Really sweet!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where do I begin?

I did not think that it will take me one year to update my blog! The last post I had was a month ago (and 3 days to be exact). Whew..!So, where do I begin?
Maybe, I should start by wishing everyone a blessed 2008! I had a very good Christmas, spending time with my best friend S's family and of course, my loving husband and precious son Miguel! I hope everyone had a great Christmas as well! May we continue to reflect on God's love on us that He gave us Jesus--His birth on a manger, his humility and obedience, may we think of this all the time as we go on in our busy lives!
I have been really quiet and super contented with my life lately. Last month, I began planning our meals, and cooking them of course, and baking some treats in between! I just realized how I loved being a wife and a mom and also the "queen" and really run the household! When MIL was here, I would still plan the menu, do the groceries and all other chores and I will just tell her what to cook or what to prepare but she does all the preps for hubs only. (She never prepared my baon..hmmm..I just thought of that now) It was a good thing that when she left, I only had 2 weeks left before the fall semester ends as I had my official christmas break on Dec 14! That time, I loved it that I had to prepare 3 baon for all of us! It was fun and challenging as I had to make sure that all our lunch bags/stuff are ready before I go to bed! It was a routine I'd do over and over again! I didnt expect it to come real soon! School starts next week! Now, can I ask for an extension of my vacation? Seriously..
Hubs even had a countdown now that I am going back to school! They say that the program is tough! Hubs offered to handle all my chores so I can concentrate on my studies. I've heard that before! It never happened! I dont think it will! :)
For the last two weeks, I have been potty training my son! I need lots of patience, really! Hit or miss at times! But I think M is doing pretty well! I may just be expecting too much from him. The first 2 days were really easy as he even said he wants to go to potty even when we were shopping at Target. That, for me, was incredible! Too bad, on the 3rd day, he would say, "Mom, no potty!" I would ask him, "shall we go to the potty?" He would say "no mom!" Minutes later, he would pee on his briefs and unto my wood floors!!(Hingang malalim) Still on that stage, I would blame myself as I know and expected that it was time for him to go to the potty but I did not insist! I would just ask him to wipe the floor afterwards! He would tell me, "help me mom please!" How can I resist that?
Ok, now where do I end? I guess I need to go to bed as this has been a long day for me! Being a stay at home mom is really the toughest job in the world! Wait, I need to thaw out my chicken wings from the fridge! Sometimes, even when I'm already in bed, my mind makes a mental list of all the things that I need to do before taking my zzzz's and the list that I need to accomplish tomorrow! (Updating my blog stayed for a month in my things to do list and to post the pics is something I want to accomplish tomorrow) H says I need to shutdown my mind! Just like this laptop! But, how can a mom do that? Just how?