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Thursday, September 29, 2005

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i have had numerous attempts to update my blog, i hope this one gets through..at 9am, coocoo has fallen asleep as he had his 8am breakfast. i havent had anything yet. ill go fix myself a cup of chocolate milk, but that can wait. my blog needs attention!!
lots has happened and this month was just fabulous. i just love september. it starts the christmas season and it also is my bday month. i know i have lots of blog friends who had their birthdays this month, happy birthday to you all!! magaganda talaga ang mga ipinanganak ng september ..heheheheh..
last september 10, my ever loving hubs gave me an advance birthday party. my friend s drove all the way from jax. we had about 20 guests. our menu included kare kare, kaldereta, baked tilapia, lechon, and my ube macapuno bday cake!! the last time i blew a candle from my cake was during my 25th bday and it was at Friday's where their crew sang a birthday song! i was with my officemates having dinner when they clapped their hands and handed me a cake! it was a good feeling! but blowing my bday cake now at 32 felt a lot even better. hubs cooked everything while i took care of the little one. it was a very sweet thing!
so on the 17th which was my real birthday, i was not expecting anything else! then, our good friends r, c, j and j called us to invite us to the beach. we did not plan anything for that day so we said yes. we first had lunch at spicy noodles where everyone was making kantyaw, "pakain ka nama, bday mo ngayon" i said excuse me, didnt we feed you all last week when you were all at my house. " when the bill arrived, syempre, kkb kami..
we had a fabulous day at the beach. ! they say this is the last week of summer! so we all had a blast! whew, we all just love the beach!!
the highlight of my birthday--well, hubs gave me a three stone diamond necklace to match my three stone engagement ring! i never expected anything so beautiful! in fact, he was already telling me that the party he gave me was my gift already. as another bonus, i also got a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. kaya pala friday night he came in late which was so unusual. he said he has lots of work to do when the truth was he was shopping at the reeds..im soo happy i cried! this is the best birthday present ever! wooohooo..hubs has always been generous and loving!!i thank god i have him..
i could not ask for more!