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Friday, December 31, 2004

happy new year!

pavlova..yum yum!

Monday, December 27, 2004

alive & kicking

this baby just loves to kick!!!hubs is so proud that whenever he touches my belly, he could feel his punch, kick or whatever that is..we just know there is someone inside me..moving, breathing..wait a minute, there's a penis inside me..errhehehhehe..makes me wonder!!
being 1st time parents would make us think how on earth would we be able to do this..yet, we are positive that god is with us at all times..He knows that this is the right time!!
imagine, He thinks we are ready!!! so be it!!..if He trusts us that much, who are we to doubt???
23 weeks..and counting..!!!

quiz bee in the wee hours !
tita j, mil, & me..all thinking..ala battle of the brains!
grand prize..lots & lots of shopping money courtesy of generous bro in law!
(i did not win :( )
h gave me his prize though but the biggest winner is mom in law..baket kaya??

Sunday, December 26, 2004

sale sale sale!!!

they say the day after christmas is the best time to shop..! to prove it, i asked hubs to bring me to destin's outlet center, a 1 hour drive..our neighbors c & a are coming too!! we decided to join them instead..the more, the merrier!
we decided to take our own destiny..that is to go to shops we like most! we would be lost for a while but we decided to meet in banana rep's store at 6pm..
we also saw our ninong & ninang dr l & n..already in their 60's, their hands are loaded with shopping bags too!! still, they looked every inch a sweet couple..
we had to beg off from the dinner which c treated..sayang..one of those rare moments where c would treat!!hubs headache had been present all the time i was shopping..am i the culprit???we asked our brother to fetch us at the restaurant instead..the food looks yummy but knowing that hubs is in pain made me want to rush home!!
i immediately prepared dinner (leftovers from noche buena..thank god for microwave) and made hubs rest at once..there, i massaged his forehead which extended to his shoulders and back as well.! in a while, he fell asleep!!
in the middle of his sleep, he hugged me tight & whispered "i am so lucky to have you as my wife, hope you always keep that in mind"
my heart melted!!!
(but i need to sort the clothes i bought, and the perfume too..haaay..bad wife me..tomorrow na lang when he is back to work..erhehehhe..)

labor of love!
i had to make my own christmas card! i wanted to give h a unique card! i know that if i buy him one it will be easier but it meant i had to spend his money..i know its my money anyway as i am the president and treasurer of our company (what am i talking about?) but i just want to make sure that my card came from my sweat and tears (owwwwss...drama queen??) so , i cut out letters and pictures from magazines and had a concept..in this 4 paged card i expressed everything i love about him! mwaaaahhh..
also, i enclosed a gift check which also represented my first earning ( i worked and earned $100, my real first paycheck last october which i saved) he thought i will go shopping spree after getting that check but i did not as i was saving it for this christmas..
i just love that feeling that what i gave him really came from my own sweat.. (owwwwwwwwwssss..???)
seeing the expression on his face after reading the card ..it was priceless!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

show must go on!

our pinoy neighbors decided to have the CHRISTMAS party in our house. potluck style but still, i had to make sure that we are ready!!for a BIG change, since its christmas, hubs insisted we do not use disposable cups or plates since its a special occasion..we have 15 guests and we have wine glasses , forks, spoons & plates for all! he commented that the dishwasher will do the dirty work after..he was able to convince me though! lets see if we'll be able to pull this through!
hubs has always been into details that he started decorating the dinner table! the fresh pine tree with cherries was a very nice centerpiece..its aroma was soooo..i just felt it was really christmas now!!he even surprised me with candles he just bought 2 days ago, just the type i was looking for!!when it comes to taste, i have high regards for my man!!
the kitchen is the busiest place of course!! hubs cooked ham while i fixed the lumpiang shanghai! at 7 pm guests arrived with GIFTS too..i panicked! remember i never planned of giving gifts to anyone! NYAY...i had to go inside our room and wrap four picture frames for these 2 families..KAHIYA..that was the fastest gift wrapping session of my entire life! i hurriedly wrote a christmas card and even inserted a gift card from pier one which has been in my wallet for the last 2 months..INSTANT GIFT!!
the guests stayed until 1am.. the food was sumptous, the exchange of stories was unstoppable like we dont live in the same village and talk in the phone daily..but i had to sneak and call my family in the philippines..this is my first christmas away from home and im terribly sad..but, again, show must go on..! i was pretending i was smiling but in my heart i longed for my dad, bro & sis..i know its hard for them too..! thank god for the telephone!! and the phone card too!! i was able to talk to my family first then all my titas and cousins..the whole clan would always gather on christmas day for the traditional gift giving...it made me feel ok..but then..
best actress award nomination for me!!!

merry christmas!!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

guests ready to chow!

the centerpiece..smells good!!looks good!!

paella, lumpiang shanghai, garlic mushroom, pancit, black forest, brazo de mercedes, pot roast , ham..yumm..

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

meeting of the minds

the in laws are forever trying to help..today, they thought of putting up the gutter (alulod) for our entire house..i told them we have plans of doing the same this summer and have allotted money for that..besides, we dont want to risk them climbing those roof and what if they fall? my goodness!!! not to mention the weather..its freezing here at 20-30 degrees..it is not really a good time for any home project..stil they insist..just watching them measure their proposed gutters made me nervous and cold too..there's no stopping them so both of them went to lowe's and got a quotation...as soon as they got home, they presented the idea..the bad news is the different curves of the house would make it hard for them so they could only put gutters in the straight ones and they were asking for my approval..i told them pls dont bother as its just a waste of time on their part and money as well (since they always insist on paying for this project too) blah blah blah..i did not agree to what theyre saying..they said theyll wait for their son as soon as he comes home..i told them hubs will not agree as it would be putol putol na trabaho..where in the earth can you see a home like that? plus both hubs and i want to have pulidong trabaho and di pwedeng basta basta lang..
when hubs came home, mil started the talk..hubs has not even taken his seat nor has placed his bag down when mil shared her ideas with fil as her back up..
the funny thing is, he said exactly the same thing, as if his comment was an echo from mine...yet, we havent talked about it! i had a mischievous smile as he pointed out everything i just said...
the inlaws were speechless..i cant wait to go to our room and tell hubs what i just thought..meeting of the minds? we're just both perfectionist i think..after all, this is our house and we, as always, will have the final say..!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the kind lady!

i had our shopping cart at the grocery filled with veggies..after a minute i saw my mil pushing another cart filled with veggies and a ladies bag..i called her attention "ma, thats not our cart!!" the lady was then following her..i said sorry and she said it was ok..after a while, she bumped into my mil and asked"pilipina ka?"
the conversation went on and on with her inviting us to her house which is just 2 blocks away..can you believe that? she's 70 yrs old, alone with a garden of fresh veggies which my inlaws cant resist..theyve been insisting on planting everything from ampalaya to malunggay etc etc.. but hubs and i had been firm that they can only plant in a portion under the tree! i could see jealousy on their faces as they harvested the veggies from her garden..my, they got all the sili and kamote plus the seeds of okra talong etc etc..
im telling you this lady is so generous that she started giving all her grapefruits, all the fish, bagoong in her ref..she was even willing to let us stay for the night..
god bless her heart.. i know we will be seeing more of her! ill always include her in my prayer!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

the belen- to complete!

Monday, December 06, 2004

its a boy!!!


at 10:00 am, hubs and i are now in our obgyn's office! i'm used to peeing in a small cup, giving it to the nurse, who then gets my bp, weight, etc etc..blah blah blah...i want this done because i really want to know..is he or is she???
acting like newlyweds, we had to hold hands as the nurse held my tummy..thru the screen, we saw the baby's head, then the shoulders, then the hands, then the whole body & feet! she had to find whats in between the legs..our baby cooperated very well..my!!!those kicks were really strong!
voila, we saw what we wanted to see!!hubs was sooo happy!!!he brought this ultrasound in his office to show off and shout to the whole world...
" IT'S A BOY!!!"

Saturday, December 04, 2004

christmas balls & lights!

hubs UP at work!

hubs at work!