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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

our community

i was rearranging the jars we bought, decided to make my kitchen look spic & span for the nth time when i just thought, i am all alone(from 8am-5pm)! this has been the scenario for the last months..i then looked at the window and i saw our neighbor across getting her mails..she could be 60 something & yet she's alone too!i decided to get our mail..but she went inside so i missed waving a little hello! i took a good look at our lawn..the grass has been greener and thicker & my flowers (yellow and pink) have all bloomed..weeds are manageable, thanks to tru-green & my hubby!
looking at this made me appreciate how beautiful our community is..you see couples walking together with their kids & dogs who never fails to say hello, the pool, the neighbor's lawns.. everything..
i remember my wish last nov 2001..i visited my friend here & i just made a wish that i could live here at the hammocks ..god answered my prayer as i met hubby who happens to live here ..is it coincidence? god is just good!
i better take a walk around! later!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

sofa & loveseat

Guess wut, hubby has a new crush !--Sure do hope its me but its natalie from outback jack.. we really dont know whats with her but i am thinking i do like her..she just makes us laugh! her comments in the jungle area has always been hilarious..she thinks her french tips nails are her top priority..!a real city girl living in the woods..
ooppsie, we got the sofa we wanted...it has clean lines and dry wood underneath .....our sofa is still ok but hubby wants the contemporary look plus it has been with us for 6 yrs..tonight, we went to homeplace first where we bought our formal dining set & we were surprised to see the same sofa we wanted at lesser price of $200@ plus the loveseat..it had a slight difference so we thought..we then headed to rhodes & now, it looks a lot different..the foam, the pillows, the fabric, plus the color..i had a good feeling about the sofa & so is hubby..(that was one sleepless night..heheh) sam, the salesman, who has been working for 29 yrs in that furniture store did his sales pitch & we know we've been hooked! itll be delivered on aug 7..oh wow!
back to outback jack, i dont like him anymore..!he is no longer my type! he makes girls cry! he doesnt even see how rude marissa is! he's just after the looks!
we also borrowed neighbors' pinoy dvds..hubby wants to watch it..funny, we are the first ones to watch these instead of the owner..our neighbors are really kind..well, we did the housesitting..so...hehe..seriously, we are just blessed..
thanks to monet & irene..ive been so inpired to blog!

Monday, July 26, 2004

where is the lettuce?

hmmmm..lucky day! hubby got home early & he wanted to take a stroll..plus we need to buy lettuce for our salad..as we drove to publix, he said he wanted to do the upholstery in our sofa..we went first to joanns to look for the right fabric..we found it to be pricey! so we checked a furniture store..voila, we found a sofa that we truly want..im sure it will fit in our living room but im just the budget conscious type..i still get overwhelmed at the prices here but hubby says its a good deal! told him we had to sleep over it and come back tomorrow if we still want it..so we just went to another store, ended up buying jars & other stuff..on the way to our car, hubby cannot find the keys ..we searched for it but we cant find it..strolled again inside the store, the parking lot etc ..we just cant find it..we had to call our brother to pick us up to get the duplicate keys back home which we have to search again in the house..luckily we found it in one of his drawers..this time im keeping the other key..for times like this..you'll never know..
oh & i was looking at the items we bought, i cannot find any lettuce..i have my tissue, my foil, but no lettuce..! well, we can have rice tonight..! (excuses)

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Sunday, July 25, 2004


we were finally able to get our pasalubong from the phils..our neighbor was so kind to give us dried fish, local canned goods, hot & spicy sardines, banana chips, torones etc..of course my inlaws were so kind to give me 6 boxes of pastillas..(tig 2 kami but sa kin na daw sabi ng boys)yum yum ..! & i love the recipe book my fave sister gave me..cant wait to cook!
i was able to hear mass too..after 5 weeks..tsk! our neighbor picked me up for the 1130 mass..he is so comfy with us that he asked if we still have spaghetti..i said i have it in my mind already that they will eat lunch at home..hinampas sya ng wife nya tuloy.. so shy she said sorry kapal ng mister ko..i said no problem..the table has been set before i left, i just forgot to mention that we'll have spag for lunch & kfc too (leftovers hehe)
for dinner, we had last minute grill for the liempo..!buti lunch lang si neighbor or else..heheh..we grilled some tilapia & mahi mahi for our ever conscious bro in law.. i had a little chat  with my bridesmaid who is planning to get married next yr..hmmm..sarap!
before going to bed, hubby started singing..! i was transported to our galera days, he would sing song after song..born for you, on this day, i cherish the treasure of you, one more day, ikaw and 50 more songs to name a few..nag concert si mokong..! my heart just melted..he is the sweetest ever! sometimes i cant find the right words to describe him..his love for me is something i feel so blessed to have..he shows it in his own unique ways..uso pa pala ang harana..!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

destin-tax free

how i love destin! how i love hubby!!how i love my life!
my first shopping experience here was destin so ill always have fond memories.! before heading to destin, we had eggs & spam for breakfast..we decided to invite our neighbors ..small world because our other neighbors (we are 3 pinoy couples in the village) are also coming..it was so good to bump to each other, in the parking lot, in the outlet, etc..
we had lunch at ihop! best pancakes ever! after shopping till we drop, its time to go home..we thought why not have dinner together at our home..so we cooked  spaghetti ..other neighbor brought kfc while the other brought starbucks coffee almond fudge & java cream..how can you resist that! instant get together..feels real good!
we wanted to watch the tagalog vcds which our neighbor just bought(crying ladies & private joyce..hehe)  but the afv kept us glued..it was nice to look at our friends in the sofa..the other was snuggling, making kulit while the other was just being mushy! we signed out at 11pm as this two preggy friends are both sleepy! they were convincing me that its a good time to get preggy now! well, in gods time!

Friday, July 23, 2004

hongkong buffet

im a working girl again!! my day starts with "i have nothing to wear hubby!"  settled for a shirt & a jeans get up..and my sausage mc griddle for breakfast..hubby's officemates are going out for lunch & they invited me..with one look from hubby he said i should come..(he works even on lunch..gosh!)
i am so glad i joined them..wow! ive never tried any chinese/japanese food this good i am thinking of bringing hubby the soonest time..all those choices! i love the chicken with peanut butter, the crabs, even their ice cream has 12 flavors..all for $5.50..real good deal!
as we were about to go home, hubby asked me for a date tomorrow..he said he wants to go shopping at destin with me!! its a tax free weekend so we have to go..also, he does not want to hear that "i have nothing to wear" line..sweet..
we had grilled mahi-mahi for dinner! we just love our new grill! then i got a call from my best friend in ny..i got a call from jax too..it feels good that i have super dooper great friends who thinks of me and checks on me too..!  friends are real blessings!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

working girl

back to work for me..i get to help hubby with his encoding tasks every monthend..the exchange was a free breakfast from hardee's..i love their steak biscuit..had lunch at sonics..
the new computer room looks like an internet center back home..i dont like the table though, it makes my arms ache..
ooppss..highlight should be my dentist appointment..that should be the title..hubby made sure i get to the dentist on time inspite of his oh so busy sched , with his ptas being absent etc etc..went to dentist & he scheduled me for a root canal on aug 5..the hygienist cannot find anything but with dr furtrell, just one tap of my tooth, he knows what needs to be done..i wanted to tell the hygienist you have to tap that tooth coz thats how my fave dentist back home does it..hmm..
got to remind myself that this is my life now..this is where i live..this is where i belong..in the meantime!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

normal day

this is a pretty normal day ! hubby came home early, did all my chores today! i just thank god for all his blessings!
we fixed our neighbors house too..hubby was so kind to mow his lawn, we're really good caretakers! hehe..other neighbor suggested we post a for sale sign in front of his house as a welcome remark for our balikbayans..
buti pa sila galing pinas! kainggit! hmmm..count your blessings! i cannot ask for me..
hubby hugged me so tight tonight!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

outback jack

hubby came home early at 415pm..wanted to mow but he's too tired to move..ill admit he seems to stressed lately..buti i cooked tinola, his comfort food..
tuesdays are great! what with outback jack..hubby was asleep in the sofa already but he managed to watch every scene ..biglang nagising..we just love this tv show..the twists & turns..makes us wonder whats gonna happen next..
natalie is so cute too..! she is so funny! so pretty & funny!!
& of course jack..hmmm..yummy!

Monday, July 19, 2004

tired & stressed out!

he was so stressed out..he told me he finds comfort in me daw..& my cooking..i experimented..again! i boiled the shrimps, prepared a sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, cornstarch, etc etc..i followed the recipe book..i didnt like it..but he loved it..!(lagi namang gusto nya luto ko..) i told him he could be honest for once bout my cooking..he said he really loves everything i cooked..
pero still he is stressed out..is it time to move to a new job??the offer is really tempting..with all his reports in his full time job (with me helping him pa every month end..haay..)
may god guide us with the choices we make!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Talk in my sleep

I was talking in my sleep..It was raining hard & I said.."Umuulan pano na yung bbq natin?" Hubby chuckled.."Dont worry, wala ng ulan bukas."..Even in my sleep..well..
I loved the fried rice and ham we had for breakfast..Then, its time for the "grill."  To keep the memories alive, I had the camera set up with us touching the ignite burner for the 1st time..hahahah..are we just plain silly or what?
The bbq was just what we expected..Delicioso!! Though next time we would soak the sticks in water 1st..That would prevent it from breaking..Hubby's insight! Does that mean bbq again next week?  His idea is even to have a bbq business..I said why not? ...
We cleaned the den this time..If we could just maintain everything in order! Hubby displayed the glasses we got as a gift..To have a tropical look ..It's his touch..Hmmm..!!
Then, I got a call from Hershey in NY. She's asking if if we'll attend her wedding on Oct29..I wish we could..but..its a Friday..&..hmm..we'll see..Im happy she's getting married..finally!
ooopss..hubby does not have any uniform yet..Gota laundry now..even on a Sunday!!Para ke love eh..anytime!
What a great weekend!!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

what u sow u will reap

i just have to remember this quote for the rest of my married life! i got a call this morning from my hs best friend..she went here last month & we stayed for 3 days in orlando in a friends house..now the friends we introduced last time visited them &  they all had dinner..nice to know that they are all doing well..nice to know that hubby doesnt know a thing about this too..it just shows they dont communicate which..is really good for me..!
i was tempted to ask some more but i reminded myself, what you sow, you will reap! hey, he has been loving me like no other man has & the least i could do is appreciate it & never talk of the past..sometimes it does bother me..but this week i learned that if i really try my best to keep my mouth shut & not talk about that past, it does wonder! after all, I..(and only I ) starts that talk..Without my out of the blue questions about his past, he doesnt talk about it!! In fact he had it shared to me a long time ago so all I need to know, I know.. So, I..am in control!
I just wish I'll always remember this..! I said this in my wedding vow too...."I promise to keep the good memories alive and let the bad ones die.."
Hmm..on a lighter note, the garage  esp his work area is now ready for another project..heheh..We made sure everything was in its proper place..Then our eyes caught the grill..! Hubby decided to fix it..Armed with sponge&soap , he scrubbed with all his might while i supply water using a pail..( I remembered pinas..sarap..)Then, we were ready to buy the parts..But, the trip to Home Depot made us realize that buying the spare parts for the grill would cost almost the same with a new one..! The decision..buy a new grill!heheh..It was huge & I had a hard time putting it down from the truck! But I love it, we love it! I love the side burner too! This is what I learned from hubby..When you really want something & you can afford it, always get the top of the line..It will bring you joy and its price pays off as you get it to use it..longer!! As we were paying for the grill, I quipped.."Happy monthsary..Hope u like my gift!" He said its the other way..That was his gift to me..I said I want another bag and a wallet and some clothes & another shoe &....the list goes on..how about a trip to paris? :)
After buying the new grill, we went to the grocery to buy pork for our bbq..sarah's style! Yum yum!  Another team work with hubby..He sliced the pork while I prepared the sauce..We had to marinate it overnight..It smells so good!See, we just love doing things together! I am grateful to God..I just have to remember that line..always!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

home spa & 8 months

as soon as he woke up, i greeted him happy monthsary!!i was the first one to greet him this time..i made lambing..if he could come home early..which he did..! it was 415 pm when he walked in the door & shouted "sis??" (btw, that was my bro-in-law's greeting everytime he'd come home) i said..you...you're early..thought youd come late ( one of his pta is on leave & he had to treat a lot of patients)..he replied you requested i come home early & so here i am..! :) he wants to eat out coz its our monthsary but i have cooked already! i said why not eat here, ill just light a candle in the dinner table..and lets have a foam bath. (with candles too).he agreed!
the jacuzzi was great..it was so relaxing !we were just careful not to spill the water in our wood floors..that was his idea, the wood floors in the master bath (actually all over the house..) but it was really refreshing..the scent of eucalyptus (from bbw--another gift he gave me) plus the oil to reduce the tension & of course i got an extra treat..he massaged my back & my foot ..its just like my own spa right in my own bedroom! what a great life!
im really blessed to have a great husband..! thanks be to god! i pray for more months, more years, more love!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004


i was able to see my sister in the webcam..she was fabulous! she had a new hairstyle which really suited her..i miss my little baby.. she showed our family pic taken during my wedding displayed in our sala..i saw our home! how i miss that place..!!
got a phone call from ronnie too..his parents are here for a 3 month vacation..i pray dad will soon visit me..if only i could force him to come here..i just miss my family!
our chat lasted about an hour..i saw my fave sis yawning..nilalabanan talaga nya ang antok! its just so good to see her!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

cleaning day

what a day! i swear ive never cleaned so much like that in months! i started cleaning the breakfast table, (i cooked it of course) placed our dirty clothes in the laundry then started cleaning my bathroom..i can never remember who told me that the best way to clean the mirror stains is to use a slightly wet newspaper..it just does wonders! i love lysol & the scrubbing bubbles..i had to clean the other bathroom too whom my bro in law uses..ive never seen that tub so ..im out of words..i scrubbed until my arms ached..i just cant figure out why the water from the shower doesnt goes out of the tub freely..need hubbys expertise..para akong batang nagsumbong pagdating nya..yun pala, madaming buhok ang naiipon dun..i just cant remove that..awieee..! i dont know ! maarte talaga lang ako..i then placed my liners in both bathroom as i can see that my shelf under those sink are safer with that liner! then i remember i have to fold my laundry, iron hubbys clothes..(di na, di naman pala gusot..) then i have to cook pa..ive been craving for breaded porkchop but it didnt turn out that way..hmmm...
tonight we decided we will stick to the workout plan..lessen my cooking chores too..hubby was switching channels when we spotted al roker's gastric bypass..hubby is now inspired to work out & so am i..wish us luck..!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

so many things

so many things in my mind lately..i wanted to post everything but cant..i was trying to post a pic here but cant..i keep on getting an error message..i have to send my mails..later..got to answer some more emails..later..
i just wish everything would be ok..well..itll be..yup..it is ok! thanks be to god!!!

Monday, July 12, 2004

its monday again!

i used to love mondays..! when i was working that is..now, monday would mean having my home all alone by myself again..on the brighter side, it is only an 8 hour thing..as soon as hubby comes home from work, i would not be have to be alone again..ive been doing this for the past 6 months but this monday seems different..maybe because i had a 3 day weekend with hubby..we entirely spent the weekend just to ourselves..last friday was his doctors day..i sure do wish he is all well with his unstable blood pressure..haayy..still, we shopped around, ended up buying pottery for the kitchen, some decorative bottles..& other stuff..buti pa si house laging me bago..we also placed the frames in the living room & foyer..it is lovely!
we had some talk about the bed skirt stuff..i kept on looking for some nice stuff as i do want to dress up our bed..maybe ive been so kulit that he almost got angry..but saglit lang..thats the weird stuff, whenever we fight, actually not fight, discuss would be the right term..it doesnt take long for us to settle it at once..i just know in my heart the last thing he wants to do is hurt me & of course i feel the same way..so we end up the fight..err..the discussion at once..do we have a weird relationship? we hug after each discussion & we feel relieved & loved as always..sometimes we laugh at the thought of normal na kaming mag-asawa..we make little sumbat about my pending window treatment project & his pending wood projects..hahah..give & take!
this week we ate, slept, shopped, just took our time! it just feels good to be with him..
ohhh & btw, had lots of reactions in the love story..now im working on my ratings & should i still do my wedding kwento? ..of course i remember all the details..we were watching our wedding video last night for the nth time when i told him that the wedding car in the sample wedding video we had is the same as mine..i reiterated the "plate number" hubby shakes his head quoting, "only you can notice that" i just have eye for details..mostly women has it., right?
so back to the house, we just cant find the right jar for the left cabinet area..thats the thing, when you start decorating and making ur house reflect ur personality it puts a little pressure on you..we just did window shopping instead via my fave notebook (is is just cool or what?-i love this wireless thing)..im still hooked on the fountain which i want to place in our foyer..he saw that fountain a year ago, i stopped him from buying it but until now we both still want it..hmmm..just have to save for it as it costs quite a lot..cant find anything cheap these days!
i still have tons to do..who says i dont work? this housework is more than an 8 hr job..the pay,seeing my home spic & span! did i mention im the secretary too? hmm..versatility!
gotta work!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

love story

ive been trying to write our love story..ive done many revisions .hopefully i finish it this time.
last night we watched spiderman2..i can tell i was moved, touched with some scenes..i remember exactly how i felt watching the first one..and now this 2nd one has my husband beside me all the time. totally different, but i still felt hmmm...out of words..
just had to take note of hubbys famous spicy chicken wings recipe..i never ate that much until i tried it..ceasar salad is the menu for this week..we also rented spiderman1 in movie gallery..went to winn dixie for some veggies..
dozed off at 1230am..its gonna be hard to wake up but have to prepare breakfast as hubby will have home health treatment for lunch ..tsk..he is hard working..all for me..!
now, back to the love story!

Monday, July 05, 2004

4th of july

It's my first time to have this 4th of july celebration with hubby! he wanted it to be so special..you know him ,the incurable romantic that he is..i had a great weekend...with him around, who wouldnt have one?
the fireworks were amazing! i told hubby we could just skip it & try to see it from our place but he declined..armed with our neighbors chairs, we headed to marina, by the beach, along with so many people who also want to watch it..hubby said i have to get a good view so he reserved front seats..heheh..i had the disney thing in my mind while watching that..but his hand pressing my hand,,that was another thing..
last friday, after a busy week in his work we had to see one more patient in home health..it was near the beach area..i said i should have brought my camera to capture the sunset..then he made a u-turn ..he said this way is faster..I can see he had a plan but he was trying very hard for me not to know it..Then, he said, i cant help myself..i have a surprise ..i want to bring you to pineapple willys beside the beach but you mentioned the sunset & you might think this is all your idea..but its not..it is my idea in the first place, ok? I cant stop laughing..This guy just amazes me! with his romantic ways etc etc..He said its friday & i owe my wife a date! It was a 30 minute waiting for a table but we both did not mind..The sunset was a sight to behold!
I loved the calamari, the steak (medium well)..I had an early glimpse of the fireworks as soon as the sun disappeared as some have started theirs so that gave me a magnificent view..Hubby remarked " I even had fireworks esp for you.." Awwww..this is too much..He is as baduy & as kenkoy as ever!!
How would i describe this weekend? Fireworks...