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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas Philippines!

All my bags are packed I am ready to go! School is over (for now) and christmas vacation starts now..Yup, my 2 week break officially begins!
Woohoo..! I have been busy packing my stuff and have been busy calling my boys. I am so excited that I get to be with them again this Sunday! It's been 2 weeks since they left me while I did my school thing. The H and the M have been all over Manila, eating at Jollibee and hanging out at Trinoma!
Tonight, I attended our christmas party! My classmates got drunk, jumped in the pool and the works. The kind that I see in the movies. Sobra, manang na ako! Ako lang ang di tumalon sa pool! Hello, ang lamig kaya nun!
Anyway, our family wishes you God's peace and love this season!
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
The A's

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What's up?

It has been 5 days sleeping without my boys! I saved M's jammies and I've been sniffing them like a dog! Nope, I didn't do that with H's shirt. His shirt went straight to the hamper!
School has been hectic though I do not like to talk about it. Let's not talk about school. Needless to say, I am just hanging in there. School is good!
Back to my boys' trip, M was fine in that 18 hour flight except for the last 2 hours where M got really bored and started becoming cranky! I told H to take out his toys which I have packed ! M only settled when he started playing with his Leapster.
Still, I can't wait to fly and see them on the 20th! H has been telling me all stories about my boy's adventures with the tabo! You see, he loves to mix the cold water with the hot water and splash it into his body! He quipped, "Daddy, Wow! So this how you make ligo in the Philippines" Sorry. Taglish. We try to talk to him in straight Filipino but there are times that we just don't. His recent trip to the palengke made me laugh! Poor M, he was so scared of the flies/mosquitoes. Tsk! He calls them bugs. Oh, and how he loves to be in Lola's house. When I talked to him on the phone, he said, "Guess what Mom, I am in Lola's house."
Yet, he loves the daing na bangus, the tuyo, yellow fish tuna, the mangoes, and the rest of his cousins! He loves it that he's got playmates 24x7. H said he has been sharing his toys and have been very kind with all his cousins!
This is his 3rd trip and from the looks of it, he has been enjoying it! It's nice that he gets exposed to our roots! I know that there will be a lot of explaining in the future. I'm not worried on that. I just want him to appreciate where we came from and to be with the whole family/relatives!

Monday, December 08, 2008

LP #36 - Excited!(Eksayted)

Mabuhay! Ako po ay buhay pa naman. Kumusta po kayong lahat mga ka LP. Pag ako po eh may panahon ay pinipilit ko kayong dalawin sa inyong mga blog. Tuwing makikita ko ang tema, nanabik akong maghanap ng litrato subalit datapwat ngunit pag akin ng natagpuan ang nais kong ilahok eh tapos na ang linggo para sa naturang tema. Ngayong linggo, dahil umalis ang aking mag-ama patungong Pilipinas nakakuha ako ng munting oras para makasali. Kaya huli man ang aking lahok ay pilit ko itong ihahabol!
Kuha ko ito noong kaarawan ng aking anak. Sa ating mga Pilipino, karaniwan ng may pabitin tuwing merong birthday party. Sa aming likod bahay, lahat ng mga bata kasama ang kanilang mga magulang ay agad na nagtipon sa ilalim ng pabitin at itinuturo ang nais na makuhang premyo.

Ang sabi ng tatay " Ayan ba ang gusto mo, anak! Kukunin ko na dahil party mo naman ito! Ako ang tatay kaya't ako ang masusunod! Eksayted na akong tumalon"

Ang sabi ng anak " Hindi po yan Tatay! Eto pong itinuturo ko! Eksayted na rin po akong kunin ang laruan na ito. Sino nga po ang me pauso ng pabitin? "

Ang sabi ng lahat "Kami man ay eksayted na rin kaya't tatalon kaming lahat sa tulong nga aming mga tatay!

Ang sabi ng lahat " Kakaexcite naman ito! Agawan sa pabitin! Hala, bilis kunin natin ang mga laruang nakasabit!

Maligayang araw po! Hanggang sa muli, excited na ako!