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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got a job!

Yey ( happy dance here!!!)
God is really good! He blessed me with a wonderful job! I am really excited to start working this month!
Yey ( happy dance here!!!)

Thursday, February 04, 2010


First it was the husband, then the lil boy! Now it's me. We are all coughing!
The weather is another factor! But again I am not complaining! At times I still wonder if we are in the sunshine state!
M loves the song "Rock a bye baby on the treetop" He would ask me to sing it over and over (yup even when I am coughing). Lunch time he said, "Mom, I like this song so much. Your voice is so beautiful." My heart melted. If only he could be 4 yrs old forever! Heheheh..
When I shared that story with the husband, the H said to M in a loud voice. "Son, what did i tell you. No lying." Aswang ko talaga, patawa!
Oh..and when I gave M his bath, he had a little mug in the shower! He was trying to get the water (which was a bit warm) and then he said "Mom, this is coffee (play pretend) See it's hot! (pretneds to drink it)..And then he goes on.."Mom, coffee gives you cough right? I said "Huh..? I don't know. M then said, "Yeah they do Coffee..Cough..Coff Cough..Get it Mom?"
I laughed. Hard!
I don't know. I guess I just have to blog!
Thanks Keith for reading my stories and leaving comments huh! Me nagbabasa pa pala sa blog ko. Regards to you & Pinks. :)