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Monday, December 18, 2006

The Christmas Crying Party

Well, things are pretty busy this month. Our community decided to have our traditional christmas party a week earlier. We all met last Saturday, Dec 16th at 7pm and had our traditional potluck style.
My son Miguel has been crying the whole party. I think he is not used to having so many people around. I am just laughing about it at first. Here's a clip to prove what I am saying.

He refused to play with other kids and prefers to play alone. Then he would tag my hand and would insist I sit beside him while he plays.
Is this just a stage? Now, Im excited that his cousins are coming over because that way he'll get used to having other kids around the house. Takot ba sya sa tao?

Monday, December 11, 2006


Now I am on my last leg. Who would have thought that I would finish this semester? (Who even thought I would enroll in fall 2006? ;))Even I doubted myself. But now, I have finished my final exams on two subjects, Nutrition & Dev. Psych. I will still have to deal with two more tomorrow. I just cant wait to have this done and over with.
Some good news, my sister in law, together with her kids & hubby are coming this 29th and we will all be spending our New Year's Eve on Disneyworld & Seaworld . It would surely be a memorable vacation. Our savings will be slightly depleted but I am sure memories will be priceless. It will be my son's first trip to Disney and I am so excited. I have shopped for his clothes so as to make sure he will be comfortable, he wont be cold and the like.
Funny thing is, someone offered (a.k.a. xgf)her house for us to stay. We called her to ask for discounted tickets (too bad none). H preferred that we get our own place. That way , we could all do our thing and besides, we are 6 adults and 3 kids. Talk about big family ei.. and her house is about 45 mins drive to Disney. Thanks to hotels.com, I think I have found a perfect place to stay.
Hmmm.. gotta study! Bye for now..

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


There has not been a day that I havent cried, shed a tear or two. It would just strike me at an unknown time, when Im driving, in the parking lot, in the restroom, in my classroom, in my bed. Anywhere, anytime. It could be at 3am, at 7pm, or 6am. I couldnt describe my feelings. It would be a tear which would then be a sob. It would be a sad thought then an angry thought. I really dont know.
I would call my siblings in the Philippines and I was hoping my dad would pick up the phone. I would look at his text messages and feel melancholic.
I just miss my dad.