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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


i called my dad 10 minutes ago and he uttered this....the one i have been longing to hear!!!
"balak ko ng ayusin ang passport ko para makita kita dyan. aayusin ko na sa dfa anak.baka next week siguro.."
finally, it has come to his senses that at this time, the only way that we could see each other is that if he flies here and spends some time with me (just like my inlaws hehehe) ..i know its easier said than done..it would require him to first apply a passport then apply for a visa and voila, he'll be here ... ive been convincing him even before i left to apply for one but he always has excuses..and he really does not like to fly..i remember him saying one time because of my kakulitan..
"o baka pag me apo na ako sa yo, baka sakali bisitahin kita..baka lang huh..ayaw ko namang umalis dito noh..matanda na ako, takot pa sa eroplano.."
the ultimate reason why he can't apply for a passport is because he does not have a birth certificate..it got lost during the world war ii and he has to submit affidavits of whatever just to secure a passport..and then he thinks he is too old to travel..i cant divulge his age at the moment .. i could get into trouble..(ahihiihihi..)
but tonight, im so happy that he is finally taking the first step!!
a journey begins with a single step..!
im keeping fingers crossed! harinawa!!!

Monday, February 21, 2005


i love math..i love numbers! i love solving problems and it gives me a high if i solve difficult ones!
when we got married, h passed the checkbook into my hands..i had no time to complain!
when he started a business last year, he did the same thing..even that checkbook was under my control..good thing the reports required would be sent thru mail along with the instructions..thanks to my bank exposure i was able to do it! with a slight difference as some rules here are somewhat different!!i think i did well as i have submitted all the reports for the entire year..
except for this one..
i still cant figure how to do this!!
i think i need a real accountant..it will cost me though but im so close to giving up..
ahhh..will try to do this again this afternoon..

Sunday, February 20, 2005


you thought you know a person very well! then it turns out you dont know her after all!!you never expected her doing a thing like that, but she did it anway!!
you can never be sure whats gonna happen next!!im still shocked!!i still cant believe she can pull a thing like that..how on earth??
ive been out of the corporate world since i got married but emails from my staff and friends have kept me abreast of what's new and what's hot (tsismosa ba?)..and as soon as i got this alarming email..i took a deep breath..i uttered a prayer for her..
only god can help her at this time!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

a reason to eat!

r & e invited us for lunch..the ocassion, it was baby j's 3rd month bday!!! we never celebrated his 1st month..2nd month's party was held at our house c/o her nanny cum mil ..so today , the 19th, his 3rd month, we really need to celebrate!! seriously, we're just thinking of an excuse to gather and eat..hehehhe..
the party's theme was korean..e's korean pancit deserves an award along with kimchi & some grilled meat! there were veggies too but i dont eat them so i dont know what they're called..
her choco mouse is also something!! she should start her baking business soon! we've seen & tasted her cakes and it just keeps on getting better and better..!!
( i wish i could post pics but it has been weeks and i still cant open my hello account..what shall i do?)
anyways, as i glanced around, i noticed how their house now sports a baby look! the swing was in the sala while baby j, now 3 months old & baby i, now a month old , took turns in sleeping at the said swing..the teddy bear and little play gym was in a corner..the infant car seat was close too..ayy, the baby signs are all over!!
by the month of april, miguel will be a part of this crowd too..!
ohhh..he just gave me a kick! a real strong one..i think he agrees!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

50mg or 100 mg

time difference of 14 hours..
at 1:30am the phone rang..i glanced at my cellfone to check the time and saw 3 missed calls ( my cell was in a silent mode) h then picked up the landline and it went off..
then there was a text message, "PLS CALL ASAP!"
it was h's sister in the phils so i immediately dialed her number..h and i were both half asleep, half awake but why on earth would she call at those wee hours if it's not really urgent?
she began her litany.."ate i'm in mercury drug..mom asked me to buy this medicine but out of stock 100 mg..they only have 50 mg ..should i buy the 50 then double the dosage? i ve been to 3 drug stores already and its really not available..what shall i do? my fil is leaving tomorrow and he's sending these to you..can i talk to mom?
i said "sis..do you know what time is it? are you sure you want to wake up your mother just to ask that?" (the disgusted tone in my voice cant be hidden)
h grabbed the phone from me and he heard the same thing..we both cant believe what she's saying!! h repeated the same thing i said, "you want me to wake up mom just for that?"
he then instructed her to just buy the 50mg no need to double..sis's fil is coming here tomorrow who will in turn give these medicines to mom..it was a last minute thing yeah, so she had to call as she cant decide!!
after that call, it was sooo hard for h and i to go back to sleep..we were both disgusted!!!
can't decide on a simple matter?
i need to sleep to be in a good mood!! poor h, he has to go to work!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

my plan worked

i prepared h's clothes, put toothpaste on his toothbrush, sat with him at the breakfast table, had a chit chat, prepared his coffee....
at the garage, he reached for his car keys when i gave him a tight hug and a kiss and said..
yey..it worked!!
as he was about to wave goodbye, he said..you still forgot valentine's day! (flashing a mischievous grin)

we still do celebrate monthsary..a simple note, a greeting, anything, but we always always remember with kilig memories the special day we got married! he started that drama..
his siblings cannot believe how baduy he can be when i told them h greets me monthly..last month, we even had to explain to my inlaws why we need to go out on the 16th as it was our anniversary..and with a questioned look they will insist we just stay home for dinner and save our money for the baby..hmm..we may listen ..or maybe not!!!
im feeling good today!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a post valentine movie

mushy as it seems, h and i watched the notebook..ive heard good reviews about the novel c/o mickee and having no time to read the novel, i settled for the dvd instead..
h can totally relate ..yup..we soo loved the movie..even the inlaws loved it!
i think i should start reading the novel..maybe tomorrow? or is it still a good idea? it can give me a break from "what to expect when you're expecting" and other pregnacy books in my bedside table..what do you think?

Monday, February 14, 2005

i forgot all about it

i woke up early and joined h for breakfast. lately, i have been spending extra time in bed since mil had been preparing breakfast for her fave son (my HUSBAND) and of course, im pregnant!! my good friend adviced me to take tons of sleep and i try to do that..anyways, mil also prepares his lunch too ( i used to do this also but mil now does this ) i just know this wont last long enough as lately h has been returning home with his lunch untouched ( i have a big grin..hehehe)
still, i always, always, without fail, give h a kiss and a hug and a wave at the garage as he leaves for work..(mil once tried to do this but she stopped the moment she saw i was at the garage door ..)
10 mins later, h called..
h : hey love, how are you?
m : doin good, about to go back in bed..why?
h : hmm..just wanted to say something..
m : what? im still sleepy..
h : uhhmm.. Happy Valentine's Day!
m : ohmygod! (nawala antok ko) are you sure?
h : yup, it's valentine's day..obviously you forgot! good thing ! last year i did forget too, ..this year, its your turn..hehe
m : awww..sorry...im pregnant kasi eh..i read in the book that pregnant people tend to forget a lot.
h : yeah, and you forgot that we have an obgyn appointment at 3pm..after that, let's watch a movie or do something..let's celebrate!!
m : goodness, im really sorry!! how can i forget? this never happened before..
h : its ok..so, we have a date.??! ill pick you up at 3pm, ok?
m : ok ..
h : love you!
m : love you too..sorry!!

i need to see my doctor! oh yeah, i have an appointment with him later! haaay...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

mongolian grill

golly im so full!!
h asked us (me & inlaws) to join his colleagues for dinner! what a feast!!this restaurant is about to close in a week's time so all floridians are actually eating here . news spread that this location which is beachfront has been sold and will soon be developed into condominium units..(gone is the beachview, tsk) and the owners of this restaurant have been really paid well that they dont need to work for the coming years!!!management thinks its a wise decision! our tummies think otherwise!!
i was reprimanded by my mil as i filled my plate with beef strips and pork and chicken..the veggies were missing!! what can i do? i really need to stuff some more greens but i am not really the type! lagot ako ke miguel!!!
still, i ate to my tummy's delight!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


c's parents are going back home and my good h decided to throw them a despedida party tonight! it was his idea but i had to execute it..heheh..he thinks c should be really sad now that his parents are leaving them so it would be better if we plan the party and just invite them here! it was 7am when h thought of this and party will start at 7pm..12 hours is a long way to go!
i baked a ham ( well, i just had to thaw it from the ref and put the sauce afterwards..heheh) mil cooked pancit..c brought fish with tausi while r brought dessert, a cake with lemon curd & cream cheese! and the party began..
they even watched our wedding video which brought oohhss and ahhhhs again..and the whirlwind romance has to be told over and over again! no complaints, its good to recall those happy times!
will surely miss tito v & tita c..have a safe trip back home!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

attic ko po siksik!!!

tired, exhausted..hmm..my back ache is horrendous! should have listened to h! never would i bend forward, or worst pick something up from the floor..ever again!
we know we have to make some space! if you take a look at our attic, ohhlalala..lots of unnecessary junk are still in there..im waiting for the day when our attic will just fall ang voila, all those junk will be all over the garage..oooppss and i havent mentioned about our garage too ..awww..
i know im not the most organized person in the world but i like to keep my things and stuff in order..it pains me when it takes me some time to find some thing when i know i just placed it somewhere..h thinks im soooo organized that he asks me everytime he looks for something....lucky me i have not failed him..yet!!
ok ok..im trying not to confuse you as i am confused myself..our inlaws have been trying to organize our house which does not work for me and h as well..unknown to us, they invaded our attic and reorganized everything..so when it was our turn to look for something, everything was not in its old place..haaay..
h suggested to have a garage sale which i readily aggreed..so it meant we had to put everything down from the attic and sort ALL the stuff..
the thing with my inlaws is they are so good in the word stewardship! they dont know how to let go..! i was so proud of my h as i noticed the big change! would you believe last year at this exact date i together with h was doing the same thing? we both noticed this as he pulled out 4 boxes with labels bearing the same date last year! which meant that this box has been untouched for 1 whole year hence they are not needed anymore and we can truly let go of this box..
but with the inlaws helping, they would always reason out that we can still use this and that..fix this fix that..hay naku..we end up keeping almost everything...its so hard to argue with them..we were both exhausted afterwards..sermons as to how we should be thrifty and stop throwing away things or buying new items..we do appreciate their view but..
we needed a space..i need a space..a big one ..with the baby coming soon, we try to create the space..its hard to move with a big tummy!!
you just got to do what you have to do!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

the stroller & car seat from grandma!

its saturday!! we woke up late!! h & i wondered how come the whole house is quiet! and when we checked the car..nyah..its gone! & so are the inlaws!
as soon as we had our brunch, here comes the lolo & the lola with tada...their gift for their fave apo to be! a complete set of stroller & car seat from gracobaby!!
here's the link to see the actual gift !!
i love the color mil picked too!! it can be used by a girl sometime soon (of course not in the near future definitely)
isnt she adorable..??
karma??good karma of course!!
bottomline, the stroller & car seat is now out on my list( & budget too)..yippppeee!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Tag I'm IT!
I've been tagged by Nyree
Random 10:
1. Piano Concerto No. 21, K. (Mozart)
2. I cherish the treasure of you (steve green)
3. One More Day (Diamond Rio)
4. Time will reveal (el debarge)
5. I Only want to be with you (hooty and the blowfish)
6. Dancing in the moonlight (hmm..sa dawson's creek cd)
7. I say a little prayer (Workshy)
8. constantly (vanessa williams)
9. Out of reach (Gabrielle)
10. Ikaw
1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?334Mb =)
2. The last CD you bought is:
Nyoy Bolante.
3. What is the last song you listened to before this message:
Smart Symphonies CD - track 16 - Beethoven's for elise
yan nyree- for the lil baby in the tummy ang songs ko
4. Write down five songs you listen to a lot or mean a lot to you:
1. Just the way you look tonight ( M. Buble's version)
2. The Prayer (Josh Groban & Angie Stone)
3. Sweet Love (Anita Baker)
4. Get Here (Oleta Adams)
5. Forevermore (Side A)
5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to? (3 persons and why)
pia - para magulo ko sya ;)
alpha - para magulo din
chie- panggulo pa rin

Thursday, February 03, 2005


mil has started her countdown..
she has mixed feelings as she wants to go back home in the phils to be with her other grandkids and children as well (yes, in that order)..yet at the same time she knows that she wants to stay with us here too..we know she will miss us especially me..(oh really??)heheheh..
i do love my mil..i consider myself blessed that she has her own way of pampering me, her son or even her apo in my tummy. at first i felt slightly invaded, what with her 6 months of stay here at our home. on her 1st week, she started cleaning my house, cooking, doing the laundry, even preparing h's breakfast and sandwich and coffee..i just focused on the positive side..at least i get to rest but sometimes i do miss doing those stuff . i have to admit i dont get tired doing it for h..but then mil loves to do it so i let her..and when the "i miss doing that" attacks, i make sure i wake up an hour earlier..(would you believe she wakes up at 5am?) so i can cook for h..- (but dont worry..that attack rarely happens with me being preggy ..hehehe)
we do have bonding moments..like me teaching them how to send text messages, how to use my notebook, how to surf, how to answer emails and tada..the friendster!! h's siblings had been shocked when their mom sent them a friendster message..
ooppss..she's calling me..my assignment for the day is to teach her how to operate her sony digicam w-1.. we just bought her one last night!
hi tech na si lola!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

bad mood

out of the blue i just freaked out..i dont know..i just dont want him to be near me!
he then teased me! "ang init ng ulo ng asawa ko ahh"
i glared at him..meooooooooowwww!
i dont know..i just didnt like that he called his mom on the cellfone though we're together and asked him what the ref lacks..hello, i was with him..after all, i do make the grocery list...just that since his mom has been here, she also does her own grocery list..and cooks and cleans and all other stuff..its hard to explain..our ref benefits though as it has been full and overflowing lately..
when i told him how i felt, he just shrugged..he did not find it offensive that he asked his mom..
hmp..im not in a good mood!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


we've preregistered..today, my obgyn has instructed us to preregister at the hospital before my 30th week..& so we did...
we went straight to the admissions office..the little lady seems to be so tired that she barely smiled at us..i suddenly thought maybe she has been having a long day but still im a client, customer who deserves a little smile! anyways, we were given forms to fill out, brochures and special instructions, passcodes...she then reassured me that i can go to the hospital anytime now and deliver my baby..imagine the thought!!..but itll be best of course if he comes on the date itself..nevertheless, there's a room reserved for me and never, never should i go to the emergency room on that day..instead i should go to 2nd floor..i guess my shocked face made her give away a slight smile..and then it got wider!!at 515pm , she smiled..i dont know the reason but at least she smiled!:)
nyay..just the thought..the day is getting nearer and nearer..and i have so much to do!!!(lots of books to read too)
my check up will now be every 2 weeks..to make it a sugar coated visit..itll be on valentine's day!