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Sunday, October 31, 2004

thanks missy!!!

happy birthday i!
we've been bestfriends since highschool!! she had to leave me after college as they migrated together with her whole family in boston! that didnt stop our friendship as loooong letters countinued to update us with what's the latest gossip! years after, she sent me a wedding invitation and i was so thrilled that she is sharing her life with someone special in new york! she would visit the philippines and we would make it a point to see each other even for a brief moment..
did i mention her thoughtfulness and sweetness? she sent me a dozen red roses and a teddy bear on my 30th bday ( aside from the usual gifts she showers me with- she is soooo generous) i thought it was from my fiancee then now hubs but it had to be from her!!
we had another christmas vacation last year and it was superb that we got together again! last labor weekend (may), she flew in here to have one whole fabulous week with us ( seaworld vacation was a blast!) we almost got to be neighbors as the house-hunting began! can you believe she's looking for a house close to me! but then she ended up having her new place in nj! still, i am so happy for her! muntik lang!
as she celebrates her day, i only wish that god grants her heart's desires! that she will be truly happy and contented!
i have another wish though..what if i see you next month? yun nga lang, bitbit ko ang buong baranggay !!!hehehehe..

Friday, October 29, 2004

wedding in new york

h's wedding

last september, i was so excited when i got the wedding invite from h..her phone call a day after even made kulit that i should come and see her today..i wanted to convince hubs but due to budget constraints and my condition and hubs limited time off, i had to beg off tsk..
today is my good high school friend h's wedding..she looked so lovely in her wedding gown! i sure do wish i could join her on her special day but so sorry i cant ( for obvious reasons, ayaw payagan ng asawa..hehehe joke lang)..i just uttered a prayer that god will bless their new life together as husband and wife as they have been a couple for 15 years i think..tagal noh?!!
my best friend i took this shot and gave me updates while the wedding was going on..it was like i was there..thanks missy!
hope to see you soon h, maybe end of this month, who knows! again, i wish you a blissful married life!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

asheville, north carolina

what a huge house!i first saw this house in oprah's show and i cant believe im now here! its owned by george vanderbilt ..this is america's largest privately owned house..hubs just kept taking pictures as i browsed the brochures..we listened to the audio tour which specifically explained the house's features..my gulay, mahirap linisin ang bahay na ito huh..i got tired before i reached the 2nd floor so we had a break at the nearby bakeshop..ice cream was being served but too much sugar na..
here's the link for biltmore estate
still on a honeymoon!!!

biltmore estate

with the family!

wine tasting!( except me)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

smokey mountains-tennessee

whoaaa! autumn really enchants me..my 2nd trip in the u.s. in 2002 allowed me to see boston at this season but im telling you nothing beats the changing colors of all the leaves here at tennessee..i will always be amazed at how the leaves turn gold, red or yellow..nature at its best!! i just thank god i have eyes to see such beauty!
the drive to cades cove was spectacular! i couldnt help but take pictures as we drive! click this link to see what i mean!




Sunday, October 17, 2004

Your artistic style is:

Saturday, October 16, 2004

11 months

mushy post again..warning!
yup yup..its our 11 mos as husband and wife..and it feels like it was just yesterday when we got married..our in laws can attest to our sweetness and they often ask us if we are always like that..there would be times hubs would just kiss me, hug me, give me a glass of water in the middle of the night, caress my tummy or cook for me....
being married is one of the best decisions ive ever done..had i known this would what i have been missing i would have done it sooner..but of course god has his own time! he knew we were both ready so voila, he allowed our paths to cross..im trying to reconstruct the whilrwind romance story i have but all the other details are just to good to disregard...
for our monthsary, i wrote him a poem..thanks to toni's online magnetic poetry, feeling poet na ako as i recall our story..here it goes!

if i told you my dreams love
taking off nearby
this dance a piece of heaven
out of this world somewhere

at first sight, an airport
how happy can i get
wedding cake a beautiful body
the best looking eyes, kiss, smile

i thought all my life
i have my heart
must be funny when the only
thing missing is

Friday, October 08, 2004

party time!

hubs bday bash

the party is scheduled at 7pm..but preparations started as early as 8am..kudos to my good neighbor a who drove us to publix to buy our groceries..today, we are cooking pancit bihon, kaldereta, lumpiang shanghai, rotisserie chicken, barbecue (which i marinated last night) and mexican cake (mom in law's specialty which hubs requested) the deal with neighbor a is i get to babysit r which i really dont mind..good thing r's jigsaw puzzle kept him busy while i did my thing in the kitchen..
mom & dad had their guests too ninong l & ninang n..while the rest of our guests are our friends nearby..talk about last minute invite as we called them just last night at 8pm after convincing hubs its time we celebrate his birthday!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

elow baby

Sunday, October 03, 2004

happy bday!

the mid life crisis

hubs decided to cancel all celebrations whatsoever today..! reason, he feels he is so old! he just wants to let go of this day and consider this just an ordinary one..but this is not possible..today is his birthday! thanks be to god!!!
mom and i decided to cook pancit bihon with ingredients fresh from the philippines...but hubs declined..so at 3 pm while he was busy working on his wood project at the garage, mom and i sneaked our pancit recipe..it was also our fist cooking cum bonding..hmm..i had to recut the beans from the exact size my mom wants it..hmm hmm hmm...same with the carrots..
dinner was superb at saltwater..even though he did not want to go out, we all voted dinner out..i had calamari and shrimps and pina colada..ooppss..just a sip..!
to the love of my life, i just pray to god he will give you your heart's desires..and that we will forever be in love..!and that we may live a longer, healthier life..!