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Saturday, December 01, 2007


I cannot believe it's December already and I still haven't put up my tree. I envy my friends who had put up their tree last thanksgiving week (which is another story). Gotta get the tree from the attic! Need to kulit hubs!
Anyhoo, last thanksgiving week was fabulous! Fab because we did not cook turkey or whatsoever. For a little background, every year, it's C's turn to host the thanksgiving dinner while we host the Christmas eve party and the M's host the New Year's. For a weird reason, C called us two days before thanksgiving day and said that they cannot host our annual thanksgiving dinner! ( Tamaditis syndrome) We called up some of our friends and most of them, since they are in the health field, have duties and they all need to work! C suggested that we go to the yearly thanksgiving lunch at the church which we did so we ended up having our thanksgiving lunch at the church where I am a parishioner! At first, MIL doesn't want to come because she is not a member of the church but I told her that the church people will not mind. And it is all about the spirit of being thankful! God had been really good and He has showered us with all the blessings so a little get together with people who are thankful is really a good idea. So off to church we go and we were greeted by our parish priest when we came it at 2pm. Food was overflowing! Abundant blessings!! We even had to bring some home! In turn, we made a donation as a sign of thanksgiving.
By 330pm, we went to Best Buy and a group of people has lined up outside. It was cold!! Brrr... My friend A said we could stay and save our spot while our husbands go home for the meantime and get their gear! (meaning blankets, coffee, and anything to keep them in line till the next morning) We were number 40 in line!! By 6 pm the boys came back and we stayed in line for about 2 hours. We have toddlers (I and M) as well as MIL . It got colder as the night passed by so we had to leave the husbands at around 8pm. H would call me from time to time so I was tempted to drive back to Best Buy at around 10pm and I stayed until 11pm. Camping out was not the original plan but somehow we got into that situation! Si A kasi eh!
By 4am, my alarm went on and I called H. He said he got the pass for my sony vaio and hp notebook (they were doorbusters..!) Yeheeeyyyy!!! He told me to go to Toys R Us so I could start shopping for the inaanaks!! The night before, MIL asked me to go to Walmart first so I could buy her portable dvd players for her apos in Pinas! How can I say no? So I first went to Walmart at 445am. There was a long line but people were organized and so were the Walmart crew! I was inside the store by 5am and I got the 4 portable players which MIL wanted. After Walmart, I went to Toys r us and bought some stuff which I cannot reveal yet for the inaanaks! I wanted to go to Target but I thought I could do that later! My friend A was in Target and she said that the lines were really long and there was chaos inside the store. I decided to go home instead at 7am!
We spent the weekend packing for MIL's baggage as she went home last Tuesday! H was sad for a while but we know MIL is coming back in 6 months time !
Once again, we got our home all by ourselves! It is really nice to have that feeling in a way! H could walk naked in the house this time. Old habits are hard to break....hahahhahah..!
Meantime, my finals is coming and I really need to study, study and study!! Please pray that I do well in my exams huh!!
Cheers to all!!!