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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial weekend

Together with the L's, we drove to Jacksonville Friday night. H could not come as he had promised to finish the sitting area at the backyard for my supposed to be Mother's day present (super delayed..err. I always complain that I have nowhere to sit everytime I watch M play at the backyard)
After an hour's drive, we had a flat tire so we had to sleep at D's house at Tallahassee. D had a dog named "pogi." M was scared of the little puppy. So cute.
The next morning, we left for Jacksonville and had lunch at Jeepney Stop- a filipino restaurant a.k.a. turo turo style who cooks yummy yummy filipino food. I ordered lechon and daing na bangus.
We then went swimming. It was more of a swimming weekend as our kids would always request that we go swimming. How I envy their pools! It was really designed for kids just like the ones that Shipwreck Island had. It was just 1 foot deep and mushroomlike tunnels are everywhere. Our kids enjoyed the pool as much as we did. And they had lifeguards everywhere. It really felt safe!
Dinner came and we had chicken bbq and steak and inihaw na tilapia at S's house. Sunday morning, we all went to church. Then we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory . I had my favorite Renee's Special - One-Half of a Chicken Salad Sandwich, a Cup of Soup
and a Small Green Salad. I asked S for a spoonful of her white chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake as I was really full. Yummy!
Afterwards, we went shopping at St. John's.
It was a great weekend indeed. I am so blessed to have S in my life. She is one of my precious friends. Our friendship started when we were in college. Who would have thought that we will still be friends now that we have kids? She's got three adorable kids (I am the ninang of the oldest M). She is also the ninang of my only son M.
When I came home, my sitting area was right there waiting for me. Yehey, thanks H. You're the best! That sitting area would mean another post...Maybe later.
Have fun!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shipwreck Island

Just like last year, we were invited by Tita A at Shipwreck Island . My son had a blast. The rides were all great! The burgers and hotdogs were all yummy! We all had a great time! All the pinoy families were present today. Family outing ang dating. Ang saya talaga!!
We all enjoyed the lazy river, the giant slide and the wave pool! H found it hard to let my son get out of the water. My baby just loves the pool. Siya ang super enjoy.
The heat is on! Have a fun summer!!