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Saturday, March 31, 2007

lets go fishing

Patience is a virtue!
Watch as hubs and son go fishing! As if they were able to catch a fish, hmmm..better luck next time. We went home empty handed. The waves were really strong so blame it on the weather!

Friday, March 23, 2007


This was the most hectic week I have had so far. With a research paper due, lab exams, lecture exams, and a movie about Wolfgang Amadeus, I just had to juggle everything. Oh, and my son is starting to express himself. Like I gave him his sippy cup with milk. Then he said, " Tu shu." I said, "what?" He repeated it. "Tu shu". Then it dawned on me he was saying " thank you." Last night, it was my brother in law who gave him a chocolate bar as his pasalubong from work. He then said "Tu shu" And my bro said, "Sis did you hear that he said thank you?" Hehehehe..we are all so proud of him. Well, he says, opo, yeah, notebook (he loves blue's clues), wowow (for wowowee), kabog, mum, dad, lola and uh oh when he knows he is in trouble...


I am so excited to have our spring break. Yippeee!! It did not occur to me that I will have one whole week off from school until my classmate told me. That would mean I get to spend time with my son, clean the house, start with my flower garden, throw all my junk mail, and yup, plan for my son's 2nd birthday party. I have started with it and then I just stopped. This weekend, that is a must do for me.


My sister and I are in good terms now. (We are not talking. hehehhe) I mean, I know in time, we'll be ok. I love her and that's all that matters.


Have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yup, shopping time it is!!!
My son loves to shop and here's a proof! Together with his cousins and aunt N and Uncle J, he prefers the red cap. Japorms..

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I prayed to God that she will be just fine when I left her. She asked me to trust her, that she can handle herself, that everything will be alright.
And yet, she made a wrong choice. Or who am I to say it is the right thing or the wrong thing to do?
I am deeply hurt with what she did. Extremely disappointed. Why did she do that?
If she only knows how much I love her, will it change? And that I will accept her no matter what. She is still my baby, my favorite sister in the whole wide world.
This too shall pass...