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Thursday, March 27, 2008


It'll be a busy week/month!
This weekend, we'll drive to Jacksonville and stay at my good friend S's house (about 4 hrs drive) and then the next day, we will watch Piolo, Sam , John LLoyd and Pokwang's concert. Front row seats together with the H and girlfriends. I watched ASAP last Sunday at TFC and when they mentioned their concert tour, I screamed! Seriously, I'm excited about it though my friends in Pinas thinks otherwise!
Next weekend, by Thursday, we're flying to New York to meet my BFF I. We will be there until Tuesday. I love spring break! I (heart) NY! It will be my 3rd visit and M's first. (No, make that 2nd because I was still pregnant when we went there so andun na si M when I had my pic at the Statue of Liberty, inside my tummy nga lang)
The week after NY, we're going to Gainesville, Fl (abour 4-5 hrs drive) for H's continuing ed. It's just an hour drive to Orlando. I don't know if I'll be brave enough to drive! Oh and an hour also to Jacksonville to meet S (again..if ever)
And the week after Gainesville, we're having M's 3rd birthday bash! (S will drive from Jax to here so I'll get to see her again)
Toxic! Hectic! But..I love it!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another tag

I was tagged by Mrsworkinggirl earlier of this month so that I could update my blog. Write down six unimportant things about me. What comes to my mind? Nothing.:)
This is tough Mama Mee. I had to take a look at my husband and from his view, I came up with this.
My husband thinks the following are unimportant:
1. I make sure my son's toys are back to their boxes at night, that the living room is free of toys before I go to sleep, that the pillows are not on the floor and properly placed on the sofa, the works. When I have my free time (which is never) I would sort the toys and put them in the appropriate basket. One basket has cars, the other has trains, the other has balls and I have one that says small toys and big toys. I have 12 boxes in M's room.
2. I need to fold the clothes while they are still warm and fresh from the dryer. I go to the laundry area 5 minutes before it beeps. H waits until they are cold and wrinkled and folds them 3-4 days after. Sometimes he doesn't fold it at all and just gets his pajamas from the laundry basket (the clean ones)
(me talking to myself again)
How can he consider those unimportant? Am I weird? I don't think so! Ok, so to prove that I'm a normal person, here's my unimportant things from my view:
3. I joined the college dance troupe for fun. After one dance at the gymnasium, I decided to quit! It was hard to attend the practice and go home afterwards. I go home to Cavite and goes to UST, daily!
4. I love Jollibee! I worked there when I was in college during summer break! When we went to the Philippines for M's 1st birthday, I wanted Jollibee to be present at the swimming party! H's family said Jollibee is no longer the "in" thing but I insisted that Jollibee had to be there. Jollibee Mascot showed up and that made my day! I especially loved it when one time, I saw Jollibee acting up as the traffic enforcer along Alabang Zapote Rd. People/drivers were following him. I love that scene!
5. There are times that I do not like to update my blog. I love to visit blogs when time permits!
6. I nursed M for 16 months instead of my plan of 6 months only. I had the smallest breasts among my barkada and I was the only one who had done it and actually loved it! Size doesn't matter in breastfeeding! It's you and your baby (and your family support din-couldn't have done it without H and friends around)

There, I did it. Hope you can do this if you have the time!
One more tag from Tin and I'll be tag free!
Have a meaningful lenten week everyone!
Happy Easter too!:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Because I'm a (stage)mom!

I was tagged by Meeya to do this meme which was started by Mitch of When Silence Speaks.

Here are the Rules:

If you still keep your baby’s first 3 days photos, We would love to see them. Label them as 1st, 2nd or 3rd day (as shown below). After that, please post the most recent one, one photo will do. You can post as much as you want though. I’m sure you will realize and tell yourself “seems like yesterday”.

Day 1

I had so many pictures on day 1 but I opted not to show my face (there was one where I was really crying..as I was so thankful that God has entrusted me with this precious baby!) This was my first time to hold Miguel. A totally unforgettable experience! (All mothers out there know this feeling)

Day 2

It was fun watching him sleep, cry, eat, sleep, cry, eat! I noticed nasilaw ko sya sa flash..Sorry baby! Excited ang mommy!

Day 3

I love this sepia shot! We were about to leave the hospital when I just decided to take some more pictures and here's another fave! I told you I'm a stage mom..in the making then!

Now, my son has grown big! Time flies so fast! He will be three years old next month!

A close up shot taken last month (34 mos old)

Taken last week while we were building his swing at the backyard (see all the clutter?)

Taken yesterday beside my newly planted azaleas (balak kong mag-flower garden sa likod bahay pa rin)

Seems like yesterday! Next month, he will be 3...(singhot)
As I was about to emote, I realized I have tons of his picture on his blog found under his birth pics -just scroll down to see the pictures (Inay, makikita nyo rin pala ako ng bagong panganak) I still have to post his 2nd birthday pics which I know I have posted somewhere (talk about backlog) and next month, I need to post his 3rd birthday pics for his BUZZ Light year party!
Still, it seems like yesterday!
If you got this far and you're a mom, please feel free to tag yourself!