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Saturday, March 14, 2009

To all single moms/dads--hooray!

Hello everybody! I am so happy to be back here! How I wish I could update daily like most of my blogger friends out there! Nakakainggit ang mga masisipag mag-update!
As of this writing, I am very proud of the single moms/dads out there! Hooray to those who had to take care of their kids all by themselves. Bilib ako kasi mahirap talaga pala ito. Of course, I am still impressed if it's both parents raising their kiddo at hands-on pa. You see, H had to go back to our beloved Pinas for some personal matters a week after he got here last January! All in all, almost 3 1/2 months na sya sa Pinas. Tagal noh?
So I have been alone with M for the last six weeks. Thank God I have a good friend D who takes care of M while I go to school. Seriously, babysitting is a lot expensive as compared to M going to a regular school. H and I have been looking at some schools here and have submitted one application (goodbye $500) Back to my friend D, I do not want to be an abusive friend as I know that she takes care of M really well. Besides, there are days that I had to bring M in his jammies at 530 am. Those are days when I had to be at the hospital for my clinicals and some of those grouchy days for M (especially when we had to spring forward that one hour..arrggh)
The good news is H is due to be back on Monday. I am picking him up from the airport as soon as I'm done with my clinicals.
Other than that, my books keep me busy. M keeps me busy. I love it that he can really communicate. The conversations we have are just great. I need to post on that too!
Oh, and I have read Twilight and I soooo love it! I have the other books with me. I hope to read them as soon as H gets back. He loves Twilight too! He got the dvd for me (pirated from Pinas c/o my sil..hehehe)
Wishing everyone a happy weekend! Gotta change my beddings and clean the bathroom and the rest of the house! Spring cleaning, naaahh..

Monday, March 09, 2009

One Saturday Morning

Hello world! Gosh, I did not realize that I haven't been posting! I still leave my comments to my favorite blogs only to remember that I have my own blog to post my thoughts!
To start with, I am so happy for my good friend Weng who is having her first year anniversary for CafeMunchkin . It all started with the crinkles from Abby & Meeya & Weng of course. And the rest, as they say, is history!
I am so happy for Weng that I have decided to join her contest. Happy 1st birthday!Plus the fact that I want to win in the contest and get that bag..hehehhe..so here I am writing!
I looked at my old pictures and saw some pics of my little boy M who has been very influential in my cooking/baking/experimenting at my kitchen! He is the reason why I cook and why I bake! He loves to help me whenever I am in the kitchen.

So last Saturday morning, as I was about to post an entry to join the contest, M again tried his best to help me bake.

Oh, and I got this idea from marikit Tin who told me to put the banana mixture into cupcakes. That way, it was easy for M to eat them.

This blondies recipe I got from Cafemunchkin. Hindi lang kasingganda ng gawa ni Weng huh. Pero pwede na daw sabi ni M.

Yup, this all happened last Saturday. M and I baked banana cupcakes and blondies! Another bonding time!
Well, M and I also enjoyed eating them afterwards. Now, that's another story to tell!