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Monday, April 28, 2008

M is 3!

Forgive me as I forgot how to upload pics here at blogger! Tumatanda na ang lola! Would this work?


I hope so! I am trying to find the easiest way to upload my pictures and send it via email to friends and relatives and I am trying this one! If I could only have the slideshow presentation like I see on other blogs..Pano kaya yun? Help pls..If you dont see the pictures, just scroll down! Bear with me please.
Things have been sooo busy. Finals is next week. We have not been spending a single weekend at our house except last Saturday, April 19 when we had M's party! I wanted to join the LP where I had the pabitin as my entry to kwadrado but then I missed it.
Praise God M's party was a huge success! It was sunny all week long and we can almost feel summer and yet on that Saturday morning, it rained! Huhuhu..Pano na ang lechon! We had to set up a tent by the lechonan area. Still, we just felt God's love as our friends came over to spend this day and did all their best to help us! H tried to cook lechon and boy he did it! We live in a small town here in FL and when I asked one of the lechon supplier in town he said he'll charge me $250 but when it was H's turn to call him for a quote, he's now charging $450. By then H decided he will be the one to cook lechon with MJ's help. MJ had a machine which will make the lechon rotate so it will not be too tedious on H's part. H was up for the experience as it was what he called a labor of love for M (or the lechon) He searched for recipes and searched for a pig supplier as well as the kawayan!
Buzz Lightyear was M's theme and he was dressed up for the party c/o Ninang S who gave him his long sleeve shirt with matching buzz tie. Ninang S also gave him a jersey shirt so he can change when it's play time! We rented an 18ft giant wet/dry slide for the kids (and adults) Ninang S also brought her choco fountain so everyone indulged in the semi-sweet chocolate coated fruits (and chips==as some of the kids tried to dip the chips;))
M clapped his hands when he was able to blow his 3 candles..He was a picture of such innocence and happiness! He loved opening his presents! And shouts aloud when it's a toy..Looks for the next present when it's a set of clothes..(Mom shouts yehey pag damit ang regalo)
We had games like soldier hunt, pabitin, pinata! The party started at 2pm yet a lot of our guests came earlier (lunchtime). Later at night, Tito B cooked sisig which is so good it was just hard to resist! C had to rush to Publix to get beer for the boys! Would you believe our guests stayed at 12 midnight..And by 8am, our neighbors were back as they know we have leftovers for breakfast!! We did not mind their company as we treasure our friends who helped us pull this party for M! Bayanihan is still present here! If not, I don't know how we would have survived that party! Thank you Lord for great friends who made M's party an unforgettable one! For our family whom we terribly miss and sent their greetings via mails, bless them too! But I just pray that M will grow up to be a good, Godly and obedient young man! And that He will always protect M wherever he may be. Amen!

3rd birthday party

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NY trip

I'm back.
Well, at least for a while! Spending time with bff I was the best! She had the most gorgeous house I've ever seen that we did not want to leave her place! It was very easy convincing H to move to NJ but then, it might take some more time! Hopefully, when I finish school which would be about 5 years from now. Bwahahahah..I'm taking it slow! Too slow..
My son had a great time flying! He was the most excited person in the whole plane! He quipped as we were about to take off.."Ohhh, mom, I'm flying!" We had him seated at the window so he could see everything! He was really brave to fly! Well, he did flew home last 2006 but he was a baby then! And we, H and I were brave to fly 18 hours with him! (Minus layovers) Did that twice in a year! ( I was breastfeeding back then..what else defines bravery:))
I leave you with a few pictures but the stories are still all bottled up in my mind!
I had a great time, but that's an understatement!
I have to unpack! And then, pack again! Buti na lang, I love long drives!
Laundry to follow! (Oh..and the story, sometime, when time permits)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The concert

We watched the H's concert at Jax, Fl last Saturday! We left the house at 12 noon instead of the 10am plan so my girlfriends were calling me as it was almost past five when we got to Jax and the concert will start at 7pm. Still, we were able to dig in a cup of rice and ohh lala..korean ribs in the sweetest sauce by supermom S! At 6pm, off we drove to Times Union PA. It took us 30 minutes to get there and find a good parking spot. The parking fee was only $10 but the attendant charged us $15 as it was a special concert according to him. Hmmm..
Inside the concert hall, we went to the restroom and A said, "Wow, para tayong nasa SM Shoemart" kasi puro pinoy. There were also some husbands who escorted their wives (like my H who is so manly and confident that I will be in my poised figure when the concert starts--and with the hope that I will remember that I am married to him and him alone.)
We were ushered to third row (waaa..row 3, at least di row 4- dunno kung sino makakaintindi nito) which is really nice as we were seated in the middle row, (read--pangatlo mula sa harap. Ang lapit talaga namin pramis)which is a very good view for me. We were made to wear this pink wrist band to serve as our pass to the VIP room where after the concert, we would get to meet the stars of the show and have their autograph/signatures. Showbiz..
Ang mga lola sa harap ng kamera!

Magagandang walang pera! We realized we needed a bottle of water and we didnt have the money to pay for it (@$3.00 )

The star of the show!

It was a fun show all because of Pokwang and JL. It was like they were just talking in the stage, singing, saying those funny spiels unscripted but nothing extraordinary. S was handsome in person and was also game and could sing well though he chose hard songs. JL could hardly reach the high notes in an easy song but he was the most charming among the three. His spiel brought the house down by saying that he is more guwapo than Papa P. Of course Pokwang was the funniest and the most talented. She could sing and dance Shakira style! My, and she's got the curves! Sadly, P was snobbish though he could sing pretty well. P did not go near the stage or around the hall as opposed to S and Jl. I felt that he had made himself a wall or something where no one can even enter! He did not shook hands when he was onstage nor tried to be close and establish rapport on us. He just sang. I felt weird seeing him as he is not that guwapo pala. This is just my opinion.

Worst, when it was our turn to meet P and all the stars at the VIP room, P never made eye contact unlike the other stars. They were seated like a panel of judges with a huge table in front of them so it is not permissible to hug them or take pictures while you're talking to them. My experience went like this:

Me : Hi JL. Pwede ba akong magpa-autograph?
JL : Oo naman.
Me : Pwede rin ba kitang kamayan?
JL : Oo. (shakes my hand, smiles at me..natunaw ako)
Me : Thank you.

Next, seated to him is S.

Me : Hi S. Can I pls have your autograph?
S : Sure.
Me : Can I pls. shake your hand?
S : Of course. (shakes my hand, smiles at me..wow)
Me : Thank you for performing here. It was a great experience.

(me background sa likod na mga pinoy -- "Oy ate, andar na pila, wala ng chika chika para di tayo magtagal")
I really didnt know if it was for me or someone else as we were all taking our time, treasuring that 2-3 second/moment, the works. Most of those who watched the concert drove 5-6 hours, some drove from Maryland just to see them and paid more than a $100 for the ticket price, had to book into a hotel etc etc. So if they wanted to make their money worth it, with a little hi and a little hello, so what! Everyone fall in a looooong line just to get inside the VIP room huh. Why do they have to give those remarks?

When it was my turn to greet Papa P, he was talking to somebody else beside him, a girl with a gucci purse (not my friend though). Her purse is really nice but I didn't like the way that she stayed there at P's table and was trying to get P's attention. I didnt like the way she talked to P and P was giving him more attention than the ones who were in line.

Me : Hello P. Can I have your autograph pls?
P : (Still talking to the girl- signs my cd and does not even look at me)
Me : Can I shake your hand pls?
P : (Talks to that girl again)
Me : Excuse me!
P : Oh..(finally looks at me- and shakes my hand)

I really felt that it was so rude. Worst, he did it to my friends as well. He didn't even bother to shake their hands. (My friends didnt bother to ask him anymore as he was still busy talking to that girl) Then, on our way out, other ladies were also complaining that he was not that friendly at all. He kept on talking to that girl and did not give them the time/acknowledgement that they deserve. Marami kaming nabiktima. Kainez..

From now on, I am no longer a fan of P. Mas guwapo pa si JL sa kanya. Even S.

Goodbye P. Hello JL.

A shattered dream! He lost a fan!
(tama na daw ang pantasya sabi ng H ng buhay ko:))

What matters most is that at the end of that Saturday night, I got to enjoy the company of my girlfriends and the H of my life--all in one night (minus M who had a fab time as well playing with kids of his age at S's house- thank god Lola E was there to babysit the kids) Oh, and the window shopping that I did the next day with my good friend Louis (just drooling on them instead of looking at eluxury and feeling them alive on my hands/shoulder/wrists.., the very great dimsum at that elegant chinese restaurant which I cannot remember the name, the decor items that I bought at Pier1, the long conversation that H and I had because of the long drive, with M demanding his dvd player be changed every 30 minutes, the bag of cheetos, the cans of sodas, the rest areas, that family time...I totally forgot about P.
Life is really good! :) (and so is shopping);)