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Thursday, June 24, 2004

bro's bday

happy bday my fave brother! ..he is now 26 years old..dad joked that i should join them for dinner as they have cake & spaghetti..(as if i could really be with them..i could use my imagination though) my brother loves spaghetti so much he could gobble up almost everything..i would him call him "monster" ..he's got a great appetite..his body shows it..hehhheeh..
i just miss them so much ive been calling them lately these days..2 days ago, i was reading my sister's email when tears just flowed out from nowhere..if i could only be with them ..then i paused and stopped myself from crying..what am i doing? god has been so good to me..he gave me my husband who has seen the worst and best of me (owwss?)..yeah, its been only seven months but having him in my life now makes a lot of difference..this is one of those homesick attack whatever you may call it..but it seems they are all getting used to it..maybe i am the only one left out..husband says its normal though..he has been away from his family for 10 years and he still experience that "feeling"..you know ..
dinner time and we craved for halo-halo and voila, prepared our own here minus the leche flan and ube..but the snow cone maker ice was good..enough to imagine the good times we had..
meantime, i am now craving for krispy kreme.. hubby was so sweet last night he wanted to buy me a dozen..( he comes home with that pasalubong from work..sweet noh? ) or maybe he wants me to gain extra pounds..hmmm.. why did i not think of that..
my legs are still aching from that work out--i have a big dream that i will be britney spears..heheh..hubby supports that dream so he is my trainor..2 days have passed and boy my arms and legs are still soar..but i just cant stop now..i hope..!
oh well, gotta clean the house and clean the breakfast nook (loved those morning moments with hubby)..being a homemaker is miles apart from my previous world..(aka banking career) oopppssiee...no complaints,..as always god is good!!

Friday, June 18, 2004


cant wait for him to be home..i was extremely busy..being a homemaker does make you busy..you just cant stop fixing a new thing (have to finish that liner for the cabinets..tsk) cooking and other stuff..( my..i got to do my window treatments soon..)
last night we were just hugging ..literally..we would wonder how things would change once we have kids..then we shrugged off that idea....we just wanted to enjoy each other..at the moment..hopefully they will come..meantime, we just hug..have long dinners..eggs for breakfast..weekends to enjoy..places to go..lots to do..married life can be really exciting....& fun..!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

dinner date

we had dinner at house of chan since hubby craved for chinese..it was fronting st andrews bay..romantic..beside that chinese restaurant is canopies " a fine dining " one..got nervous as i was not dressed up..you know me, the jeans & shirt gal..dun pala chinese kami..the lady was even speaking to us in chinese...! why did she thought i was one?
we went to movie gallery to just get a video but no success..we headed home instead..i was thinkinf of his ex the whole time..i would reprimand myself a lot of times as hubby has been loving me the way no other man has & here i am trapped in my own thoughts..should i tell him bout this? but then he would be lost again! he has been finding ways of making me believe he loves only me..HE MARRIED ME right? hmmm..woman! last time he said, how can i ever convince you..sometimes he gets frustrated too..
if only i hadnt known..but then, i wouldnt want that too..he has been honest right from the start..& he is a package deal..past present & future..
i got the present & the future--where we will spend the rest of our lives together....
another thing, should i do this in the morning or evening? it would always be a day late then..
basta, he loves me..thats final! i am just creating my own ghosts! enough!he loves me..period!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

7 months

time flies real fast..got so many plans ...lots of pending..blog to explore ( i think i did it!:))letters to mail (soon..i hope..), calls to family (later ..)..etc etc..its been 7 months..i want to say im still happily married..i hope he feels the same way..ooppss..phone ringing at 10am..that could be him...he has always been sweet as ever..& its our monthsary..whew!!thank god he led me to the right man..!