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Sunday, August 28, 2005

unit 602

buying a second property has been in our dreams! we always surf the net on possible investment opportunities as we plan to buy our dream vacation house in the philippines. we would surf the net, get quotations, email, inquire, review, decide ..at first we were hoping for a house just like what we have now , then a house fronting taal lake so we were thinking somewhere in tagaytay. then we changed our mind to having one fronting the beach, then maybe a condo somewehere in makati, or a townhouse , the list goes on..afterall, libre mangarap!
finally, this one pushed through as our downpayment has cleared today. we actually bought this property last june when hubs signed the contract (nanginginig pa sya) but it is only now that the developer has finally deposited the check...waaaahh..big amount, depleted savings..
at first we were also worried, there were no signs that a townhouse will be built on its proposed site. baka na swindle kami kasama kaibigan namin..hehheeh.we even googled if this firm really exists..
since it is still under construction, we had a good deal for this unit. infact, a colleague called hubs last week to offer the same unit priced $20k more. tumubo na sya agad.
finally this week, we saw the proposed site being cleared plus our checking acct being cleared also of our hard earned savings..di bale, investment din naman..
gotta start saving again...next comes the mortgage payments..haaayy..god provides!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

secret revelation

the first time we met, i already knew it. but then they do not seem to know, or notice, or pretend not to know. it made me a little confused. maybe, they are in denial, but all the signs are clear..
and this week, it was confirmed.
i knew i was right all along!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


I was tagged by Marie at nag tampo na ata na di pa ko nasagot. Marie, medyo naging busy lang po. ( you know how it is to raise a kid tsk) but here it is...
- read- chat, blog, surf , sing, dance, window shop , watch tv- take a walk in the afternoon around the village, manahi ng curtains, mag decorate ng bahay, maglinis, mag bake, be productive. like i think i should do something creative with my hands..pero di ako creative..tsk.
- play with coocoo bear -baby- just seeing bebe smile..my heart melts.
-an appreciation from papa bear how ive managed running the house (mabango damit nya, me masarap na ulam sya, tulog na anak nya pag uwi nya from work at higit sa lahat , never syang nauubusan ng brief na maisuot.- when he was single every 2 weeks sya mag laundry. - di nya alam i bought extra briefs for him..bwahahahah)
3. TAG 5 FRIENDS AND ASK THEM TO POST IT IN THEIRS.- - nyah ..my post is so late.! whoever reads this pls..