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Friday, May 16, 2008

tag from pinky

I was tagged by Pinky early this month. I thought I've done something like this. Anyhoo, I want to do tags but sometimes I don't want to update my blog. Wow, that's one quirky thing right?

Here are the simple rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six unimportant things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag six (6) random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

So, here it goes...

6 Quirky Things about me:

1. I don't eat vegetables. Well, I've been trying to eat some greens but I just can't do it. I've been trying to cook steamed veggies so I'd be forced to eat them this summer. Hope it works.

2. I don't drink coffee. I made my dad's coffee when I was still living in his house every single day and I never tried it. When I got married, I had to prepare H's cup daily as well. I never got hooked on coffee. Even though I smell the aroma, daily.

3. I update my blog but sometimes I don't post/publish it.

4. I yawn unintentionally when I exercise. Doing the elliptical or treadmill makes me sleepy. H thinks that's ultra super weird!

5. I refuse gifts from H even when he lets me buy nice clothes, bags, etc. I feel sayang ang pera! (Yeah right) My girlfriends think that's super dooper weird. Once, he bought a Coach bag for me for Christmas and I returned it because I felt I already have lots of bags. Although months later, I bought a bag and he said he's glad that I finally bought one. I should remember the mantra, "A lady can never have enough purses" (or shoes..)

6. I love to snorkel but I do not know how to swim! I have floaters when I snorkel. Last summer, my school had swimming lessons so I enrolled for 2 weeks. I just don't know if I still have the skill as I haven't gone swimming yet this year. We go to the community pool here in the village but I just watch M play and splash water.

Yehey ulit, another tag done. (clap my hands here) I still have to do Meeya and Nell's tag though.
Have fun doing this tag guys! You're it when you read this and have not done it!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

8 Things I am grateful for- a tag from Tin

I was tagged by Tin last March. This one haunts me as I know I have so many blessings to be thankful for aside from tags to complete. To wit, I am grateful for:

1. God loves me so much - I just thank God that He is always present in my life. Early on, I could be stubborn and hard headed at times but God never gave up on me. I am thankful that I have accepted Him to be my Lord and my Saviour at an early age. ( I was in my teens when I wanted to become a nun but God had a different plan for me. ) Besides, the nuns in the monastery will not accept me . I could be a disgrace in their society - lol :))

2. My husband - Love moves in mysterious ways (our wedding song). He is the reason why I left the comforts of Pinas and I never ever regret the decision I made when I said yes to his marriage proposal! I have met so many wrong ones before H came into my life and when I met him, I knew he was the one. We had a whirlwind romance. I asked God for a sign and God gave me the sign that I asked. So, who am I to argue on God's plan?

3. My son- Every mom knows that their kid is a precious gift grom God. M has taught me a lot of things, that I can love beyond any love I've known, that I can be happy by seeing thru my son's eyes and his points of view. I am blessed that I get to see him grow up before my eyes, nurture him, potty train him, cook for him, shopped for him, build his railroad tracks, play with him at the park, push him in his swing, explore the world in his eyes, listen to his ideas, everything with him is just marvelous! I am madly in love with my son even when he has his tantrums! All moms are like that, I think!

4. My family and the extended ones - My dad cried buckets when I left them but still, he would always be the one to say , take care of your husband, etc etc. My siblings had always been there for me too even though we would fight and argue, still we love each other to bits. The IL's have also been very helpful and I am just thankful that they raised the husband into a very fine man. (and spoil M whenever they can.)

5. My friends- Friends--blogger friends, old friends, new friends, whoever I share myself with is another reason to be thankful for. They are my jewels who can understand what I am going through, what my dreams are, etc. My day will not be complete without a phone call from a friend, a ym message from another dear friend, a text message, etc. I am blessed to have a few good friends whom I truly cherish.

6. Good health - Praise God the entire family (here and there) have been in the bestest of health. As they say, health is wealth!

7. Ability to go back to school (and hopefully finish a 2nd degree) - When I went back to school, it wasn't just me. H had to do his part and M too. H had to be happy with what's on the dinner table and M had to wake up early so I can bring him to my friend D so she can watch and take care of him. Another perk is that M can play with S too. The idea of a daycare still scares me. My dream is to finish this course before I turn 50. Hahahaha...

8. Every single day - Every morning I thank God I am alive to experience all His blessings. I can move, dance, sing, cook, play, laugh, rant, bloghop, nag and do the laundry, dishes, plant a tree, smell the flowers, etc. It's great to be alive!

Yehey..Thanks Tin for this! I don't know who to tag so if you feel like doing this, please feel free to snag. Now, I still owe Pinky and Meeya a tag. I'll try to do that before I turn 40. Joke lang!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LP Entry #3-Umaapoy

Umaapoy ang iyong liwanag
Umaapoy sa buong kalangitan
Umaapoy ang sigla
Kahit na sa iyong paglisan

Ang litratong ito ay kinuha ko noong kaming mag-asawa ay nagpunta sa Boracay. Sa tatlong araw naming inilagi sa Boracay, kapansin-pansin na pagsapit ng paglubog ng araw, lahat ng mga taong naroroon ay nanonood sa kagandahang ito. Kitang kita rin namin kung paano biglang nagbabago ang Boracay pagsapit ng gabi. May musika at sayawan, pawang puro kasiyahan.
Maligayang Huwebes sa lahat ng myembro ng LP!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Late greeting

Hello everyone!!
Belated happy mother's day to all the moms who read my blog! I'm sure all of you had a blast celebrating that day! Motherhood is such a precious gift entrusted by God and I am so thankful that He gave me that!
So, what did i do on Mother's day?? Just window shopped and drooled on fab bags and took care of 4 kids on that day at the mall! Here's the pic to prove it!

I brought these kids to the mall but I got their moms who are my good friends with me. There is no way I can push three strollers all at the same time. Eating out with these kids is already a challenge. Last Sunday, I only had one boy to be in charged of, which is the reason why I became a mom in the first place.
Here he is!

For our Mother's day celebration weekend, the L's, the D's and us, drove to Atlanta. We arrived Friday night at BIL's house. It was a 2 bedroom townhouse so our sleeping arrangement had to be girl's room and boy's room. The kids slept with the moms of course as the dads had a snoring contest on the other room. (hehehehe)
How can you put 3 kids to sleep all in one room? It was a hard task but it could be done. Prayer is the answer. Although, it took a while for them to sleep as S, I and M would play, jump from one bed to another, giggle and talk at 12 midnight. Since when did the kids had to had conversations first before going to sleep? Hmmm...M was the first one to sleep though. He got that from his dad.
Saturday morning, we went to our purpose and goal in life--nope, the purpose of this trip is actually to shop here!

We made IKEA rich while IKEA made us poor. They had a daycare service but unfortunately, M chickened out. We had him signed in and he saw I, R, & S playing inside the play area but M stepped out and he insisted he wanted to go shopping with us instead. I made him promise that he'll behave in his stroller as we do our shopping. Luckily, he kept his promise. I made H promise that he'll stick with the budget. H kept his promise as well. That's a mother's day treat for me. ;)
We bought the entertainment center we had been eyeing at NJ last month. The L's bought the same thing with a slightly different design. They came prepared as they had measured their den so they were done shopping in less than 2 hours. The D's bought a bedroom set, an impulsive one as they say. It was a good thing Thunder carried the whole showcase. Too bad, IKEA ran out of the glass doors for the said entertainment center. We had no choice but to come back on Sunday when the doors will be available according to their inventory person. The L's needed that glass door too.
We had dinner at our fave Dimsum house and then we decided to give the kids a treat by going to Chuck E Cheese's. The kids loved it!

A smart move by the parents, I think. The kids had fun and of course, they all got tired playing, running, sliding, etc. It was only M who didnt want to go home when they closed. M would say, "No Mom, I want to play at Chuckee Cheeke's." That's how he said it. Funny! We went home and put this kids on the tub as they took their shower. We changed them into their jammies and us moms took turns in the shower. (Nope, we couldn't fit into the tub too bad for the dads. :)) The kids played some more and then they slept early. Well, it was already 11pm when they dozed off but compared last night, it was earlier!
Sunday was Mom's day and the boys had to go to IKEA to pick up the ordered glass doors. The girls/mommies had a meeting the night before that we will not go to IKEA anymore. Instead, we would just hang out at the mall with the kids, check a play area for the kids or shop for the moms. Wishful thinking.
The boys agreed and said that they would pick us up when they were done. I drove the girl's van off to the mall while H drove the boy's truck off to IKEA. Boys and girls, girls and boys.
At the mall, it was so tempting to get a new bag but I know that H and I just shopped at IKEA to my heart's and house's content. I had to content myself from trying on the purses. For me, the purses were alive and I could feel their heartbeat on my shoulders. Tama na muna yun. Mommy A and Mommy D got some stuff at Ann Taylor. Mommy A almost bought the other purse at Burberry. Me?? Dream on...Someday, pagkabayad ke IKEA. (at pagkatapos mag-aral--hahahah..Swerte talaga ni H sa akin..hahahahahha)
The mall had a laser thing where kids would chase it and play around a little mat. It looked like a little advertisement for the company logo's. They had fun playing at those light laser beams.

After getting the glass doors, the boys called us up. The boys wanted us to have lunch together at 2pm but it was hard for us to bring all 3 kids to where they were. Besides, we had lunch earlier because of the kids. We waited for the boys at the mall instead. Finally, we were able to leave Atlanta at 3pm. Another 4 hour drive awaits us. As M's DVD played Toy Story 2, exactly 5 minutes later, M got to take his nap. Here's M in his delayed nap time.

It was a fun road trip! I do love long travels with H and M but I love it most when trips are shared with friends. Mas maraming chismis. Hehehehe. We had numerous stops when the kids needed a bathroom break, the kids wanting to have a dvd swap (I want to watch S's movie not my movie, why is it that they want to have what the other one was currently watching?), the kids craving to eat a Sonic burger and fries and mac and cheese, and a lot of kid's demands (and dad's too) It was indeed a weekend filled with all the reasons why I love being a mom, a wife, and a friend !!
Have a great week y'all!

Friday, May 09, 2008

LP Entry # 2 - Mahal na Ina

Tatay na nanay pa!
Maagang naulila kaya't siya na ang
tumayong nanay!
Pero nanatiling haligi
ng bahay!
Anong saya nung tayo ay
nasa Tagaytay!
Anong lungkot nung
ako ay iyong iwan!
Pero iisipin ko na lang lagi
ang magagandang alaala!
Mahal kitang tunay!

Ang akdang ito ay para sa aking ama na siya ring gumanap bilang aking ina dahil maagang pumanaw ang aking mahal na ina! Hindi na sya nag-asawa pa at sa halip ay kaming mga anak nya na lang ang pinagtuunan ng pansin.
Hindi ako makasulat kasi maiiyak lang ako dahil hanggang ngayon nangungulila pa rin ako sa kanya! Kuha ko ito sa kanya noong kami ay nagbakasyon sa Pilipinas!

(Bago ko matapos ito, tumawag ang aking kaibigang si S. Namaalam na rin ang kanyang tatay, atake sa puso sa edad na 80. Pakisama naman sa inyong dalangin si Tito G at ang aking tatay. Malamang, nag uusap yung dalawang magkumpare sa piling ng ating Panginoong Maykapal)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Weekend plans

It's the last week of school and I can't wait to have my summer break! My last day is on Thursday and it's also the day that I take my final exam. I can only pass if I start to study and not blog. Lord help me please on this test. Amen!
I have been looking for fun things to do for M and me. I've only enrolled in a swimming class which will start on the 27th of May. There is a swimming class that will start on the 12th but I decided not to enroll on that one as I wanted to take a week or so to do some more of my spring cleaning/organizing. H commented that the house looks good lately as I try to do a little cleaning of this and that. He then reprimanded me to go back on my books as school is not over yet. (Eh sa masarap maglinis ng bahay eh..)
Last Friday was dvd night for H and me as we watched the movie Hitman . Action and violent scenes do not make me happy plus I had to cut my dvd moment short as I had to tuck M to his bed early. I got to sleep early too and so did H. Sleep is something we enjoy doing. Yup, nakatulog kami sa movie just like what we did with all the dvd movies we've watched. Antukin family is our name.
Then on Saturday, we headed to Pier Park for some family bonding time! We stayed at Borders where M enjoyed reading Thomas train books. I got to hang around with the other kids in the kids area. H also had a great time as he enjoyed looking/browsing at the magazines mostly on renovating/designing. We wanted to do something else for the house for the nth time. :) It rained that afternoon but we managed to stroll along the new opened outlets like Old Navy, VS, etc.
On Sunday, I had to do my closed captioning thingy at the church as I am training my friend N to do captioning volunteer! I had to attend the mass at 10am to cover the mass for tv and then attend the mass again at 1145 where R had his 1st communion. Now that R is on the second grade, I still remember seeing R for the first time when he was only 3 years old, a little toddler, and now he's tall, smart, top of his class and he was wearing a black tie on his special day! After hearing mass, all 6 invited families for R's communion went to Crasy Buffet (that's how their name was spelled) where the L's treated us for lunch! It was just hard to have all the kids aged 3 and below eat their food as they all wanted to go down their high chairs and play. M was the only one who was able to sit for 15 minutes and then he just cant wait to play with his playmates J, S, I, J and RJ. The celebrant R was the only one who had no playmates in his age group. Wawa..Luckily, M belongs to the same age group as that of our neighbors/friends' kids so M had a grand time. I just felt embarrassed in a way as the kids started playing with the balloons given by the waiters. The kids would toss it up on the air and then the balloons would land on the other customer's tables who obviously, also just wanted to enjoy their late lunch. We were strategically seated in the corner away from the other tables but still the kids would just ran, play and I felt it would have been easier had we stayed in the house instead. But the L's are known for their no-fuss parties so they opted to have the celebration here at the restaurant. Anyway, I just thought that if they have a right to stay then so do we as we paid for our lunch (este- it was L's treat nga pala ) Good thing too the other customers were not the snob type as they know that kids are just being kids! I'm being too hard on myself I think!
It was on this lunch date that we all finalized our road trip to Atlanta this weekend. We will leave PC at 4pm and drive to Atlanta where my BIL's house is. That house is 5 minutes away from Lenox Mall. Though the guys wanted to go to IKEA , girls might hang out at the mall instead. I do want to go to IKEA as H and I were bitin in our shopping at NJ last month. We'll do IKEA on Saturday then the mall on Sunday. Eating dimsum is also in the agenda! How will I ever lose my 25 lbs? (Buti pa si J)
Gotta study now! Have a fun week everyone! I'm sorry I don't have pictures because my camera said goodbye to me last Sunday! At R's communion, my LCD screen just went blank. I brought it to BestBuy yesterday and they said that they will try to fix it . It is a good thing that my 4 year warranty protection plan expires this September 08 so my camera is still covered. If they won't be able to fix it, they'll let me have a new camera within the price range of my old one! Wow! H prayed that the camera won't be repaired. I doubt it though. But if they give me a new one, who am I to say no?
(Ooopps, about the tags that I owe--Weng, Tin, etc- sa bakasyon gagawin ko na po, sorry huh..busy lang talaga)
Oh, thank you for all those who gave good comments on H's birthday bash! We enjoyed it to the max and our friends are asking us about our plans next year! And those who left a comment on M's sad picture, thank you! Di naman laging umiiyak si M.---Yaiks, need to find my entry for LP. After the test, maybe!
Cheers everyone!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

LP entry #1 - Malungkot

Anak, anak huwag ka ng malungkot
Huwag ka ng sumimangot o kaya'y mabugnot
Di lahat ng bagay pwede mong makamtam
Gaya ng cellphone ko na biglang nawala kailan lang
Ayokong mainis, ayokong manisi
Ako bilang iyong ina ang dapat umintindi
Sa mura mong isip lahat ay iyong hahawakan
Hayaan mo't bibili tayo bukas ng cellphone na laruan!

Noong isang buwan, ang aking anak ay umiiyak dahil ayaw kong ibigay ang aking bagong biling cellular phone! Lungkot na lungkot siya dahil nais nyang kunin ito sa akin. Ayaw kong ibigay ang telepono dahil ng huli nyang gamitin ang aking lumang cellphone, hindi ko na ito nakita pa ulit. Ako naman ang nalungkot dahil ilang linggo ko syang hinanap pero tuluyan na syang nawala! Asan na kaya yun?