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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall break

I don't have a class tomorrow which is a very rare thing! Today, a Sunday morning, I decided to open my blog and just try to update you with what's going on! I apologize for having been absent for so long! I do go to plurk and see some of my online friends but school just has a way of making me busy! I long to see 09/09/09 which is our pinning ceremony date. I just pray that I could reach that day.

What I am really excited about is our Christmas trip to the Philippines. I got our tickets as early as July with the hope that I get a good deal with the ticket prices. I envy the husband and my son as they get to spend SIX LONG WEEKS in my beloved country! I, on the other hand, will spend my Christmas break which is a very short two weeks! I will have to miss one day in school as my return date was already booked as early as July. Yet, I am still thankful that after five long years, we get to spend Christmas in Pinas! Our friends here are also coming home! We're all very excited. The husband has started his countdown the very day we got the tickets. And it's down to less than two months now. Woohooo..!

We figured we'd go home this year (as we have been going home every two years at least, praise God, last time was October 2006 and not on a December ) as M will start school pre-K next year. We also wanted to get my father in law to come back with us. The mil misses him very much though mil just got back here last month. My fil wanted to wait till January to fly here. You see, it's been two years since we last saw him and we terribly miss him!

Of course, I am so thrilled to see my niece and siblings and the rest of the family and friendships too! Hay naku, excited talaga ako!

That's it for now! Bibingka and puto bumbong, here we come! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

LP#28 - Luma Na

Himala ng mga himala! Mayroon akong lahok para sa linggong ito. Paumanhin sa lahat ng bumisita at wala man lang ako lahok sa mga nagdaang dalawang buwan. Harinawang makasali na ako sa bawat linggo. Harinawa!

Nahirapan ako sa lahok na ito! Limang taon na ako dito sa Amerika at sa paglinga ko sa aming tahanan ay tunay na wala akong makitang luma! Lahat ng aking naisip na luma ay nasa aming tahanan sa Pilipinas! Sa aking pag aayos ng mga papeles, ito ang aking nakita! Agad ko itong kinunan at pilit na itinago ang mga pangalan at baka ako pagalitan ng aking mahal na biyenan!

Taong 1966 pa pala sila kinasal! Nakakatuwa na hanggang ngayon, animo bagong kasal ang aking mga biyenan! Harinawang tumagal pa ang kanilang pagsasama at pagmamahalan!

Salamat sa inyong pagbisita! Maligayang LP!