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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

feeling nostalgic

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Thu, 24 Jul 2003 20:15:43 -0800

to the brightest star in my universe
tonight i find myself thinking of you, wondering what u are doing this very moment.
cant sleep...your face ever so vivid in my mind...u are just unforgettable...everything
about you...indeed i am most blessed of all men...and to God i am forever grateful...
that in the vastness of the universe He led me to the brightest star ...YOU!


Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:07:45 -0800

thanks sa e-mail. so excited to chat with u this weekend.sunday is leo's birthday and he is inviting me over to his house. kakagawa lang ng pool niya sa bahay so it is going to be a pool party with his in-laws. his brother and sister in law is driving from west virginia. m planning to attend. any ideas for a gift love? sana nandito ka na para kasama kita and para ikaw bumili ng gift, mahina akong umisip ng pangregalo. anyway siyempre may date tayo bukas friday night ko and saturday night ko. 2 nights love pwede? miss kasi kita sobra. kung may lakad ka just tell me ok lang. ingat ka lagi. how is ging? have a safe and happy friday. ano gimik u? love u so much. aga ka ba uwi? bilib naman ako sa e-mail add mo. so sweet nd thoughtful. love u. advance happy monthsary love. 8 wonderful and happy months. ITGFY--I thank God for you.
all my love,

PS. di darating ang araw na magsasawa ako sa iyo. pano pagsasawaan ang buhay ko?

Monday, August 30, 2004

a glimpse

"i remember my last glimpse of you the night we parted. i took you home that night knowing i won't be seeing you for a whole year. i saw you look back as the tricycle pulled away. but then that was enough to bring comfort to my aching heart. just a glimpse of your dreamy eyes...a glimpse of your warm bright smile...a glimpse of your long black hair...a glimpse of your fiery red lips...just a glimpse of YOU!...time went by...seasons changed...and here i am about to see you again...ecstatic to say the least... for this time around it would be more than just a glimpse...but a chance to gaze into your eyes...forever! "

then he added this ...

love thanks for your e-mail. see what inspiration you bring. i was just reading and suddenly i was transported back to that night and out of that came these love thoughts. take care always and i will see you soon. I LOVE YOU.

hubs wrote this last year, 3 months before our wedding..! im so glad i kept this along with all his poems, emails, cards...! im just so glad we're together now! i just praise and thank God for his love!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

peels sleep

hubs does love me..he slept the whole day..just beside me that is..i find it amusing...i thought its alright for me to sleep..but with him being sleepy too..hmmm..last night pa sya huh..
he still cant sleep without him hugging me or me hugging him...there's a secret code that when he makes this turn i hug him and when i do that turn he hugs back..dont know how we invented that..it was just a natural thing..isnt he adorable?

Saturday, August 28, 2004

anton's baptism

it was unusual that we had to wake up at 7am on a saturday morning..with puffy eyes, we forced ourself to eat cereals and a glass of orange juice for me while hubs had his cup of coffee..we have to rush or we'll be late..
2 hours of driving & we reached tall..we arrived at the church 11am. it was just about to start..s was the first to kiss me & she congratulated me, us..then the entire clan followed, familiar faces greeted me too..i was thinking, i just told s..and now everybody knows! hmmm...
baby anton was an angel..welcome to the christian world!!!
the reception followed at florida buffet..hubs got me a plate filled with brocolli, chicken, pasta, pot roast etc..he gave me a soup of mixed veggies too..ooopps, btw, i dont eat veggies but now i am forced to..huhuhuhuh..
we then went to marshalls to shop around for house stuff..then.. tada..my eyes caught this shoes on sale..so i bought 2. ..ahihihih..i remembered monet..this is my prize too! buti talaga, bait si hubs..grabe..
we went back to s mom's house..a little of tfc channel inside the room and im amazed at how new young actors and actresses (are they really actors?) gazed the tv..i dont know them..tsk..to think ive been just a few months away..
s then invited me to eat at au pache, a pastry shop nearby and asked if we could tag along our hubbies..we were surprised to see them nowhere..c's car is gone so maybe the 3 guys went out..we decided to eat anyway..
a talk with s brought back college memories..i cant believe weve been friends for 13 yrs..it felt good! as the strawberry tart, chocolate truffle melted in our mouth, it did felt good!
she kept calling the guys on their cellfone but they are not picking up..i said she should not bother kasi im sure theyre ok..i did not even think of calling hubs..im sure theyre together & theyre doin fine..s still tried..and on her 5th call she was able to get through..the guys went to starbucks for a coffee, they went to best buy, and did some guy things...guys do guy stuff while girls do girl stuff once in a while..i thinks its that simple..still s insist that they follow us...the shop was about to close so i dont think they can make it..anyways, i bought a box so hubs can try it at home..s did the same thing..
on the way home, hubs was real sleepy..he asked me if i could drive and i said yes of course...he slept the entire trip..!!!could he be pregnant?!?

Friday, August 27, 2004

love thy neighbor

at 1130am, i got a call from a..she wants to have lunch at applebee's and she's bringing her kid r too..5 mins after, she ranged the doorbell and we were ready to eat out..at this time i forgot im sleepy coz , hey im going out..rare times..heheh..
their menu had a weight watchers list..but then who's watching what? so..i gobbled a bacon cheeseburger, a plate of french fries and half of mesquite chicken salad..a ate the other halfof my salad and half of the big apple burger..the other half of apple burger went to r's tummy..have we not eaten for days?
we then went to publix ..i bought some oranges, grapes, fruits, milk, yogurt...looks like im seriously eating..
r had been so sweet that he wanted me to sit beside him as his mom drives..i said i cant..he started crying out loud....his mom then asked me to sit at the back of the car beside his car seat..i explained to r that this is just temporary & next stop i will be sitting next to his mom..he understood & stopped crying..he is just 4 yrs old..oh well..
we strolled at target too..bought some stuff..i felt tired afterwards so we decided to go home..
as soon as im home, i went back to sleep..ahihihiii...

sleeping beauty

want to blog but i feel so lazy..to think ive been sleeping the whole day! i wanted to do my usual chores but i just cant move..lying in the sofa is more appealing than cleaning the house..tsk!
are my cleaning days over?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

the test

hubs & i had our dinner early..then our good friend s called, asking me if i took the test..i told her im still thinking about it..being the expressive person that she was, she just blurted out how i should start taking care of myself and its good to know if its what we think it is or not..blah blah blah..then he asked for my hubs and did the same thing..blah blah blah..after the call, both of us looked at each other & then laughed..gosh, it was like having a sermon on the mount... or worst , talking to our mom..as if we dont know what to do with our lives..wooohho...
at 9pm i had a sudden urge to eat french fries..i felt i just got to have it now! those crisp, hot, golden yellow fries dipped in mayo..hmmm....
hubs was so kind to give in to my craving..we drove to wendys..beside that was publix..i just asked hubs, "what do you think if we buy the pregnancy kit?" he replied, "sure..if you feel like it it, let's get it..im just thinking you might think im pressuring you on this"
munching my fries back home, i can feel hubs excitement..i know i saw that look in his face before..let me think..
as soon as we got inside our house, hubs opened the kit and carefully read the instructions..i was about to finish my french fries when he told me , "come on, its pee time.." he still has that look..im wondering...
together, we both went inside the bathroom..we again reviewed the instructions..he swears in his entire life he has not tried using that and so am i..i even joked, "ok love, your turn to pee"..eheheh..
the test said that it will take 3 minutes to have a pink line..if it shows one pink line, negative..if it is two pink lines, positive! but in less than a minute, it gave us the result!
the answer....TWO PINK LINES! well, it says its 99% accurate so there is that 1% chance that it could be wrong..you know..hmmm..teeheheh..
hubs was so ecstatic.., he flashed a wide smile! hubs hugged me tight! he said "i love you, mommy! now, we're pregnant!"
now i remember that look...that face..i saw that on our wedding day, when we were about to get married 9 months ago, as i march down the aisle..as he said his vows, yup! that was the face!
he still has the look as we prayed before going to sleep..!we thanked god..for we believe this is his time! oh & we tried to call our parents, but we cant get through..tsk..so we had to call s....she knew she was right daw..haaayy..sige na nga!
life is a bliss!

the article

i think it was my friend monet who told me about this site so i just checked it..i found this article..
i had shivers....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

pancit bihon

to make my mind think of anything else but the thing that i dont want to think..i have to be busy..so i thought of cooking pancit bihon..ive never tried to cook it..besides, i was craving for it..its been months since ive had one...so i prepared the ff:
1. i boiled 2 pcs of chicken breast in about 10 cups of water..i add salt & pepper to taste..it took me bout 25 mins..i removed the chicken & had it flaked..the bigger the flakes the better for me..:)
2. i chopped 1 medium sized onion, sliced the repolyo into small ones, wanted to have julienne carrots but my ref does not have it so no carrots for me..tsk...i then turned on the stove in medium heat..in my wok, i poured 3 spoonfuls of olive oil (im using olive oil for hubby)..i placed the minced garlic & chopped onion , sliced chicken, and shrimps..then i seasoned to taste..i added the veggies..mix mix..then i poured in the chicken broth..
3. i then added the bihon which i soaked in the water for just about a few minutes..
4. mix mix (heheh..my own term) i added soy sauce and some more ground pepper..when i saw that its almost dry, i assumed its cooked already..i grabbed a fork and tried it..voila! my first cooked pancit ever! i can have bday parties now! heheh..
hubs came early & was so happy with the pancit..he said its hard to cook pancit daw & he gave me a hug for a job well done..did you know that he had 3 servings of pancit? gosh..i cant believe he ate that much..he reminded me to save some as he will bring it tomorrow for his baon..seems like he loved it....makes me happy!
by the way, its my yaya's bday..come to think of it..she is now 52 yrs old..she has been with us for the last 24 yrs..she has given so much to our family..she is still single..i guess she'll never marry now but who knows..gotta call her & greet her..timing naman i cooked pancit! hehhhehe..

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

old email

love of my life,

its sat am for me. getting ready to go to leo's.im enjoying my weekend kasi wala nang pressure regarding survey. thank God it is behind us. i was praying and really thanking God for His grace, love and faithfulness. i was watching tv and my eyes started looking around the house and i can't help but thank and praise Him because all of these is from Him. most of all m looking forward to making this house a home with you and our future kids. i love you very much. c ya when i get back

hindi magbabago ang tibok ng puso ko,


this was his email dated last year..i was checking my mails and i found this in my folder..how time flies!
mushy mushy mushy!

Monday, August 23, 2004

lazy day

i never felt so sleepy in my entire life..being a homemaker would mean i got lots of time to sleep but i havent done that..i swear! i only get to take afternoon nap on weekends because hubs insist we do that..plus he's the sleepy one not me really..
lo & behold at 3pm, my friends s called me (like a day pass by without her calling me eh..)
s: hey, what are u doing?
m: sleeping..until i heard the phone & rushed to check if it was hubs
s: have you been sleeping the whole day?
m: uh-huh..
s: when was the last time you had your period?
m: let me see..we're always sabay di ba..hmm 13th..yeah 13th nga, why?
s: ohmygod! youre delayed its the 23rd now..have u checked yet?
m: no, why should i? im having some pain so i know im getting my period soon!
s: tell hubs you should check na..better be sure than sorry.!
m: im positive, ill have my period..its just delayed!
s: my friend you're in denial..thats ok..i felt that too!
m: hay naku, dont want to talk to you bout this..sige na, gota go!
s: you are d-e-la-y-e-d..my god, you're pregnant!!!
m: of course not..hush..! good bye

the phone rang again,
h: hey love, how are you?
m: sleepy..can you believe i slept the whole day?
h: tell me if i need to buy the pregnancy kit, we could have done it this time! YES!
m: i dont think so..i mean, i feel that my period is coming..its just delayed..
h: its ok love..we're ready!
m: hmm..just come home..i dont want to talk about this..
h: if the baby comes, it's a blessing..if not, maybe its not yet time! whatever god wills ok..
m: ok thanks..
h: so , should i buy it now? (chuckles)
m: no..dont buy anything! ill have my period soon! i can feel it!
h: ok, denial queen! see yah later!
m: tse!
h: love you
m: love you too..

i stared at the phone for a long time..my mind began to wander..could i be pregnant? how could that happen? yeah, im married..but..i dont know..am i ready? i always thought i wanted a baby but now that im thinking of the possibility of raising a kid..i dont know what to feel..besides, i can really feel something..i can feel that im having my period real soon..it's just delayed which happens..its normal to be delayed at times!
what if i take the pregnancy test and its negative..what will i feel? ive never taken that test ever ..would that make me feel weird? would i be sad? maybe....yeah, i would be definitely sad..i will just wait na lang..
hubs is right, "Thy will be done"...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

sleeping day

today is sleeping day! we had breakfast, got a call from s..she reminded us to hear mass(hala, di ako nakasimba..tsk)and reminded us that we will see them next week..ok ok.. we went back to bed..woke up, had lunch, watched tv, then dozed off again in the sofa..woke up at 4pm, surfed the channels, prepared dinner..then its time to sleep again.!!
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...ooopps..had a call from c & a that theyre back from jax..good for them! now where am i? is this a dream? ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2004

birthday party

its l's 3rd bday party held at their home in marianna, 1 hr drive from our place. it was a swimming party held at their own pool...the kids did not mind the sun while i tried very hard to stay under the shade (hubs find that funny that takot ako sa araw..)you know hubs can take an hour drive but needs to stop at a rest area if he goes more than that..he gets sleepy kasi talaga..
it was nice to see l too..he is hubs college friend..their conversation meant reminiscing their college gimiks..its nice to know old stuff about hubs..i get to discover lots about him..
its really different when pinoys have their party..the typical american party consisted of spaghetti, sandwich, ice cream & cake..that's it..! go to a pinoy party & you'll see menudo, lumpiang shanghai, pansit, veggies, etc.. plus the party started at 10am and ended before lunch..we just decided to stay a little longer coz i want hubs to spend time with his friend..i also got to talk to l's wife and other mommies and play with their 2 kids..l's comment goes like this.."having a baby is like having a 30 yr mortgage..if that doesnt scare you i dont know what else does.." (eto ngang 15 yrs takot na ako eh..hmm..less 2 yrs na pala so 13 yrs na lang..yehey)
we left at 2 pm & we decided to do our grocery..we went to sams club.. we bought beef ribs and other stuff..we decided to have them grilled tonight..yum yum! cant wait! as soon as we got home, he prepared to marinate the beef..he told me to just relax while he starts to light the grill up..:)
i had a small chat with my sis too.. she just gets beautiful each day..i got to see yaya & dad too in the webcam..now i really have to make sure my webcam works so they can see me too..this has been on hold for so many weeks..my sis showed me her pics in her rapelling etc..she is seriously thinking of joining the mountaineering club..i said no..she is still a baby! she said she's 25 yrs old now! i still think she's a baby! teehehehe..

Friday, August 20, 2004

good old friend

my good friend s never fails to call me in a day..my other friends thinks it weird but she has always been like that, daily phone calls & chats..she just makes sure i dont get homesick plus the usual chika..this time she was making kulit why did i not join our neighbors c & a to spend the weekend with her..you see she has just visited me 1st week of august & now she wants us to see her naman..our neighbors doesnt mind the 4 1/2 hour drive to jacksonville but this weekend would mean a day off for hubby which he cannot afford to have at the moment..s joked that mahina na daw sya..what if i just leave hubs instead and spend the weekend with her..hmmm..i said no....i will only go if hubs go..hubs has been under so much pressure lately with his work, expecting surveyors, running the therapy dept and so much other stuff that i look forward spending weekends with him..ayun nagparamdam ng slight tampo si s sa akin..i just shrugged & i know she'll be over that feeling soon..
thats the weird thing..this time i get to realize that id rather spend time with hubs than go out with friends..i mean, i felt that during my single days, i was really having the best time of my life..kabikabilang gimik, lakwatsa dito, lakwatsa doon..never mind if i got work the next day, i would still go out with friends, go home at 4am & be at work at 8am..i would say nagpakasawa talaga ako! so even if stay home the entire week i feel ok now..i just know i have a different life now..
so when s was insisting i visit her & spend 1 whole week with her,(im telling you not just the weekend but let hubs fetch me the week after) i really disagreed!
hubs knows the whole story so he gave me a tight hug after the talk..then whispered, " thank you for staying this week huh..i need to relax with you eh.."
the phone is ringing again..and you guess it right its from s..!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

dentist day

call me teeth freak or what but i have always enjoyed my visits to the dentist.. back home, i would never miss my twice a year dentist appointment..i have the same old dentist for the last 12 yrs and i felt uncomfortable going to a new one.. in my previous work, we had a dental plan too but it meant going to a different dentist, one that was accredited by our company.. it did not bother me that i had to shell out extra money from my own pocket as long as i get to see my favorite dentist..talk about loyalty.
when we were about to move here, one of my top concerns was having a new dentist..hubs assured me i would love the dentist he has..and i would love the hi tech stuff they use here..so last march , off we went to his dentist and boy oh boy..hi tech nga..feeling ko promdi tuloy ako because i kept on asking what the hygienist was about to do etc etc..i was comparing notes mentally..who's better, who's faster, who's friendlier, i was checking their xray, galing..hay naku!
6 months have passed and now we have to see the dentist again..i was so excited..so much excitement that my tooth hurt..oh no! could this be a bad sign..?
after the xray, dr. f recommended that i get a root canal! uh oh..just in time..but at least, i get to compare how they do it here..hmm..
i had anesthesia & of course i did not feel anything..i felt how dr f pushed and pushed to kill the canal with this tiny needlelike stuff inside my tooth. grabe..i was amazed how i felt no pain at all..they had a temporary filling afterwards so i will come back again in a month's time..naku, excited na naman ako..
hubs finds it weird! tamad kasi sya mag dentist eh..hhehehe..
yun nga lang the anesthesia is still here ata..i am looking at the mirror, making faces and my mouth is still numb..tabingi pa nga ata..hala...!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


i have always wanted to do my scrapbook..so i started fixing our pictures..i have this huge boxes of pictures..i was shocked to see that it has piled up although we've only been married for nine months..then i started to place some in the photo album. it was a wooden box type given by hubs officemate. i thought i should change the pictures in our frames too..so i started cutting fave shots of our recent trips..
then i saw this picture- the el nido picture! memories of our honeymoon just came in my mind. it was good that up to this time, hubs thinks our honeymoon was the best vacation he had so far..ive asked this question about a million times & never did he fail of giving the same answer. it was really an unforgettable experience for both of us..we were truly pampered for 3 days.. this place is real heaven for honeymooners. we were even stopped by hubs parents from going there as it was dangerous daw. but we have paid for it a month before our wedding so there is no turning back for us ( unless we call the whole wedding off..hehehe..)hubs had to tell his parents na lang that we were off to boracay instead of palawan..when we got back, they started asking about our trip & i did not even say any word..i would always change the topic that time. if they find out, hala..ill let hubs do the talking..after all, my whole family knows the truth!
hopefully we could go back and do some reminiscin..hay naku, miss ko na talaga pilipinas!

ahhh..best times! Posted by Hello

el nido palawan Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


i decided to take a break from my forced hobby --i.e. sewing curtains so i opened my notebook. lo & behold! my college classmates were all online & were about to start a conference call. the webcam allowed us to see each other even if we were all on different countries. we exchanged pictures, gossips, tips on how to have babies, married life, in-laws, etc..it was so good to see them! even if it is in the computer screen only...i got to see their apartment & their own space..nice!
funny that when we graduated from college, setting up a gimik would be hard as all our schedules have been juggled up. sometimes we would see each other once a year during christmas or when was about to get married or during christening where we are all godparents..but whenever we're together it seems like we have been seeing each other all this time..true friendship eh..!
thank god for the technology!! thank god for great friends!

Monday, August 16, 2004

nine months

hubs in his happy voice greeted me "happy monthsary!" its been wonderful wonderful nine months..i still thank god for hubs..i love my life more now that we are together..
i got the goodbye call from my best friend and her marriage of 7 years is about to end.. i still have high hopes..as i believe in forever..i still pray that a miracle will happen..she knows i will always support her and love her..ahhhhh..if only..
meantime, another curtain call..a few more stich and i hope im done!
(who ever thought i can sew this curtains?..my dad doesnt believe im doing this..he doesnt even believe i cook..hubs is the only one who thinks otherwise..)

Sunday, August 15, 2004

handyman hubs

he fixed the mirror - he attached this pins which would prevent the mirror from falling.- he got this idea as his officemate had their mirror broken as it dropped from the wall. bigla lang bumagsak talaga. we dont want this to happen so the pins..he set up the roman blinds for the guest room ( i got this blinds from lowes yesterday & theyre lovely-native pa rin but in a different way its made of bamboo sticks ata) he sorted his files --ive been telling him he has to go through all those boxes or else ill just burn them (ahhh--tapang ko ah..)he fixed our master bedroom too..hay naku, he is the best talaga! masipag at mabait na asawa..
then he said, "our rooms have their window treatments except for one..somebody said she'll do it but upto now i dont see anything yet.." oooopppss...that was for me..cant blog muna...
gotta finish my curtains muna..or ill be in big trouble! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2004

weekend with hubs

we woke up at 11am..and we had to hurry as the bank closes at 12 noon. ive been telling hubs to deposit my check but its been a week since so we had to do it today. we had our brunch and with hubs driving skills --meaning "yellow light has 3 seconds before it turns red so i can still go..", we met the deadline. hubs then declared that it is our date day! so i get to pick the store i want to see. first stop was my fave bed bath & beyond. we got a good deal as our plates have been on sale. i felt bad in a way because i bought them at a regular price . that time i truly wanted to have them. so, what i did was to buy the remaining plates. they are now being sold at a per piece price. add to that is i still have our gift card (we got it from our wedding reception here) and i still have some more left. today is a good day! next stop was ross. i got these native baskets at a very cheap price. next was pier one. now, this comes the hard part. we spotted these ramonchairs, two fabulous seats which would be oh so perfect in our master bedroom. but the price is way beyond. (for me..) hubs as usual promised he will work hard so that i will allow him to buy those 2 pieces. i said my famous line, "let's sleep over it first". he agreed afterwards but he just kept on looking and seating on those chairs. they were so comfy. to divert his mind, i asked him if we could have doughnuts. we decided to have krispy kreme . he remember he had to buy something for the mirror to hold it in its place so we went to home depot. this time we got a call from c and theyre on their way to home depot too..they came sooner than expected. the boys shopped around while me , with a & r,looked around. we then went to lowes to shop around for the type of wood which my hubs will use for c's entertainment center..have i mentioned im married to a carpenter? (a frustrated one as he claims) hubs is an all around handyman. hes got all these tools in our garage which i myself am amazed. boy, he can fix this and that. he designed our own entertainment center., he did my closet, my laundry area, his work bench area etc etc.. i would joke that before he buys anything he should try to do it muna as he can do it naman. like the ramona chairs which he again mentioned. i told him he can do that. no need to buy!
we bought some ribs and chicken and had dinner at home. c was asking for ice cream but i gave him oranges.. then we decided to watch the butterfly effect . it was a good one but i had to make sure i had my hands in my eyes most of the time. nakakagulat kasi eh. at 12 midnight, our other neighbor r rang the doorbell to say hi! we actually called them before putting on the dvd but they came after the movie so 2nd screening daw sila ..no way! got to sleep ! heheheh..
i feel blessed that i have great neighbors..great friends too!

Friday, August 13, 2004

friday the 13th

its been two weeks since ive encoded hubs work so i had to join him in the facility to do his logs. i had no choice. the idea not to have backlogs has been discussed with hubs over and over again..(ok since january)i.e. he should encode daily! but his busy sked does not allow him to. hence, i ,by his might and power, delegated and forced moi to be in charge of the encoding. hooray for me! i just hope it pays me..but it does not..tsk..well, at least i get to explore the nursing home. and i get to help hubs too..and i get free lunch as well..hmmm..what if he just change his job?? (this talk has been discussed since january too..)--errr..he might think of changing his wife..so dont talk about this anymore.
my 8-4pm job came to an end and then we got a call from neihbor c.. he invited us to join his pinoy friends for a tennis game. armed with our rackets and our potluck contribution (simply adobo and bananas- theyre not mixed ok so dont panic),he picked us up and we headed to the tennis court. now this is networking as i met other 5 pinoy couples. hubs has known them before when he was still single but he does not normally join them as he felt out of place. now no more. he can truly relate. it was an instant get together for all of us. after dinner, we tuned it to the olympics. we waited and waited until the philippines delegation came. the unending discussion of the greek alphabet as to when the philippines should be placed emerged. it all stopped when our trouped waved their hands wearing our famous barong.
the other couples were very warm. they told me that i could call them whenever i feel bored or homesick. b, who had been married for 11 yrs, had been so friendly sharing her stories of her experience living with her hubby as a plain housewife with no friend whatsoever. good thing she now has a 3 yr old pretty girl. she said i should not be in a hurry to have a baby. just like what she did. we'll see..
ive been trying not to think about it..but it just..hmmm...i just pray to god that He stay with my best friend during this difficult time.. tonight, i saw these 5 married couples and they all look ok. one has been married for 23 yrs whose biggest dream is to go home in the phil.(she has not been home for 23 yrs, can you believe that?) ., then there's another one married for 7 yrs and theyre doing ok..
i just lift to god my best friend and her relationship. ive seen them grow into a very loving couple. theirs is one of the strongest ones . we just had our recent vacation..best times! and i also pray that hubs and i will no go through that rough time. just thinking of my friend now makes me cry. i pray that she'll get through this!we've been best friends since high school and we managed to stay in touch despite the distance. i really dont like that this is happening..but then, unexpected things happen! and this one is something i never imagined!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

bonnie & charley

its funny that the hurricane is named charley. hubs was joking that malakas daw ang dating nito for obvious reasons! News flash have been ongoing to alert us and for us to be prepared. last night, we made sure we got enough supply of water, new flashlights, batteries, rechargeable lamp, enough food etc. we even cleared our patio. we placed the grill and the chairs inside the garage. hubs said that the storm might take this things away so better be safe than sorry. we prayed & thank god He heard us!
today turned out to be an ordinary day. the sun was bright & sunny! i was looking for my first experience of a real storm here but no luck! (which is good of course)
I wanted to have something new, something i havent done before and god granted that... It was in another form though. I had to babysit R, my 4 yr old neighbor from 8am-4pm. As day care had been closed today, our neighbor had no choice but to leave their kid with me as they had to work at the hospital. I offered help anyway and hubs did not mind. The couple needs help so it was ok..
Im used to taking care of my pamangkins but this is different. R & i were together the entire day. I had to watch Blues Clues, Dora, and all other cartoon dvds. Then, he got bored and asked if we could play the computer. We now had to play the cartoonnetwork.com & nick.com. All in a day! Lunch time came & I had to cook instant pancit canton as R doesnt want to eat adobo cooked last night.
I noticed that I kept on looking at the clock when it striked 3pm.. began counting the minutes until it was 4pm. Im so glad his dad arrived on time.:) He thanked me and offered me a ride home (walking distance lang naman bahay nya sa amin since we live in the same village) He offered to pay me but I declined. Nahiya talaga ako kasi we're friends and I felt awkward! C was never mahiyain. When he brought me home, he asked if i have ice cream which is always present in my ref so ayun, he gobbled my ben&jerrys. Haaaaay...
When hubs arrived he told me J called to ask how we were kasi nga me bagyo. I felt ok naman. Sana laging ganito feeling ko.. I like myself better when I dont react. As in call lang & it was a voice message.
My crockpot made sure my nilagang baka was ready for dinner! Tonight it rained a little and timing ang ulam. Hubs appreciated my cooking! Well, he does that always which makes me inspired to cook. After all, he is the only reason why ive been cooking!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

proud mama! playtime! Posted by Hello

at last, a pic of my long lost friend with 3 kids.. Posted by Hello

at last..

m has been my classmate from 1st yr to 4th yr college..she had to go to davao after graduation where her whole family resides..i joked that one day id visit her and it came true..our college barkada stayed at their house for 1 week& we had a blast! seeing davao was a dream come true..we went to pearl farm ate durian, bought a shirt at durian republic, did the tourist thing...etc etc..it was a vacation to remember! then a year after she got married! we again went there to attend her son's baptism as k & i are ninangs..another memorable one! this time, we noticed a big difference as after our dinner at davao insular hotel she was in a hurry to go home as she now thinks of her baby! wow! she was the first one to marry in our barkada & the first one to experience how it is like to be a mom!we did not know how to react!
we managed to keep in touch but for some reason, we only talk during our birthday and christmas! but those talks would last for hours because we had to update each other with so much..today, imagine my surprise when i got an email showing me his 3 boys..(that includes her hubby) she looked fabulous just like our college days!
got to answer her email now..!this email ..is the highlight of my day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

it's over!

our favorite show outback jack is over!Jack made his choice and hubs and i totally agree! it was natalie, hub's crush!
we really got hooked to this tv show that tuesday nights we would have our dinner early so that we will not miss this show at 8 pm..then at 10 pm it has a replay which would you believe , we still watch?..and our conversations would always involve natalie, marissa and jack..i even fancied jack for a while..but..not anymore.!( he made maria cry in one scene & that made me drop him! i was really affected ..tsk..
maybe jack saw how good natalie's heart is..!opposite poles attract..at first, it was clear that he had an early liking with marissa who is really so kontrabida..so confident too that he would be jack's choice! hahahhahha..buti nga sa kanya! (but i like her dress! she looked gorgeous even when jack dumped her..it pays to be pretty , i can relate..heheh..)
it was the first reality tv show which hubs & i truly liked..it had so many twists & turns! and natalie is hilarious..she always has funny comments on almost anything under the sun (& the moon!)
good choice jack! good choice!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

fab five

while channel surfing, hubs & i caught the fab five..much to our luck, it featured this pinoy couple, newlyweds, who wanted to host a reception..we have heard so much about this show but we never thought it was really great!..we then recalled how we hosted our reception here. it was our real first party planning together. our wedding was a little different as he just came a week before while i (together with mil) prepared..planning our reception here was much fun and stressful because we both wanted different things..i want it simple, he wants to be bongga!
i wish i had called this fab five for our party..my oh my, how they planned it so well with all those freebies! the pinoy parents were very happy with the outcome! i saw those two daddies crying a tear or two for their kids..romantic talaga mga pinoys! and sentimental too..
and i love their souvenirs for the guests, very simple & elegant..just a glass vase with a tiny green flower! why did i not think of that? :)
For details, click this link
This show earns a good spot in our tv scheds!! Queer_Eye_for_the_Straight_Guy!! Hooray!

Saturday, August 07, 2004

breakfast in bed

it was the nth time hubs surprised me with breakfast in bed but i always feel like it was the 1st time..he would laugh & giggle as i ate in my bedtray my corned beef, eggs & fried rice fave with orange juice of course..it was his motto that he would prepare meals on weekends as i do that during weekdays..that is his way of returning the favor..good way to start the day!sweet noh?
as of course, he was still in high spirits when our sofa was finally delivered. despite the breakfast he made, i was having "separation anxiety" over our sofa which has been the witness of my crying moments (when im terribly homesick i just burst into tears in the middle of the day-((sometimes night but i do try to make sure that hubs is sleeping or else..)) this would happen as hubs is busy with work) but then, the gloomy face changed when i saw the new one..hubs is right! ill feel good once i have this!! rhodes was on time but the slight scratch on my wall as they entered the front door while carrying the sofa gave me another gloomy face.. hubs just said hush & said he'll fix it! no one can really spoil his mood today!
after fixing the living room, we cleaned the garage! i cant believe we have tons of boxes all containing magazines -READ DATED 1993-2003. hubs insist on keeping it as he will read it in the future..just tell me when as ive asked that question 8 months ago..still the box has not moved! i have an evil plan of throwing it & not telling him but what if he finds out..golly!that means T R O U B L E for me! sighhhs...
then we rented some dvds..we opted to watch cheaper by the dozen..this made us real scared! well it made us laugh but it made us think too..he said maybe we should have not kids anymore! i asked him how did he read my mind? hmmm..it was just a movie anyway!..yeah it frightened me but..i still want to give him kids..! i know he will be an amazing father as he is now an amazing husband! if that day comes, ill be happy and grateful to god! Oh well, The Master has His plans! I will just abide by His will!

Friday, August 06, 2004

love thy neighbor!

it was 9am when A called! it was her day off and she would like to tag me along with her pre natal checkup, groceries, shopping etc etc..i quickly took a bath & wanted to call hubs..then i changed my mind..i could still go out without telling him right..? no guilty feelings whatsoever..( i was in dilemma because what if he calls & he starts to worry that im not home..-awww..no, no phone call-ill just tell him later)
so off we went to the doctor, the mall and before we knew it it was 5pm..once again i bought another jar for my kitchen cabinet..it was always a good thing to buy something you like at a cheaper price. i just dont know when i will stop collecting jars/potteries and the like..hehe..lagot ako ke hubs..the deals at target are just too good to resist! i just have to remind myself what are the essentials etc etc (a mascara & lipstick is a must- hehe so i grabbed both!)
its really different now that hubs work while i stay home! he gave me the checkbook since we got married! major purchases would require our mutual agreement ( i had to do my budget first before i said yes to that living room set )i would normally have 2nd thoughts now before i buy something. unlike before when i was single , i felt that i could buy anything as i deserve it because i work hard for it. now, i..maybe..am becoming responsible (owwsss?) so i have been thinking first before acting on it...but if its a necessity i would definitely still go for it! its just different now! but im glad hubs trusts me! i like that im in charge !!
a also paid for my lunch at golden corralyum yum! delicioso! their steak is an all time favorite! i reached for my wallet when a stopped me & said its her treat! she & his hubby has always been kind to me! she would call me, check on me, brought me pasalubong and they are my churchmates too!how i love my neighbor!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

in denial

ok ill admit it! i have a slight tampo ke hubby which resulted to my being so withdrawn! i felt that i should not share any emotions to him or to anybody..in fact i started to discover other blogs and other things i could do with blog (thanks tin & monet) i attempted to write my emotions in a way but they were on all a draft mode..maybe someday i might post it or maybe delete it..i was telling myself eveyrthing is ok..itll soon be ok..he loves me and i love him..!
so tonight is the night.. we finally talked! and we were able to address the issues..thank god! i was able to see his point of view & he too saw mine! so we came to a compromise! it felt good!
marriage needs trust, respect & open communication! i am still at awe how two lives can share one..hmmm..god is just marvelous! and love..its a wonderful feeling!

outside world

i never thought blogging could be so addictive..i have new things to explore, html, site meter, haloscan (thanks to dear friends who share their minds-u know who you are & i owe you lots-:)) other blogs to read..this is so much fun!
there's a big world out there! big big world..

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

is god talking to me?

i got this email from a friend..it sure did hit me!!

Five Ways God Uses Problems
By David Langerfeld

The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you - depending on how you respond to them. Unfortunately, most people fail to see how God wants to use problems for good in their lives. They react foolishly and resent their problems rather than pausing to consider what benefit they might bring. Here are five ways God wants to use the problems in your life:

1. God uses problems to DIRECT you. Sometimes God must light a fire under you to get you moving. Problems often point us in a new direction and motivate us to change. Is God trying to get your attention? "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

2. God uses problems to INSPECT you. People are like tea bags... if you want to know what's inside them, just drop them into hot ever water! Has God tested your faith with a problem? What do problems reveal about you? "When you have many kinds of troubles, you should be full of joy, because you know that these troubles test your faith, and this will give you patience." James 1:2-3

3. God uses problems to CORRECT you. Some lessons we learn only through pain and failure. It's likely that as a child your parents told you not to touch a hot stove. But you probably learned by being burned. Sometimes we only learn the value of something by losing it. "It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes." Psalm 119:72

4. God uses problems to PROTECT you. A problem can be a blessing in disguise if it prevents you from being harmed by something more serious. Last year a friend was fired for refusing to do something unethical that his boss had asked him to do. His unemployment was a problem - but it saved him from being convicted and sent to prison a year later when management's actions were eventually discovered. "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good" Genesis 50:20

5. God uses problems to PERFECT you. Problems, when responded to correctly, are character builders. God is far more interested in your character than your comfort. Your relationship to God and your character are the only two things you're going to take with you into eternity. "We can rejoice when we run into problems... they help us learn to be patient. And patience develops strength of character in us and helps us trust God more each time we use it until finally our hope and faith are strong and steady." Romans 5:3-4

Here's the point: God is at work in your life - even when you don't recognize it or understand it. But it's so much easier when you surrender to his plan for your life.

by: Joe Gatuslao, Bacolod City