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Sunday, November 27, 2005

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just came home from jax..b missed his dad so much that he hugged him sooo tight..it was so sweet!!
the reason why h was not picking up the entire week--tada, he was too busy decorating the house..he put on the christmas lights outside the house and had put up the tree as well..
b started to decorate the tree..and re-decorate..and eat and munch on the ornaments..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

thanksgiving pic!

i thank God for the two greatest blessings i have!!
calling all the people in the house, i mean, in the neighborhood, i mean..errr..

whatever gatherings we have, like the halloween party at e's house, we do it potluck style, (except for our birthday parties of course) each of us brought a homecooked meal and voila, the dinner table was full of yummy food! tonight, the party was held at c's house..b had a taste of sopas and how he loved it..naku, next party will be held at our place..soon, it'll be christmas !
meantime, happy thanksgiving everyone!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

b's 1st christmas

we're really thrilled that this is b's 1st christmas..we have been looking all over for the right ornament for the little boy as well as christmas decorations for the house..however, tonight,when h came home and told me that he invited j to spend christmas with us..hmm..nagiba ang ihip ng hangin..
i just prayed that they wont come..i know h might read my blog but i really dont want to spend christmas with her..
anyways, h had brought home baklava just for me..well, i have to munch on that first!

Monday, November 21, 2005

home alone

have to do the laundry for the 3 rooms' beddings which my guests used..i have to vacuum the floor, make sure that no candy or left over food can land on b's hands, now that he is attempting to crawl..well, he puts on his mouth everything his hand gets a hold of..and he attempts to pull himself up as well..
when i have guests come over, i delight in the thought that i get to serve dinner, plan the menu, and even the late night movie..
but when theyre all gone, the house is again silent..
except for b's screams, shrieks..i dont know where he learned that..but he just shouts...ahhhhhhh......

Sunday, November 20, 2005

to buy or not to buy

this morning, my neighbors e & a brought sausage & pancakes while i cooked tocino and fried rice and eggs..4 families are now in our house having breakfast..b is asleep so im having some time for myself..we shall all go to mass at 10am. afterwards we shall be going to best buy as s has been bugging his hubs to buy her an ipod..
i saw the latest ipod and how i love it..hmm..i wanted to have it, but then, i thought i will not be using it much as i just stay at home most of the time. (actually, all the time..heheh) when i told s's hubs about this, he said, "buti ka pa ang bait mong asawa.."
i know that i can buy the ipod if i want to..but then i dont need to..matured na ba ako?..i will honestly say there are times i want to buy some things..sometimes i feel deprived but when i will look at what i have now, i know i am not ..h has been a real good provider..imagine for the last 2 yrs he has been supporting me and b as well..of course, having 2 paychecks is a lot better but with b barely 7 months old, id rather be home and take care of him than entrust him to a sitter..
the choices we make..

Saturday, November 19, 2005

j's 1st bday party

j is one year old..and it was a wonderful party..the decorations was fabulous..the kids had a blast..even the moms and dads as well..
e baked a beautiful cake. i swear she has the talent..the party theme was blue's clues. and we were amazed to see that even their mailbox was decorated..if you watch blue's clues, you'll know what i mean..
i loved the game where we all sat in a circle and had to tear a wrapper in a gift. all the kids were very curious as to what the gift was..we almost won, but the kid beside us got to unwrap it fully..sayang..
and the pabitin, b has to be assisted by moi, nevertheless, he still jumped to get a goody bag and a toy..
the egg rolls which i cooked were gone in a few minutes..150pcs kaya yun..
party started at 2pm but we stayed at e's house until 9pm..ang hirap daw magligpit afterwards..we had to eat dinner at their place too..thats good for me because i dont have to cook anymore for s and her family who will sleep at my house for tonight..they drove from jax..s cooked the pastel de lengua, my h's fave..yum!!
makes me think for my b's party..well, i still have 4 months, but thinking about it makes me giddy..sana sa jollibee...teheheheh..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

i got a dozen red roses & a date

weeee..its our anniversary!
h brought me to ferucci, an italian restaurant! it makes me happy that he still, after two years plans for everything..well, it applies to dates only ok?
yesterday, at 3pm, h called me to ask me out. my first concern was b of course. now that we have b, he is always a part of our dinners, trips to the mall and to friend's houses and whatever life brings. h had already made arrangement with a babysitter before he called me to make sure that i will say yes. that means we will have the night to ourselves, well , at least for 3 hours or so..
naturally i said yes(after checking my busy calendar..teehehe...) so today, as i was packing b's baby bag, the doorbell rang..
i was so surprised to see a dozen red roses beautifully arranged. the man even greeted me happy anniversary madam! i called h immediately to thank him! geez, kakilig!! (pero sana cash na lang..bwaahahhahaa)
and so when dinner came, he picked me up and we had a great time at ferucci..great food too..i had spaghetti carbonara while he had steak..i love the oysters and the shell fish as well..
in the middle of our dinner he handed me a card and his gift, scented candles with the posts, love is kind, love is not selfish..i gave him my gift when we got home, a long sleeved polo shirt..he liked it too..
yup, we're still in love..very much..thanks be to God..
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Monday, November 14, 2005

the engagement

Image hosted by Photobucket.com..well, that's my man! he just flew in from the states a week before our wedding. after 10 mos of long distance relationship, internet chat, webcam and phone calls, he is now back. my, he has reduced from 189 lbs to 159 lbs. and yeah, he's holding on to a dozen white roses..its our prenups at j's aunt's garden in ayala alabang, still had to fix last minute details for our wedding. we had a year to plan. but still it feels like we have so much to do ..naahh..all is well at this time..
h & i , we had a whirlwind romance of that sort..you know the typical love at first sight. we met in oct 19 2002, dated for a few weeks.. it was him who fell for me (bwahahahhahahaha...yabang ko talaga ..though i know mas love ko na sya ngayon) ..i did a lot of thinking and praying and explaining to myself and my family how can you marry someone whom you just met?
i can remember that on nov 13 2002, when i said yes to him as a boyfriend, he immediately quipped "wow, ikakasal na ako". i answered "of course not..its a different thing..im saying yes only as a bf, not as a husband." to which he again replied, "no, its the same thing. pag bf mo na gusto mo ng pakasalan." 3 days after, he was at fernwood gardens with his parents looking for tentative dates. he is positive that once i see the place, id love it. which i did.
there was a time i would think am i really engaged or not? i was confused , but then after praying (muntik na akong maging madre sa pagdadasal, ang bilis kasi ng pangyayari eh) and having god's go signal, i started with the wedding preps..
it was march 2003 , we were talking over the phone when i mentioned are we really engaged? i dont have a ring nor did you went down on your knee to ask me? the typical romantic style, the one where the whole world will stop ek ek...as for the tradition, your whole family, parents, siblings were all here during the pamamanhikan which i really can never forget
(its a very nice tradition -one that i would like my son to experience) but i think something is still missing..(THE RING NGA) he then said, i cant afford to give you a ring. ive bought you a house instead. ok lang naman yun di ba?
so i have accepted my fate that i will never have a ring..well, i have the right man god wants me to be with..so on with the wedding preparations..
but today, he has been acting weird. he said that the flowers is for pictorial purposes..but he has something in his face..
in the middle of the shots, we were already warming up with j when h asked j to give him the flowers..smile smile pose pose shot shot..and then the magic began..h went down on his knee..
h: do u remember what i told you last year when we were in puerto galera?
m: hmmm i remember the songs we sang..
h: love, i told u, last year, i want you to be my past, my present and my future. so i am saying it again now, i want you to be my past , present and future..will u marry me? (he then showed the black box with a 3 stoned bling bling)
m: (NAPANGITI NG ABOT TENGA!!! ) of course i will!!!

you can see from the pictures how shocked i was (AND HOW HAPPY) i never expected it to happen and yet it did..i kissed and hugged him afterwards

he has the ring all this time..well he actually bought it a month before we talked about it. he has been doing his ring shopping and when he finally found the right one, he decided to keep it as a secret. he also said, "papayag ba naman akong walang ring ang bride ko?"
i totally forgot that j was present taking our pictures. now i do have souvenir shots that h did proposed. the moment was all captured..
oh, and we're getting married in 2 days..a whirlwind engagement..well, it was all meant to be..
the past present and the future!
it hasnt been 2 years? oh yeah, 2 years.. how time flies..

ps.. i was inspired to do this post after visiting ladylavender's blog ..thank you huh..

Sunday, November 13, 2005


it was another easy sunday morning. we went to the church and had lunch afterwards. h has officially started the detox and sadly, i, had to eat salad, fish, and soup as well..but if this is the way for h to really have a healthy living thru healthy eating, so be it..
i got a call from m inviting us to his grandson's christening in jacksonville. h has to work on that weekend so he cant come. it will only be me and b just like last month when we had our trip to savannah, georgia.--b has really been to lots of places already..
so on the 26th, off to ponte vedra beach we go ..m advised us to bring extra clothes as the view from the atlantic ocean is just spectacular we might be tempted to take a plunge. we are close to panama city beach but their view is sooo different..lets see if that is true!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

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lucky seven

we forgot that its b's 7th month birthday..and yet h & i never forget to greet each other monthsary (yup-until now most especially this month where we will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary) are we bad parents..?
when i bloghopped, i'm happy to note that other parents do celebrate monthly birthdays of their babies complete with pancit and cake..i wish i could do that..but how can i when just remembering the 10th of the month is so hard for me to do..
see, im writing this today, the 12th of the month..and still, i have no cake for the little one..
i hope i'll do better next month!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

b is sick

its been days since b had a cold..maybe he got it from i..im not sure though..
this morning , i nursed him at 6am. 30 mins later, he threw up..i gave him his breakfast- applesauce & oatmeal at 8am and he threw up again..and again..so i called his doctor and they asked me to bring him at once..his temp is slightly up, 99.3 but it has not reached the 100 mark so fever is out of the question..
i kept thinking why i let him play with i ..she was the only one who had a cold who visited our house..anyway, its the flu season too so almost everyone in the doc's office had been coughing and sneezing..
the doc gave him antibiotics to be taken for 5 days..and something for the vomitting though he did not advice us to buy it at once..he said that the antibiotics are enough. but just in case he vomits again..maybe we can start giving the other one..
i had to stop the ferber method. the book said its ok to change the routine once the baby is sick, teething or any of that sort..so b had been waking up at midnight again..and crying non stop..well until we get him out of his crib that is..gone are the days when he would just cry for a minute or two and resume to the dreamland..
ive re read my baby 411 book too..looking for signs, researching....
i just dont like it when my b is sick..kapraning!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

h is sick

h was home the whole day because he was not feeling well..he asked me for his blood pressure medicine....
diet and exercise should be a part of his daily routine...no! of his life! he used to weigh 159 lbs and he felt so good that time..he lost 30lbs just before we got married..2 years after..please dont bother to ask!
i should really start cooking healthy meals..or better yet, i should stop cooking!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

3 sundays in a row

answered prayer! i hope so..
it has been three (3) sundays in a row (and i do hope it goes on) where h had been taking the initiative to go to church..yup, you heard me right.."GO TO CHURCH!" ...
i have been a practicing catholic, hearing sunday masses with my neighbors e & a..i had my son baptized in a catholic church after a loooong discussion with h (& a promise not to tell his family until further notice --unless they chance upon my blog).. h-- well he says he is a born again christian and does not need to go to church..errr....what's important is your personal relationship with God which i totally agree. but i, personally, still want to go to church on sundays and when time permits me to..it recharges me in a way and i like praying as a community. plus of coure its the only time i get to go out of the house..;)
how i envy other families who go together in the church and i always always pray that i get to bring h too..he comes with me every now and then, when he feels like to. ive been in his church once here, a baptist one if i remember it right..
and so for the 3rd sunday in a row, that he comes with me to the church every morning, eats lunch out afterwards all together with b present of course --whooaa- it is a major thing for me..
except that today, after the mass, he quipped "next sunday, lets try the pentecostal church, what do you think?"
i pretended i did not hear a thing!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

autumn pics

ive been bugging h to have b's pics taken by a professional studio the moment b was born. he gave me all kinds of excuses, like i should wait when b is sitting on his own or when h finds the time to take b's pics..hmm..he can take good shots..but i still want to have it done by a pro....
finally, this weekend he said yes! so at 9am we went to the mall and had his portrait taken at sears. we had our family portrait as well..
now i remembered why i dont want to be a model..all those poses, chin to the left, stay still, eyes here..it was so tiring!it lasted for more than an hour..b began to be tired from all those smiling..
when the bill arrived, i almost fainted...to think i had a coupon for $9.99.
h said the photos were worth it..and we should be doing this often..like every 3 months..naah..
his next prof. pic will be done on his 7th bday..heheheh..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

sleep my baby

hmm..dr ferber is good! we "ferberized" i.e. started his method last thursday and wooo..it was hard! but now i think b is getting the hang of it..slowly but surely..
b would always sleep after being nursed. but reading this book and upon e's recommendation, we tried it. the basic teaching is that your kid can and knows how to sleep on their own without our help. h was hesitant at first because the first day was surely hard..imagine, hearing b cry for 1 hour non-stop..ayyy..h wanted to get him from his crib and cuddle him that time but the book said once you started, there is no turning back..that time, h cannot stop cursing ferber..in fact, for days, pag nagugulat sya.. ang expression nya, " ay ferber.." hahahahha..
sana, tuloy tuloy na..teething would come next i guess..but meantime, b is sleeping on his own crib lately all by himself..on the 2nd night he slept after crying for 30 mins, the next day 5 mins and last night 1 min lang..and he wakes up at 6 am with a smile in his face..and we- his parents..are smiling too!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

arent they all adorable? we were 5 pinoy families at e's house for our traditional halloween party! it was b's 1st trick or treat experience! dressed as a pea in a pod while his best bud j as yoda, he just slept in his stroller when we started..it was only j and the other kids who had lots of candies..sleepy pea eh..teehehe..
back at e's house, we had arroz caldo, grouper fingers, ribs, pancit, siomai..and tada, a black forest cake. her baking skills are just something i envy. she did b's baptismal cake and my shower cake as well..it was sooo good!!
i was able to talk to l and i was impressed..she has 3 kids and is currently studying nursing. i wonder how she does that..and im thinking, planning, praying..what if?