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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CONT OF Seaworld

(to be continued)
Last July 8, H, M and I went to Seaworld Orlando and had a wonderful time with Shamu. We arrived from Jax at 10am and wanted to stay until 10pm for their fireworks. Seaworld had a new show called "Shamu Rocks" which was scheduled at 9pm. We were in the stadium at 8:30pm. We just took a walk in the nearby viewing station and after 2 minutes, the stadium was closed. H saw how my jaw dropped and he immediately hugged me and whispered "Dont worry, we'll come back tomorrow night." I said "It's fine, I've seen Shamu many times" (although this one is a new show as they always update their shows so visitors get something new everytime you go to Seaworld. H said "Plastic, basta babalik tayo bukas. I saw your face and I don't want that look." Isn't H adorable? So I smiled at di na nagpaka plastic. H will do anything to please me. Haay..
The next day, together with the A's, we went to Typhoon Lagoon , a water theme park by Disney. Since my son adored the waters, this place was heaven sent for him. I cannot believe that I had to be under the sun the whole day, even at 12noon. (Yaikks. Though H said di naman daw ako tinatalaban ng araw, hehehe) M did not want to get out of the surf pool. This place resembled the Shipwreck Island that we had in Panama City although this one is of course, HUGE! The surf/wave pool had a boom sound, like an alarm, which went on whenever they would release giant waves and M would run to his dad whenever he heard that. But still, we can't let him out of the waters even with that scary sound. He would just come back once the giant wave was gone. Anyhoo, di na kami makita sa dilim ngayon, hehehehe..

Then at night, at around 730pm, we excused ourselves from the A's and we went back to Seaworld. By 8pm, we were in the stadium even though the show will start at 915pm. Sigurista na kami.
The title "Shamu rocks" is an undestatement. I was really amazed at how they can train such killer whales. The lights and sounds that went with the show were truly amazing. I thank H that we did came back for this show. It was worth it.

We got to see the fireworks too at 10pm although it did not match the Disney's Magic Kingdom last New Year when we celebrated New Year at Disney. For me, I still love Disney's fireworks right at the famous castle. It always reminds me of my favorite show "The wonderful world of Disney." Hmm..am i revealing my age? THat was decades ago at channel 7. Heheheheh..
We had dinner at Chilis although the A's called us that they ordered chinese for dinner and they are waiting for us at their timeshare. We got home at 1130pm. Its a good thing the time share had a kingsize bed so the three of us could fit in and sleep at once.
The next morning we were supposed to go to Downtown Disney at 10am. For some reason, H wanted to go home already since it will take us about 6 hours to get home. So I kissed my good friend S and waved bye bye. I saw S surprised with that look - Bakit uuwi na kayo?" I explained that H wanted to go home early. Besides, we'll be seeing the A's again next month for J's 1st birthday. I wonder if they will sleep at their house since my IL is still with us. I only have 2 guestrooms available. Maybe, they'll sleep at C's house. Oh well..
That sums up our short but sweet vacation. I was thrilled that I got to spend time with H and M and my good friend S as well. It's nice that S and I have been friends since college days and oh no..its been more than a decade ago.!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

1st week of July

I got inspired with Meeya's blog. She was able to tell everything that happened to her..in a nutshell. Gleng!! Here I am trying to update with what's the latest or rather what's the last..Whatever!
Last July 4, our friend B invited us at their new home. And boy oh boy, it was such a huge house and he's got his own pool and his own badminton/volleyball area right beside the pool. He's got a storage which is about the size of a guestroom. He's got 3 kids aged 4,3 and 2 and they all love to swim! B shared his story that even at 12 midnight, when he can't sleep, he would just take a dip at the pool and he swears it is the most relaxing thing that he does lately after a hard day's work. My H commented that if that would be him, he could probably sleep in the pool. Even our little buddy R said, even before we leave their house "Daddy,when are we coming back to this house?" That was such a cozy house they got. Kids and adults would love to hang out at their place.

We came at 3 pm and since it's potluck style, we brought lumpiang shanghai. B cooked his famous kare kare and spaghetti. The L's brought ice cream while the M's brought barbecue and hotdogs. At 4 pm, it started to rain so we all stayed inside the house and ate all the food. By 6 pm, the rain stopped so we all went outside and plunged ourselves in the pool. We all had a great time. The plan was to go to the Marina Civic Center by the beach to watch the fireworks but nobody wants to drive at 9pm. The host B was ready with his own fireworks and my son M got scared of the sparklers. It was really a fun evening.
The next day, July 5, I started packing for our trip to Jacksonville to attend M's 8th birthday. H says that packing our luggage for a weekend trip it is one thing that he hates. He is so grateful that I do all those stuff now which includes deciding for him what to wear. He cannot complain that I brought this clothes instead of the ones he would like to wear because he does not pack his stuff anymore. Besides, since we got married, I do all the shopping for him. I can pack for a trip in a minute and make sure that I bring all the toiletries that we need. I have a toiletry bag filled with soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc and refills this bag everytime we're done with a trip. That way, I do not forget anything.
Target time for departure on Friday was 9am. Thanks to H's work, we left the house at 2pm. My friend S has been calling me as she prepared lunch but sadly I had to tell her that we'll arrive at dinner time instead. Our other good friends/neighbors, the L's and the M's are all spending the weekend at S's house. Imagine 3 families with 2 babies each all spending the night at S's house..S has a 4br house so we all could fit in!
Early Saturday morning, I heldped S cooked breakfast. I cooked eggs, spam, corned beef in that order. Ubos agad ang breakfast then we started preparing for lunch. Parang wala kaming ginawa kundi kumain. M had a great birthday party with lots of presents to boot.

By 4pm, we headed to the pool again and H and I were really envious of their kiddie pools. Pambata talaga. My son was scared of the slide though. Here's a clip and we had another feast. As always, my son did not want to leave the pool when it was time to go home. Iyakan talaga muna..

We went back to S's house and this time, we had dinner. We had paella, spaghetti, chicken, lumpia, etc.
The next day, Sunday, we drove to Orlando to see Shamu. A fave word for M is "SHAMU, SHAMU". It was such a great day with H and M. We had lunch at Seaworld and dinner at TGIF afterwards. We headed to S's timeshare for a much deserved rest at 11pm. We were really dead tired by then.

(to be continued..)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Miguel's lingo

M can recite the ABC's. He has been reading all the letters in my shirt, the stop sign, exit sign. He knows his body parts including heart. I taught him anatomy kasi.(Yeah right) ;) Kaaliw!
He calls me mimi, his dad, didi. Lola as wowa and my bil as nongnong for ninong. Ang jojo nya eh pronounced as joejoe..Slang ang dating. We talk to him in filipino because we want him to be able to express himself in filipino. He says "opo" when he means yes and kabog when he points to his heart.
He can say "iloveyou" in his sweetest voice. And "night" when he wants to go to sleep even in his afternoon naps. Then he will say, "nyt books, nyt..nyt.."
Tonight, we were in our bed when he tried to reach for his feet and put it on his nose. (parang baby eh laki na kaya nya) Then he said after smelling his feet, "Bahu".
Hala, who taught him that?