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Thursday, June 23, 2005

having a baby does change your life. it can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. a rollercoaster of emotions..and yeah to think he is only two months old. wait till he grows up!
remember the mantra this too shall pass! well, b had been sleeping for 4-5 hours now, sometimes even 6 hours which makes me jump for joy! hubs had been ecstatic too..though lately, he does not hear him cry at night anymore..it is because my body has been attuned to waking up every 3 hours that im up already before b starts to cry...i could also go out now for afternoon walks..indeed, this, one shall pass..i just hope b's good mood lasts..if he is as sweet as the chuckles and grins he makes, ayy...sulit!!..
h is always in a hurry to go home too..he says that the moment he sees b, suddenly, he forgets how tired he had been..and he is often rewarded with a smile from b, who can now recognize his dad now but gets distracted once he sees me..hehehe..thats why i make it a point that my 2 boys bond a lot or it could also be an excuse for me to have a break from taking care of b.. its no joke to take care of b huh..what with diapy changy, poops, leaking breasts, aching back, sleepless nights and i could go on with my list. but once b smiles and giggles, im fully recharged again!!!
ive had my down moments too..there are times i doubted myself if i could be really a mother!!
still learning the ropes of motherhood..

Saturday, June 04, 2005

monster in law

this movie is hilarious! i love jane fonda!!!she just reminded me of my mil..ooopps, h might read this..
e, a & i had been allowed to watch a late night movie as our husbands take care of the baby for a change..before i left, i had to express some milk in case b wakes up. well, i know h can handle b..
i was out from 10-12.. what a breather!!!
when i got back , b started crying!!welcome back to the real world!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


its lolo r's and my fave sis in the whole world g's birthday!!happy happy birthday!! oh how we miss celebrating your birthdays!! anyhoo, we pray for good health, wealth and happiness always!!someday, we'll get together and celebrate!!
my bro in law is leaving for dubai tomorrow and my mil is terribly sad..just last week it was my sis in laws turn to leave for singapore together with her entire family..
as a mom i can relate how my mil wants to have all her children in one place..too bad she cant have that wish yet..
but isnt it better to let our kids spread their wings? and see how far they can go?
Motherhood is never easy. When the children are babies, they are so dependent on us that we sometimes feel so burdened by the daily rigors of taking care of them. However, once they get to be adults, they unleash the ties that bind them to us and try to let loose and be free from our bond, to fly on their own, to seek their dreams, etc. Then we also miss that clinging love they used to have for us. Then, we get hurt when we feel seemingly "unimportant "to them. But that is what it is to be parent. In time, we have to let go. Just us how our parents felt when they let go of us to find our places in the sun.

I look at my baby and i want to enjoy him while he is still young, huggable and lovable. Thats the beautiful phase in his life, and in my life. I know I may be losing sleep because of his irregular sleeping pattern, feeding time, and a million and one demands of a baby. But nothing can compare with the joy that parenthood brings.

a friend's prayer

this is just what i need!! i got this in my email and i cant help but share this ..
dear d,

Am so happy for your family in having two blessings. One, your safe delivery and two, for a healthy cute baby Miguel. I cant help but exclaim in prayer:
Lord GOD, YOU are truly an awesome GOD for pouring upon this new family the gift of a child, a symbol of their love for each other. Lord , as they continue with bringing up this child, guide and inspire them with your wisdom and light, that they may lead him and bring him up to be a GOD-fearing, GOD-Loving and GOD-serving individual. We pray, that you will bless them with good work and quality time that will enable them to bond with one another. Strengthen that bond as time goes on , so that they may serve as a shining example for Miguel, and manifest to him in action, rather than in words, how it is to love, unconditionally. Enable them to withstand any hardship or trials that may come their way, during their journey in life. Bless all of them with good health that they may enjoy the material blessings YOU have and will continue to gift them with.In their successes, give them,grateful hearts and enable them to be blessings for others, that thru them, others may be led closer to YOU. This we ask in JESUS' name, Amen.

m c

everyday, i continue to pray and thank god for all his blessings..i still pray whenever i cant stop my baby from crying and i pray again when he has finally calmed down..and i thank god that now, in the truest send of a word, i am a mother!! isnt God amazing?