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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I thank God

I thank God..
because I am alive..
I was able to hear mass and enjoy His words and be inspired again to become a better person than yesterday..
I was able to enjoy lunch with hubs..
I was able to play with my son M and solve the hard levels of Donkey KOng & Mario
I was able to answer a few nclex questions correctly
I was able to enjoy fruit smoothie made by the hubs on a very cold weather..
I have great friends, near & far..
I have the best brother & the best sister in the whole wide world who is just a chat away.
I have high hopes that I will start my new career soon..:)
I have hope..yeah..I got it and nobody can take it away from me!
Wow, it is really great to be alive! Thank you Lord!


Keith said...

Dang, so many blessings! Thanks for inspiring us to "just stop and smell the roses." God is really good.

Dang said...

Hi Keith! Pag nalulungkot ako, I stop to count my blessings! Tapos happy na ako ulit! Amen. GOD is soo good!