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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I got a job!

Yey ( happy dance here!!!)
God is really good! He blessed me with a wonderful job! I am really excited to start working this month!
Yey ( happy dance here!!!)

Thursday, February 04, 2010


First it was the husband, then the lil boy! Now it's me. We are all coughing!
The weather is another factor! But again I am not complaining! At times I still wonder if we are in the sunshine state!
M loves the song "Rock a bye baby on the treetop" He would ask me to sing it over and over (yup even when I am coughing). Lunch time he said, "Mom, I like this song so much. Your voice is so beautiful." My heart melted. If only he could be 4 yrs old forever! Heheheh..
When I shared that story with the husband, the H said to M in a loud voice. "Son, what did i tell you. No lying." Aswang ko talaga, patawa!
Oh..and when I gave M his bath, he had a little mug in the shower! He was trying to get the water (which was a bit warm) and then he said "Mom, this is coffee (play pretend) See it's hot! (pretneds to drink it)..And then he goes on.."Mom, coffee gives you cough right? I said "Huh..? I don't know. M then said, "Yeah they do Coffee..Cough..Coff Cough..Get it Mom?"
I laughed. Hard!
I don't know. I guess I just have to blog!
Thanks Keith for reading my stories and leaving comments huh! Me nagbabasa pa pala sa blog ko. Regards to you & Pinks. :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the result is..(warning-long)

I got a text yesterday that it will be H's graduation. Wow, time really flies! At first, I wanted to stay at home instead but the opportunity to see my teachers and my classmates was just too hard to resist. Add to that is 2 hours of being away from home which is of course a big treat for me! Friday is also M's last day at his extended daycare (he is still in vpk) until I get a job which I hope to be pretty soon! So with those thoughts I got dressed and went to Palo Alto Church. I thank God I did. What a beautiful event! It was a blessing to be there! The opening prayer was so touching that T if that is her name was crying while leading the prayer. After that, the welcome remarks by their class president ended up with crying moments as well. It was only when Ms. S stood up that the ceremony became a little light. Ms. S reminded everyone that this was supposed to be a happy moment. I guess when you really feel it from the heart, you kinda cry! Or maybe they are just crybabies. My friend T commented "Wow, what a sobbing class!" I reminded her to be quiet as everyone turned their heads to our direction. A touching ceremony indeed. The family was all proud. Not only once, twice, thrice did somebody acknowledged a graduate! One would say, "That's my wife! That's my nephew! That's my cousin! etc. The sweetest was a grandma who just signed our from the nursing home. She loudly said.."That's my grandson!" What could be sweeter than that!
I thought that if I would be there the more I would not think about my test but it did exactly the opposite. Everyone would ask me about it! Everyone would comment I do this or do that. Oh, at least I learned that I could check it Saturday morning & if I really want it , Ms. S can check it as soon as graduation is over. All I had to do was call her..Of course I did not call her. I was too chicken..hehehe..
Once the graduation was done, I had a few precious minutes all by myself! Ohh..it felt so good to be just with me! It may sound weird but I love to spend time alone! And how I missed this time! So precious quiet moments! What a breeze!
When I got home, the first thing I did was....tada..I checked the computer. Of course the results were not there. It will be ready 48 hours after the test, business days..Which means Monday at 12noon. But my classmates said I could check it ..Or I could call Ms. S. But, but..
I checked again at 5pm! No results yet! Oh..I took H's M to the community health center and filled out paperwork. Can you now picture me trying to keep myself busy the whole time but the test results would just pop into my mind like the whole time..READ--ALL THE TIME!
I went to the gym, picked up M. Hubs offered to do the grocery and as a good woman who knows his man, I did not refuse his gracious offer. I gave him the list!
J, M's best buddy wanted to stay with us for a couple of minutes so I let them stay! Yup, the boys did kept me busy..but the test results is still in my mind!
So it's Saturday morning now and no results yet! I checked the computer like 100 times and no results!
H decided that we start cleaning up the garage. We sorted our stuff and decided to move some gym equipment to J's house. A very worthwhile project indeed. I miss our diy projects. Never mind, spring will be here soon and I cant wait for our next home improvement!
Then we decided to eat at Royal Buffet as they have a happy hour- buffet for only $5.99 from 2-4pm who can beat that? The sushi was superb, hibachi was great! My tummy was so full. I enjoyed their sesame balls too!
By 5pm, we were home and of course I checked the computer!
When I opened it, it said " The exam results are AVAILABLE "
I was so nervous, my heart was pounding! My pulse rate could be 160bpm. My goodness!
It asked for my credit card! I had to pay $7.95 to get the results early or give myself the torture of waiting till next week for the results. I entered my card number blah blah blah..
And the results is..
I passed! I passed! I passed!!
I was jumping for joy! Thank you Lord! I then called MIL to read the computer screen. SHe said she didnt have her glasses. I forced her to read it as what if I have been reading pass when it had the words fail???
She hugged me and congratulated me! You passed! Wow!
I then went to our room where hubs was. He was of all places in the bathroom. I told him he has to come out now as I have very important news. He said he cannot come out! But he opened the door for me and asked what was it. He was clueless. I handed him the laptop so he read the computer screen with my name on it and the result--PASS! He hugged me tight! We thanked God for this wonderful blessing!
This is a very wonderful feeling! A triumphant feeling that I wish would last! Thank you my dear God! You are such an awesome God and to you I give back the glory and praise!
Thank you for making me a licensed nurse!
Now, my goal is to find a job!
Woot woot!
I called Pinas of course and texted my friends afterwards! They were all very happy for me! Finally, I opened my FB and had a shoutout about my test results! I got a lot of well wishes as well!
God is so good! Thank you po talaga Lord!

Friday, January 29, 2010

waiting game

Ohmygulay! Ang tagal ng 48 hours. Pls pretty pls. Pls Pls Pls..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My husband is the best! He took some time off to drive me to Alabama! He was very supportive in every way! I pray that God will give my husband a long & healthy life because he has been very good to me the last 6 years. Yup, we've had our shares of misunderstandings. He is not perfect and so am I. But we talk about it, agree to disagree and the works. Wow, marriage is indeed a hard work!
My test was pretty quick! I just hope that I answered it correctly. For some reason, I was very calm during the test. Nope, peace is the word. I was at peace.
Oh Lord pls help me pass! It was indeed a relief when the test was over. I just wanna pass it Lord please..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I thank God

I thank God..
because I am alive..
I was able to hear mass and enjoy His words and be inspired again to become a better person than yesterday..
I was able to enjoy lunch with hubs..
I was able to play with my son M and solve the hard levels of Donkey KOng & Mario
I was able to answer a few nclex questions correctly
I was able to enjoy fruit smoothie made by the hubs on a very cold weather..
I have great friends, near & far..
I have the best brother & the best sister in the whole wide world who is just a chat away.
I have high hopes that I will start my new career soon..:)
I have hope..yeah..I got it and nobody can take it away from me!
Wow, it is really great to be alive! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Digi scrap

I am really excited to start on this new project which my good friend M suggested. My golly she took the tme to write me an email just so I can have a head start on this project which is what I have been longing to do for the last 5 years. Thanks M! You are heaven sent!
I hope I wont procrastinate!